Thursday, December 5, 2019

GFH Lifestyle #30

1 month old baby boy, HM kids newborn set, HM kids fashion, 1 mesec beba

Here I am, in the living room, sitting in my night robe, writing these lines. It's cold and depressively dark outside, yucky. Almost 9am, I'm awake from 5am (that's regular now), drank my cup of morning coffee long time ago. Next to me (in a carry cot) is my baby boy, he is sleeping and kicking his legs while making some strange noises (we have tummy issues). I don't even think about how fast this year passed, I'm so bored to do the same each year. The time flies, that's constant, it's useless to philosophize "wow when that happened?". It's smarter to be conscious of each moment and present, not to run around like "fly without head" and to take out the most from each day...
I might share my view on 2019 another time, but now I'm sharing some recent photos. For more details, as always, visit my Instagram...

Evo me sedim u spavacici za stolom i pisem ove redove, napolju hladno i depresivno mracno, bljak. Jos malo pa 09h ujutru, ja budna od 05h (to je vec regularno), jutarnju kafu odavno popila. Pored mene (u kolicima za setnju) lezi moj deckic, malo spava malo je nemiran pa se rinta (boli nas tiba)… Ja ni ne razmisljam kako je i ova godina proletela, dosadno mi svake godine isto da radim. Vreme leti pa leti, to je konstanta, dzaba ja da filozofiram "uh pa kad prodje 2019-ta?". Pametnije je da sam svesna svakog trenutka i prisutna, da ne jurim "k'o muva bez glave" i da izvucem iz svakog dana najvise… 
Osvrt na 2019-tu cu mozda podeliti neki drugi put, a sada delim neke nedavne slike. Za vise detalja, kao i uvek, mozete pogledati moj Instagram nalog...

1 week old baby boy, baby pyjama, pidzama za bebe, nedelju dana stara beba
Frezyderm baby and mum products, Frezyderm ΦΡΟΝΤΙΔΑ ΜΩΡΟΥ
testing new kind of products :)
testiramo novu vrstu proizvoda :)
baby products testing, Babylino sensitive, Baby space GR, best diapers and baby stuff
new mother's hospital bag checklist, sta spakovati za porodiliste za majku i bebu
What I packed in my hospital bag (read here)
Sta sam spakovala u torbu za porodiliste (procitajte ovde)
HM kids newborn clothes, HM baby clothes, HM odeca za bebe i decu
new mother birth photos, labor photos, slike nakon porodjaja, fresh after labor
My BIRTH story (read here)
Moja prica o PORODJAJU (procitajte ovde)
2 weeks old baby boy, HM blue short-sleeve newborn 0-3 months bodysuit, Hm bodi za bebe
Nuxe "My beauty essentials" travel set: shower gel, multi-purpose dry oil, moisturizer, exfoliating gel, hand/nail cream
Nuxe "My beauty essentials" travel set (shower gel, multi-purpose dry oil, moisturizer, exfoliating gel, hand/nail cream)
Nuxe "My beauty essentials" travel set (gel za tusiranje, suvo ulje, krema za lice, piling gel, krema za ruke/nokte)
best meal ideas for blood sugar balance, healthy salad ideas, zdrave salate ideje
my meal must be based on proteins, vegetables and some healthy fats 🥗
osnova mog obroka su proteini, povrce i malo zdravih masti 🥗
chic pregnancy outfit ideas, trudnicka outfit ideja, stil za trudnice
one of my last pregnancy outfits
jedan od poslednjih trudnickih outfita
pretty colorful flowers bouquets, buketi sa lepim cvecem
🌺 Don’t save anything for that special occasion. You are the special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion! 🌺
🌺 Ne cuvaj nista za tu specijalnu priliku. Ti si specijalna prilika. Biti ziv je specijalna prilika! 🌺
Mykonos island best beaches, Mikonos ostrvo najbolje plaze
MYKONOS island travel guide: best beaches (see here)
MIKONOS ostrvo turisticki vodic: najbolje plaze (vidite ovde
new mum birth story, birth story and labor experience, prica o porodjaju i iskustvo
our first contact, our first photo
nas prvi kontakt, nasa prva slika
3 weeks old baby boy, baby model, baby sleeping clothes, pizdama za bebe

Thursday, November 21, 2019

My BIRTH story

personal birth story, new mom to baby boy, birth labor delivery experince

October 17th, Thursday. I was pregnant 40 weeks, the possible birth date was 2 days before (October 15th). That day I had an appointment at my doctor. Since everything was fine, baby's head still low, we decided not to wait anymore and to do induced labor the next day. I was supposed to be in the hospital at 7am.
After the appointment I went home, took a long shower, checked my bags, put the suitcase next to the door and went to bed (early like a chicken) before 10pm. Around midnight pain in the lower part of the belly woke me up. Nothing serious, I said to myself, as that already happened once when my doctor (I like to say "manually") checked me. So I tried to sleep, thinking the pain will stop eventually, yet it only became more regular. Until 1am when my water broke. Now that's a super funny feeling, when you walk around the house wetting the carpets and tiles (now is the moment to remember how you blame your dog when he does peepee at home).

