Thursday, May 26, 2011

outfit: Smoky Snake & Clear Sea

black blouse, gray skinny jeans, gray shoes, gray snakeskin bag, gray jewelry

Is there any better way to spend your day than next to the sea, for example on Sunday??! For me- there is not! In the morning I was feeling quite nervous, anxious, not-so-satisfied, lightly reluctant... One of the things that has positive effect is to be surrounded or to do things that you love and enjoy... that's how I finished surrounded by the sea... Sea and sun- energy sources in my life!! This time in Volos...

black and gray spring outfit ideas

Monday, May 9, 2011

outfit: Green Nature

green sweater black jeans outfit

Don't have much time today, so I'll quickly share a few photos with the latest chic casual look- black jeans, green sweater and green jewelry. Now I'm off to work 'cause I have a  looooot of things to prepare concerning my jewelry (necklaces) line which hopefully will be available for sale in Greece this week!!!

how to wear black and green in spring

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

outfit: Black, plaid, denim skirt

black outfit with denim skirt and black white printed accessories

I'm really really tired today, but on the other side very satisfied! From the early morning I was making the new order in my wardrobe (which is room actually)... It would be a lot easier job if I wasn't complete perfectionist, but in my life and closet each shoe/bag/belt/jewelry piece has its own place and it has to be visually and aesthetically compatible with the rest!!! Ok this might be equal with some compulsive-obsessive-neurotic sign of modern and trendy craziness but that's one character line I love about myself!!lol Finally I did it, it took me whole day but now I can enjoy in my own small kingdom!

total black casual look with denim mini skirt

Monday, May 2, 2011

outfit: Striped hoodie

casual chic jeans outfit with striped hoodie and booties

I came back to Greece... Packing (this time I had to take my summer clothes and sandals as well!), car trip, borders, unpacking, cleaning, making new order in my closet, putting new furniture! I need one more day to finish with everything. It was really good and relaxing in Serbia, I saw some friends, spent holidays with my family, it was enough...

cream beige and navy blue striped hoodie outfit inspiration
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