Friday, October 28, 2016

Vacation outfit: DESIGUAL striped dress

DESIGUAL sleeveless maxi striped white blue red dress with bold floral print

I couldn't skip this vacation without wearing one of my favorite "sailor" dresses!:) Especially 'cause it goes so well with the tan! Maybe for someone this combination of the stripes and floral print is too much, but for me it is absolutely perfect because whenever I wear this dress I'm having so much fun!:)

Nisam mogla da preskocim ovaj odmor a da ne obucem jednu od mojih omiljenih "mornarskih" haljinica! Narocito sto se tako dobro slaze uz preplanuli ten!;) Mozda bi za nekoga ova kombinacija printa na pruge i cvetnog printa bila previse, ali za mene je potpuno savrsena jer uvek kada nosim ovu haljinu ja se sjajno zabavljam!:)

Best sailor and striped dresses for summer.Best holiday and summer vacation looks.
DESIGUAL dress.Desigual haljina.
haljina na crveno plavo bele pruge sa cvetnim printom, najlepse haljine za leto
Desigual dress | Stradivarius purse | white sandals | silver ring

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  1. This dress is a rather unique combination of nautical stripes and florals. Suffice to say, I adore this dress a whole lot. I'm sure it is even a quite functional dress since it has pockets. Counting the strappy sandals, this is a lot of striped, strappy love here. Your smile and hairstyle look wonderful. And they say "happy girls are the prettiest." Well, you are positively pretty here all around. Much love!


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