17-ti oktobar, cetvrtak. Bila sam trudna 40 nedelja, 2 dana sam presla termin (15-ti oktobar). Toga dana sam imala zakazan pregled kod mog doktora. S obzirom da je sve bilo ok, bebina glava i dalje nisko, odlucili smo da ne cekamo vise i da narednog dana putem indukovanog porodjaja (tj. izazvanim kontrakcijama) zapocnemo novu zivotnu fazu. Trebalo je da budem u bolnici u 7 ujutru.
Nakon pregleda sam otisla kuci, istusirala se, proverila sve stvari, stavila kofer pored vrata i otisla ranije da spavam, kao pilence pre 22h. Negde oko 00h probudila sam se od bolova u stomaku. Nista strasno, pomislila sam, vec mi se jednom desilo kad me je doktor (sto bih ja rekla "rucno") pregledao. Probala sam da spavam, misleci da ce bolovi prestati, ali su samo postali redovniji. Sve do 01h kad mi je pukao vodenjak. E to je super cudan osecaj, kad hodas po kuci i kvasis tepihe i plocice (sad je trenutak da se setis kad grdis psa ako se popiski u kuci).

healthy baby boy birth, ΙΑΣΩ Θεσσαλίας, gyn/obn George Kalogiros

To make story shorter, until 2am we were in the hospital (which is 40min drive from home). Since the pain didn't stop, they immediately put me in the room where I was supposed to give a birth, and changed my clothes while waiting for my doctor and midwife to come. The pain was stronger, that much that I was waiting in the bathroom for a few minutes for the wave of pain to pass so I can come out. Nurses checked me how much I was open, and called anaesthetist to give me the epidural. Now we waited 10-15 minutes for it to work. I started to feel its effect, everywhere except in the lower left part of belly, the pain there was as intense as before. 
My doctor arrived (finally one familiar face), he saw I was still in pain and requested additional dose of epidural. Again "needle poking" along my spine. I remember only that anaesthetist said she had another case like this where the baby was low on the left side and epidural didn't have full effect. Anyway the pain finally stopped, but now I couldn't feel or move my legs (here's a strange feeling number two, you really feel helpless). So we had to wait a bit for its effect to subdue...

Da ne sirim pricu ovde, do 02h smo bili u bolnici (inace udaljena 40min voznje). S obzirom da bolovi nisu stajali od ponoci, odmah sam presla u sobu gde je trebalo da se porodim, i presvukla se dok sam cekala mog doktora i babicu da stignu. Bolovi su postali sve jaci, toliko da sam cekala u wc-u nekoliko minuta da prodje talas bola da bih izasla. Medicinske sestre su me pregledale koliko sam bila otvorena, i pozvale anesteziologa da mi da epiduralnu. Sad je trebalo sacekati nekih 10-15 minuta da krene da deluje. I krenulo je da deluje, svuda izuzev sa leve strane donjeg dela stomaka, tu su bolovi bili istog intenziteta kao i ranije.
Moj doktor je stigao (konacno jedno meni poznato lice!), video je da i dalje imam bolove, te zatrazio dodatnu dozu epiduralne da se ne mucim. Onda je opet usledilo bockanje iglom duz kicme. Secam se samo da je anesteziolog rekla da je imala jos jedan slucaj kada je beba bila nisko sa leve strane i epiduralna nije zahvatila dobro. Elem konacno su bolovi stali, ali nisam osecala telo od struka pa nadole, noge uopste nisam mogla da pomerim (evo ga cudan osecaj broj dva, tad se stvarno osecas nemocno). E sad je trebalo cekati da dejstvo malo prodje pa da nastavimo...

birth pictures of mother and baby, porodjaj slike mame i bebe, natural birth experience

This was all happening until 6am. I basically kicked George out of the room at some point 'cause I wanted to bite from the pain and couldn't focus properly on pushing. Unfortunately we all thought we would finish by 5am, as everything was happening fast and the way it's supposed to be, but the epidural blocked me. Somewhere around 6am the effect of epidural started to fade, I felt my body and I could move my legs again. But I also felt each contraction and greater intensity of the pain. I was left alone with my midwife in a room with dimmed lights. Here comes the hard part, contractions and pushing. I pushed really hard (thank you my abs and core!) for about an hour but I couldn't pass the certain point. The baby took a position where he couldn't easily enter the birth canal. A couple of times I seriously thought I would faint from pain, but I didn't say a word nor complained, I was silent. 
The nurses entered room around 8am bringing necessary things and instruments, now I barely understood what was going on. I know that my doctor sat down in front of my (sorry but wide open) legs, opened/cut me a bit (which I didn't realize until later when he started to put stitches). The only thing I do remember clearly is the last contraction. There were two moments: the first one where I felt huge pain in my upper part of belly like something moved, and another moment when something "slipped" out of me. That was my baby with loooong umbilical cord. He came into this world on Friday, October 18th, at 8:15 am (8:20 according to George), 52cm long and weighted 3.450gr. He cried only once, just to show us he arrived...

