Wednesday, December 28, 2011

outfit: Tan leather jacket

tan leather jacket tan leather boots fall outfit

New 2012 year is approaching and everything seems be crazy these days. To be honest "new year" means more to me than Christmas, considering level of the mind. You can start over something in your life any day of the year if you have strong will, but everything has bigger meaning and power when it starts in January! That's the power of our brain and thoughts!

tan brown leather jacket outfit ideas for spring and fall

Sunday, December 25, 2011

outfit: Red dress with white dots

red mini dress and shoes with white polka dots

I came back home Friday night, all day yesterday I was decorating house and tree (I already mention this is my first Christmas). Since I didn't have any time for a new outfit post I've decided to dig out one look I haven't showed (September, the occasion- baptizing) which is completely matching with Christmas spirit and mood!! I just miss a hat!

dress and shoes with polka dots, red heels and red mini dress outfits

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

outfit: Snake & Leopard

how to mix snakeskin and leopard prints fashion tips

I know we're all making possible and impossible Christmas wishlists these days, dreaming about our favorite and desirable clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, perfumes and other beauty products we wish to receive and have. But for the first time I don't need to make any particular wishlist, I came to the point I can freely say- I have enough things at this moment! I actually want to use and wear them, to make different combinations and outfits...
snakeskin and leopard print fall winter accessories trend

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

outfit: Fall Soldier

army green high heel boots and army green jacket outfit

I'm writing today from my place in Belgrade. I came here in Serbia on Sunday, spent those two/three days with my family and now I'll be barely at home until the moment I leave for Greece again (which is in one week exactly)!:D It can be chilly but just not to rain...

army green color fall outfit ideas

Saturday, December 10, 2011

outfit: Shopping in Athens

Leopard print top Leather black mini skirt Lace-up beige shoes

One more look from my summer archive. End of September, Athens (precisely Glyfada) & some unplanned shopping time... I didn't find almost anything in retail stores but I found InStyle mag which is priceless copy for me!;)

Shopping day outfit, summer ideas

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

outfit: Cream & Navy

cream beige and navy blue fall outfit ideas, chic and warm fall outfits

This is going to be my first Christmas in Greece, actually first Christmas I'll be celebrating on 24th??? In Serbia we celebrate Christmas on 7th of January, it's called Bozic there. Plus New Year's Eve on 31st of December and 13th of January. Such an awesome excuse for the excessive amount of gifts this year???:)

Trikala city wall art
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