Thursday, May 26, 2011

Smoky Snake & Clear Sea

Is there any better way to spend your day than next to the sea, for example one Sunday??! For me- there is not! In the morning I was feeling quite nervous, anxious, not-so-satisfied, lightly reluctant... I must to admit this is my often state of mind recently, and I can bet everything is caused by the weather fluctuations, yes still even if it's the beginning of June soon!! With that I can not fight, this is higher force, but with my mood- yes, like I always did! One of the things that has positive effect is to be surrounded or to do things u love and enjoy in... that's how I finished surrounded by the sea... Sea and sun- energy sources in my life!! This time in Volos...
For u my dear friend, what is the energetic source in your life?? HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! kisses


Monday, May 9, 2011

Connection With The Green Nature!!

I wanted to thank u all from the bottom of my heart for so lovely comments on my previous post, they couldn't make me more happier!:) It's really really good to know there are people who share your thoughts and respect u for being real u!:) So this time we'll slowly continue with the glam-fab-affordable category... Now I'm off to work 'cause I have a  looooot of things to prepare concerning my jewelry (necklaces) line which hopefully will be available for sale in Greece this week!!!:))


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My new small glam & fab kingdom!!!!

I'm really really and extremely tired today, but on the other side very satisfied! From the early morning I was making the new order in my wardrobe (which is room actually)... It would be a lot easier job if I wasn't complete perfectionist, but in my life and closet each shoe/bag/belt/jewelry piece has its own place and it has to be visually and aesthetically compatible with the rest!!! Ok this might be equal with some compulsive-obsessive-neurotic sign of modern and trendy craziness but that's one character line I love about myself!!lol Finally I did it, it took me whole day but now I can enjoy in my own small kingdom which I'm planning to make even more beautiful! I haven't done all yet but the most important thing is that I have glam & fab base!;)  Maybe I'll give u a little sneak-peak soon...;) What about u my dear friend, do u like order in your closet or u enjoy in your "creative mess"?:)))


Monday, May 2, 2011

Back to Greece...

Yup I came back... Packing (this time I had to take my summer clothes and sandals as well!), car trip, borders, unpacking, cleaning, making new order in my closet, putting new furniture, but the desire for blogging is always present!:) I need one more day to finish with everything. It was really good and relaxing in Serbia, I saw some friends, spent holidays with my family, it was enough...
It's already May, can u actually believe it???!! I expect this month to be very productive and somehow I have a feeling it's going to be very important and significant month, I don't know why but I'll trust my gut instinct!:)

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