Ovo se sve do nekih 06h desavalo. Ja sam Jorgosa izbacila iz sobe malo ranije, jer sam od bolova htela da ujedam i nisam mogla da se skoncentrisem na napone i guranje. Na zalost svi smo mislili da cemo do 05h zavrsiti jer je sve islo ubrzanim tempom i kako treba, ali me je epiduralna zablokirala. Od 06h je krenuo brzo da jenjava njen uticaj, osecala sam telo ponovo, mogla sam da pomeram noge. Ali sam osetila i svaku kontrakciju i sve jaci intenzitet bola. Ostala sam sama u zamracenoj sobi sa mojom babicom. Krenuo je tezak deo, naponi i guranje. Gurala sam jako (hvala moji trbusnim misicima) nekih sat vremena ali nisam mogla da predjem odredjeni deo. Beba je zauzela polozaj gde nije mogla da udje u kanal. Par puta sam pomislila sam da cu se onesvestiti od bolova, mada ni "a" nisam rekla niti sam se zalila, cutala sam.
Sestre su oko 08h usle u sobu sa neophodnim stvarima i instrumentima, sad vec nisam kapirala sta se sve desava. Znam da je moj doktor seo ispred mojih (izvinjavam se, sirom otvorenih) nogu, otvorio/secnuo me malo da mi olaksa (sto sam tek kasnije ukapirala kad je krenuo da me zasiva). Jedino cega se jasno secam je poslednja kontrakcija. Postojala su dva trenutka: prvi gde sam osetila ogroman bol u gornjem delu stomaka i kao da se nesto pomerilo, i drugi trenutak kada je nesto "iskliznulo" iz mene. To nesto je bila moja beba, sa duuuuugom pupcanom vrpcom. Dosao je na svet u petak, 18-ti oktobar, u 8:15 (8:20 prema Jorgosu), dug 52cm i tezak 3.450g. Samo jednom je zaplakao, eto cisto da nam da do znanja da je stigao.

healthy baby, baby boy, zdrava beba, porodiliste, newborn boy, novorodjencad

Later I learned from George who was outside of the room but saw everything (useless to kick him out, lol) that the baby came out turned on the side, probably that's why we struggled a bit. The nurses cut the cord, wrapped him in a towel and handed me this sweet little bundle (he was soooo calm). They left me to hold him for 3-4 minutes before they took him for a check-up, bathing, wrapping...
In the room I gave birth I stayed for another 2-3 hours. They brought me baby one more time, this time left him a bit more to sleep on my chest (back then he learned where is the most comforting to sleep, that's his fav place even now). They took him back so we can both be moved to another part of the hospital where all other babies and mamas are... there starts the postpartum recovery which is a subject for another day...
My baby boy is one month old now (no need to say I have no idea when that happened)! That's why I thought it's a nice opportunity to share my birth story, for those who are curious how everything went... Wasn't easy, it was really painfull, but I was never the one to complain on the pain nor I said at some point "I will never do this again!". It's all part of the life, it's called the experience, it helps you grow as a person. That day my perspective and point of view for many things changed dramatically. I saw one more time how strong I am (don't speak about physical aspect). But we're gonna leave that as well for another post...;)

Kasnije sam saznala od Jorgosa koji je bio van sobe ali je sve video (ja ga dzabe izbacila, haha) da je beba izasla okrenuta na stranu, verovatno je zbog toga malo otezano bilo. Sestre su isekle vrpcu, uvile ga u peskir i predale mi taj mali slatki zavezljaj (kako je samo miran bio)… Ostavile su mi da ga drzim kratko pre nego sto su ga uzele da bi proverile sve detaljno, izmerile ga, okupale, uvile...
U sobi gde sam se porodila ostala sam jos 2-3 sata. Doneli su mi bebu jos jednom i ostavili da spava na meni (tad je naucio gde je najlepse spavati, to mu je omiljeno mesto i sad). Nakon toga su ga ponovo uzeli da bi i mene i njega prebacili na odeljenje gde su sve ostale bebe i mame… tu krece deo price o oporavku koji ostavljam za drugi put...
Moj deckic je sada star mesec dana (bespotrebno je reci da nisam ukapirala kad je vreme proletelo)! Zato sam i zelela da podelim moju pricu o porodjaju, za sve one koji su radoznali da cuju/procitaju kako je sve islo... Nije bilo lako, bilo je zaista bolno, ali nikad nisam bila osoba koja se zali na bol niti sam u nekom trenutku rekla "Nikad vise ovo necu uraditi!". Sve je to deo zivota, to se zove iskustvo, sa tim rastes kao osoba. Tog dana moja perspektiva i pogled na svet za mnoge stvari su se drasticno promenili. Jos jednom sam videla koliko sam zapravo jaka (i ne pricam samo za fizicki aspekt). Ali i to cemo ostaviti za neki drugi post...;)


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

MYKONOS ISLAND travel guide: Best beaches

MYKONOS ISLAND travel guide: Best beaches of island.Najbolje plaze Mikonos ostrva.

Have to admit, I have strange "love-hate relationship" with Mykonos island. I mean the island is gorgeous! Great and organized sandy beaches (and I've seen a loooot of Greek beaches), dreamy hotels, chic restaurants and taverns, elegant shops, excellent beach clubs/bars... but... it makes me sick how much Mykonos became commercialized over the last years. So much that it lost its unique vibe.
In my opinion Mykonos is more than a "party" island, just like Ibiza is. Frankly speaking many of those who visit the island don't even know how to have fun (unless they're drank from the early morning)… Anyway I'll skip the ugly stories that I hear about its visitors and (just like always) I'll focus on the best that Mykonos have, in this case: fabulous beaches! Take a look at the most famous and beautiful beaches of Mykonos island that I personally visited, and then continue to explore the ones that interest you. Enjoy!;)

Moram priznati, imam cudnu "volim-mrzim vezu" sa Mikonos ostrvom. Naravno da je ostrvo predivno! Sjajno organizovane pescane plaze (verujte mi videla sam beeeezbroj grckih plaza), hoteli kao iz raja, sik restorani i taverne, elegantne radnje, odlicni klubove i barovi na plazi… ali… prosto mi je muka koliko je Mikonos komercijalizovan u poslednjih nekoliko godina. Toliko da je izgubio svoju draz.
Po meni Mikonos je mnogo vise od "party" ostrva. Iskeno receno mnogi koji posecuju Mikonos ni ne znaju da se provode i zabavljaju (naravno ako se ne nasljokaju od ranog jutra)… Elem preskocicu ruzne price o posetiocima ostrva, i fokusiracu se (kao i uvek) na ono najbolje sto Mikonos ima, u ovom slucaju- fenomenalne plaze! U nastavku pogledajte najpoznatije i najlepse plaze Mikonos ostrva koje sam ja licno posetila, pa po izboru nastavite da istrazujete one koje vas zanimaju! Uzivajte!;)

Super Paradise beach photos Mykonos island.Super Paradise plaza na Mikonosu slike.
Super Paradise beach bar Mykonos island.Mikonos ostrvo beach barovi i klubovi.
Paraga beach photos Mykonos island.Paraga plaza slike Mikonos ostrvo.
Famous Psarou beach photos Mykonos island.Psarou plaza slike Mikonos ostrvo.
Nammos bar Psarou beach photos Mykonos island.Mykonos island celebrity spots.
Ornos beach photos Mykonos island.Ornos plaza slike Mikonos ostrvo.
Platis Gialos beach photos Mykonos island.Platis Gialos plaza slike Mikonos ostrvo.
Agios Stefanos beach photos Mykonos island.Agios Stefanos plaza slike Mikonos ostrvo.
Elia beach photos Mykonos island.Elia plaza slike Mikonos ostrvo.
Kalo Livadi beach photos Mykonos island.Kalo Livadi plaza slike Mikonos ostrvo.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

GFH Lifestyle #29

tips for healthy and fit pregnancy; fit healthy mom tips; zdrava trudnoca

My life has changed, over the night, logically.  I became mom, gave birth to my baby boy on Friday, 18th of October. I guess I'll share my birth story in one of the upcoming posts. These two weeks passed so fast, days and nights became one. So much learning and new things. Anyway I finally managed to put him to sleep in the crib, that's why I can share some recent photos I posted on Instagram. For details and more lifestyle photos feel free to visit my account...

Moj zivot se promenio, preko noci, logicno. Postala sam mama, rodila sam mog deckica u petak, 18og oktobra. Pretpostavljam da cu podeliti pricu o porodjaju u nekom od narednih postova. Ove dve nedelje su proletele, dani i noci su postali jedno. Dosta ucenja, dosta novih stvari. Elem konacno sam uspela da ga uspavam i stavim u kolevku, zato i mogu da podelim neke nedavne slike koje sam postavljala na Instagram. Za vise detalja i lifestyle fotografija, slobodno posetite moj nalog...

Palmers Massage lotion and Tummy butter, Balea 5-in-1 body oil; stretch marks skincare
my pregnancy skincare buddies: Palmers "Massage lotion" and "Tummy butter" (I adore its rich texture and yummy smell), Balea "5-in-1 body oil"
moji pomocnici tokom trudnoce: Palmers "Massage lotion" i "Tummy butter" (obozavam bogatu teksturu i njami miris), Balea "5-u-1 ulje za telo"
"My tea tale" Black/White/Green tea infused non-carbonated drink, low calorie with vitamins
"My tea tale" Black/White/Green tea infused non-carbonated drink (3 different flavors, no sugars, enriched with vitamins and just 1 kcal per 100ml)!
"My tea tale" napitak sa dodatkom crnog/belog/zelenog caja (3 razlicita ukusa, bez secera, obogaceni vitaminima i samo 1 kcal u 100ml)!
healthy ice teas on the market; zdrav ledeni caj
velour bodysuits and pj for newborn; plisane pidzame i odeca za bebeI was never into kids’ fashion, but these velour bodysuits and PJs for newborn are so damn cute!😁
Nikad nisam bila zaludjena decijom modom, ali ovi plisani bodiji i pidzame za novorodjencad su neverovatno slatki!😁
38 weeks healthy pregnancy, 9 months healthy pregnancy, small belly pregnancy
38 weeks pregnant and ready :)
38 nedelja trudna i spremna :)
Potistika beach Pelion, Potistika vacation, Potistika letovanje
I will never be the person that knows to say "Goodbye summer, see you next year!"...
location: Potistika, Pelion
Nikada necu biti osoba koja zna da kaze: "Zbogom leto, vidimo se sledece godine!"...
lokacija: Potistika, Pelion
protein shake and protein popsicles idea, proteinski sladoled
Turning protein shake into protein popsicles (plain ones, and with added mashed berries)!;)
Pretvorila sam proteinski sejk u proteinski sladoled (bez dodataka, i sa pasiranim kupinama)!;)
Rocabella Mykonos hotel, luxury and trendy Mykonos island hotels
summer memories: "Rocabella Mykonos hotel"
letnje uspomene: "Rocabella Mykonos hotel"
pregnancy fashion style, fit pregnancy, healthy pregnancy
35 weeks (8 months) pregnant :)
35 nedelja (8 meseci) trudna :)
Michael Kors Channing Green Dial Green Leather Unisex Watch green women's watch
It’s not about "having" time, it’s about consciously and purposely "making" time. You will always find the time for the things that matter, as long as you’re clear with your priorities. If something doesn’t matter you’ll find excuses.
Ne radi se o tome da "imate vremena", vec da svesno "odvojite" vreme. Uvek cete pronaci dovoljno vremena za stvari koje vam znace, dokle god su vam jasni prioriteti. Ako nesto nije znacajno pronacicete izgovor.

HIGH-FIBER PROBIOTIC PROTEIN SNACK that keeps your blood sugar stable

Super easy idea for a HIGH-FIBER PROBIOTIC PROTEIN SNACK that keeps your blood sugar stable. See recipe here!
Super jednostavna ideja za Proteinsko-probiotsku uzinu punu vlakana koja odrzava nivo secera u krvi. Pogledajte recept ovde!
Mykonos island summer vacation.Mikonos ostrvo letovanje.
location: Mykonos island
lokacija: Mikonos ostrvo
Skiathos island travel guide, travel tips, best beaches, best daily trips, best hotels
SKIATHOS island travel guide: see here
SKIJATOS ostrvo turisticki vodic: pogledajte ovde

Thursday, October 17, 2019

What I packed in my HOSPITAL BAG (for me and baby boy)

what I packed in my hospital bag for me and baby boy, hospital bag checklist

The day I'll give birth to my baby boy is approaching. Actually it's going to happen in the next 2-3 days, lol. I have had my hospital bag packed (starring at me wide open) for two weeks or so, as my doctor said I should be prepared. And I was, we all thought baby would be here by now! But my boy feels quite comfortable inside, it's warm, he's kicking all day long, showing me his small yet strong legs and hands, well having real party in my belly.:D I guess we both have out-of-the-box rhythms, for example I'm up writing this post and it's past 4am, I couldn't 
Anyway I wanted to share some items I packed, both for me and baby. I saw some checklists online, but I mostly focused on a checklist my doctor gave me for the specific hospital where I'll stay 3 days. I got it all written down in my trusty agenda/planner which has so many lists and notes (it's also packed as for sure I'll need to write some new things). But let's get back to today's topic and the content of the hospital bag!

Dan kada ce moja beba doci na svet se priblizava. Zapravo dogodice se u naredna 2-3 dana, haha. Kofer za bolnicu je spremljen (zuri u mene svaki dan sirom otvoren) vec vise od dve nedelje, jer je moj doktor rekao da budem spremna. I jesam, svi smo mislili da ce beba vec uveliko biti sa nama. Ali maleckom je bas udobno unutra, toplo je, sutira po ceo dan, pokazuje mi mala ali jaka stopala i ruke, ma pravi zurku u mom stomaku!:D Izgleda da oboje imamo nas autentican ritam, evo sad je na primer 4 sata ujutru a ja budna i pisem ovaj post, probudila sam se, haha...
Elem, zelela sam da podelim listu stvari koje sam spakovala u kofer, za bebu i za mene. Pronasla sam bezbroj listi na internetu, ali sam se fokusirala na listu koju mi je moj doktor dao za bolnicu u kojoj cu biti tri dana. Sve sam zapisala u poverljivu agendu (i ona ide u kofer jer ce sigurno biti stvari koje treba zapamtiti tj. zapisati) koja ima bezbroj listi i beleski. Nego da mi predjemo na poentu danasnje teme i sadrzaj bolnicke torbe!

hospital bag checklist for baby, what to pack for a baby boy in hospital bag


- going home outfit: super cute set (bodysuit + pants + hat) I got from H&M conscious line; mittens, 2 pairs of socks. I also packed one additional bodysuit. 
- 3 swaddles/blankets (one muslin, one thicker, one knitted blanket) just in case 'cause I don't know what kind of weather we'll have (it should be warm)
- wet wipes
- newborn car seat (already installed)

I was told that the hospital will provide everything baby needs, so no need to pack: diapers, pacifiers, bottles, additional clothes and similar...


- odeca za izlazak iz bolnice: super sladak set (bodi + pantalonice + kapica) iz H&M conscious linije; rukavice, 2 para carapica. Spakovala sam i jedan dodatni bodi.
- 3 pelene/pokrivaca za uvijanje (dve pamucne pelene za uvijanje i jedan pleteni pokrivac), za svaki slucaj jer ne znam kakvo ce tacno vreme biti (trebalo bi da bude toplo)
- vlazne maramice za bebe
- sediste za novorodjencad (vec je montirano u kolima)

Receno mi je da ce bolnica obezbediti sve neophodno za bebu, tako da nema potrebe za: pelenama, cuclama, bocicama, dodatnom odecom i sl...

hospital bag checklist for new mum, what to pack in hospital bag


- for labor: vitamin water, body mist, phone, phone charger, lip balm
- one protein bar (well to have)
- personal documents + folder with my pregnancy history
- 2 PJs: one strappy nightgown and night robe (set), one long sleeve pyjama with front buttons
- 1 nursing bra, 2 sporty cotton bras for sleeping, cotton undies 
- going out outfit: comfy cotton pants, t-shirt, light denim jacket, sneakers
- warm socks
- slippers and flip flops (for shower)
- book (Paulo Coelho "Brida"), sudoku, pen
- my everyday supplements with iron and folic acid
- pads (thinner and thicker), Carriwell "Washable hospital panties"
- Medela "Purelan 100" lanolin nipple cream; few nipple pads
- hair bands and pins, comb, dry shampoo
- Nuxe "My beauty essentials" travel kit (shower gel, moisturizing cream, exfoliating gel, hand cream, dry oil); few skincare samples; deodorant; additional travel size shower gels and body lotions; toothbrush and toothpaste
- basic makeup, makeup wipes


- za porodjaj: vitaminska vodica, vodica za telo, telefon, punjac za telefon, labelo
- jedan proteinski bar (cisto da imam)
- neophodna dokumentacija i istorija trudnoce
- 2 pidzame: jedna spavacica na bretele i bademantil (set), jedna pidzama sa raskopcavanjem napred
- 1 brus za dojilje, 2 sportska brusa za spavanje, pamucne gacice
- odeca za izlazak: udobne pamucne pantalone, majica, tanja teksas jakna, patike
- toplije carape
- papuce i japanke (za tusiranje)
- knjiga (Paulo Coelho "Brida"), sudoku, olovka
- tablete gvozdja i folne kiseline koje svakodnevno uzimam
- ulosci (tanji i deblji), Carriwell "Mrezaste bolnicke gacice"
- Medela "Purelan 100" krema za grudi/bradavice sa lanolinom; nekoliko tufera za dojilje
- gumice i snalice za kosu, cesalj, sampon za suvo pranje kose
- Nuxe "My beauty essentials" travel set (gel za tusiranje, krema za lice, krema za ruke, piling gel, suvo ulje); dezodorans; nekoliko uzoraka za negu lica; dodatne travel size bocice gela za tusiranja i losiona za telo; cetkica i pasta za zube
- osnovni mejkap, maramice za skidanje sminke

sta treba spakovati u torbu za porodiliste za mamu i dete, trudnicki saveti za porodjaj

I think I'll get back to this post (or actually write a new one) when I come home from the hospital. I'm curious to see which items I needed or not, what I should but didn't bring, what was useful/helpful... So stay tuned!;)

** Back from the hospital, and I'm glad to say that I almost used and needed everything I packed. The only things I didn't need were pads and hospital panties (they gave me at the hospital), socks (it was warm enough) and bras for sleeping (I wore nursing bra). Also I had no time to read the book or play sudoku, I preferred staring at my baby!:)

Mislim da cu se vratiti ovom postu (ili zapravo napisati novi) kada dodjem kuci iz bolnice. Radoznala sam da vidim koje stvari ce mi trebati a koje nece, sta sam trebala da ponesem a nisam, sta je bilo korisno…

** Izasli smo iz porodilista, i drago mi je da kazem da mi je skoro sve bilo potrebno od stvari koje sam spakovala. Jedino mi nisu trebali ulosci i bolnicke gacice (imali su na odeljenju), carape (bilo je zaista toplo) i brushalteri za spavanje (nosila sam brus za dojilje). Takodje nisam imala vremena da citam knjigu ili resavam sudoku, vise mi se svidelo da piljim u bebu!:)

Thursday, October 10, 2019

My PREGNANCY experience: 3rd trimester

third trimester pregnancy experince, tips, nutrition, skincare, labor plan

Rainy October day today... And we're officially 39 weeks! It's just the matter of a moment now... Possible date for labor is 15th of October, but doctor told me two weeks ago to be prepared... We have regular check up tomorrow, so we'll see if there are any news.
There are things in life you can't precisely plan, as much as you want, which also goes for the pregnancy... So let's get back to the point of the story, and my third trimester.

Kisovit oktobarski dan danas... I zvanicno smo usli u 39-tu nedelju! Sad je samo pitanje trenutka. Verovatan datum porodjaja je 15-ti oktobar, ali mi je ginekolog koji vodi trudnocu jos pre dve nedelje rekao da budem spremna. Sutra imamo regularan nedeljni pregled, pa cemo videti da li ima nesto novo.
U zivotu uvek postoje stvari koje ne mozes precizno da isplaniras, koliko god to zelis, sto je isti slucaj i sa trudnocom. Nego da se mi vratimo na poentu danasnje price, a to je treci trimester...

pregnancy fashion, maternity fashion and style, fit pregnancy

Basically now in the third trimester I started to look pregnant, lol. I might go into labor at any moment, and people think I'm six months pregnant. Baby boy started to grow faster in the 8th month, at 36 weeks he was 2700gr.  At 37 weeks he was 2800gr, and after just one week 3200gr (of course you can't measure baby's weight 100%). I stopped to put on more weight around 6th month (when I gained 100gr), it's just the baby weight and some light water retention at the end of the day. From the beginning of my pregnancy until 39 weeks, I gained around 7kg.

Prakticno tek sad u trecem trimestru sam pocela da izgledam trudno, haha. Mogu da se porodim svakog trenutka, a ljudi misle da sam sesti mesec. Beba je pocela da raste malo brze u osmom mesecu, u 36-oj nedelji je bio tezak 2700gr. U 37-oj nedelji 2800gr, a u 38-oj vec 3.200gr (naravno tezina bebe nikad ne moze da se 100% tacno odredi, uvek je 10% gore-dole). Ja sam prestala da dobijam na tezini negde u sestom mesecu (kad sam se ugojila 100gr, haha), sad je samo tezina bebe i tecnost koja se zadrzava na kraju dana. Od pocetka trudnoce do 39-te nedelje dobila sam oko 7kg.

nutrition and diet tips for a healthy pregnancy. dijeta i ishrana za zdravu trudnocu.

My nutrition didn't change, I have no cravings and my body still needs mostly proteins (I "pay" high price if I stay away from them and try to focus on healthy carbs, like fruits or whole grains or similar). During the hot days I want a bit colder and fresh food, and when the temperatures drop I want warmer and cooked food.

Ishrana se nije promenila. Ne trazi mi se nista specijalno, mom telu su i dalje potrebni vecinom proteini (istina je da "placam" visoku cenu kada ih ne jedem svaki dan i pokusam da se vise fokusiram na zdrave ugljene hidrate kao sto su voce, integralne zitarice i sl.). Tokom toplijih dana vise zelim hladniju i svezu hranu, kada temperature spadnu zelim topliju i kuvanu hranu.

third trimester pregnancy tips for expecting mums.saveti za treci trimestar u trudnoci.

Except of walking and light stretching I haven't done that much. Not because I'm pregnant, but because it's the same old story each summer. I'm pretty much active at work during the summer, so I can (at least over the last few years) dedicate more seriously to workouts after September.
Plus this summer I did an enormous amount of work at home. We gave all carpets and curtains for cleaning, we made one new closet, painted the walls... I cleaned every shelf, corner, door, drawer. Threw away a lot of things. I still clean, so there are barely days when I'm resting, which is bad but things need to be done (both at work and at home). I guess I'll rest at the hospital for those 3 days, lol!
I'm a bit sorry I couldn't focus more on my body and just being present, each summer is the same story- hectic. That's why I want to finish everything I have, so I can have my full focus on the baby, my recovery, as well as the new life stage...

Izuzev setnje i istezanja nisam nesto specijalno vezbala. Ali ne zato sto sam trudna, vec zato sto je ista situacija svako leto. Prilicno sam aktivna na poslu tokom leta, tako da mogu da se posvetim ozbiljnije vezbanju tek nakon septembra, barem ovih poslednjih nekoliko godina.
Plus ovog leta sam odradila bas dosta stvari u kuci. Dali smo na hemijsko ciscenje sve tepihe i zavese, dodali smo jedan novi plakar, okrecili zidove… Ja sam ocistila svaku policu, cosak, vrata, svaku fioku. Pobacala puno stvari. I dalje cistim, tako da su retki dani kada mirujem, sto sam svesna da nije sjajno, ali stvari moraju da se zavrse (i na poslu i u kuci). Valjda cu se odmoriti u porodilistu tokom 3 dana, haha.
Istina je da mi je pomalo zao sto nisam mogla da promenim nacin funkcionisanja tokom ovog leta i da se vise fokusiram na telo i prosto na sadasnji trenutak, ali svako leto je ista prica- uzurbanost. Zato hocu da zavrsim sve sto imam, da bih moja paznja bila potpuno usmerena ka bebi, oporavku, i novoj zivotnoj fazi...

Palmer's Tummy butter and massage lotion for stretch marks.Best pregnancy stretch marks body products.

I started to use specific body products for pregnancy stretch marks after the 4th month. That's when my bumpie started to grow a bit. Until then I was using regular lotions, body butters and oils. First I was using Palmer's "Massage lotion for stretch marks" which has lighter consistency and neutral smell. From 7th month when my belly started to show more I switched to Palmer's "Tummy butter for stretch marks" which I truly adore using in the evening after the shower. I like its rich consistency and I love its smell! In the morning I still put some of the same body lotion. And additionally I was using Balea's "5-in-1 Body oil" for other body parts, like boobs...;) So far no stretch marks!

Pocela sam da koristim specificne proizvode za strije u trudnoci nakon 4-og meseca, kada je moj stomak poceo polako da se uocava. Do tada sam koristila regularne losione, putere za telo i ulja. Prvo sam koristila Palmer's "Massage lotion for stretch marks", losion za strije za predeo stomaka koji je laganiji i ima neutralan miris. Od 7-og meseca, kada je moj stomak poceo da raste, presla sam na Palmer's "Tummy butter for stretch marks", puter za telo koji obozavam da koristim uvece nakon tusiranja. Svidja mi se bogata tekstura, a narocito miris. Ujutru i dalje stavim malo losiona za strije. Dodatno sam jedino koristila Balea "5-u-1 ulje za telo" za druge delove tela, kao sto su grudi…;) Za sada nema strija!

healthy pregnancy nutrition, fit pregnancy nutrition. zdrava ishrana u trudnoci.

I have been having sleeping issues for quite some years (waking up really early, like 4am, and not being able to sleep after), but there are again some changes. For the last three weeks I started to wake up in the middle of the night, like 2-3am, then I'm awake for one hour or so, then I go back to sleep for one or two hours. It's like my body is preparing me for all the nights I'll be up feeding the baby.:D

Vec nekoliko godina imam neke problemcice vezane za spavanje (ustajanje rano, oko 4-5 ujutru, i posle ne mogu da spavam), ali sad me spopalo nesto novo. U poslednje tri nedelje pocela sam da se budim u sred noci, oko 2-3 nocu, pa sam budna po sat i nesto, pa onda ponovo zaspim na sat ili dva. Kao da me telo sprema za buduce noci koje cu provesti budna hraneci bebu!:D

healthy pregnancy tips. zdrava trudnoca saveti i preporuke.

I have no plan. I'll just go with the flow. Is it irresponsible? I don't think so. You can plan your labor as much as you want, and the things might not go as planned, for million of reasons. Do I want natural birth? Yes, my doctor and I agree on that. Will I take epidural? Not my preference, but we'll decide there, depending from the pain level and other factors. But none of this is for sure, I just know I'm gonna do what's the best for my baby and me when the time comes.
From the 8th month, my baby boy took his position, with his head down. Didn't change it until now. During the normal check up at 36 weeks, doctor told me I was ready, his head was super low in my pelvis area. There was no surprise for me as I was feeling the pressure really low for days, yet other women had their opinion- he should get more down (well ladies a bit lower and he's out)! Speaking about opinions of others, I'm so glad I learned not to care, in general, about any kind of opinion! I mean I politely listen to people, then I brush their opinion over my shoulder and continue my day, lol.
Anyway I have my suitcase prepared with all and only the basic things for me and baby. I'm not obsessing over anything, I like to be prepared until certain level...

Nemam plan. Pusticu stvari da teku. Da li je to neodgovorno? Ne bih rekla. Mozes da planiras porodjaj koliko god zelis, a stvari cesto krenu u drugom smeru, zbog milion razloga. Da li zelim da se porodim prirodnim putem? I moj doktor i ja to zelimo. Da li cu se odluciti za epiduralnu? Nije moja preferencija, ali cemo odluciti na licu mesta, u zavisnosti od nivoa bola i drugih faktora. Ali nista od ovog nije zasigurno, znam samo da cu uraditi ono sto je najbolje za bebu i mene kada dodje taj trenutak.
Od osmog meseca, beba je zauzela svoj polozaj, sa glavom nadole. Nije se promenilo do sada. Tokom regularnog pregleda u 36-oj nedelji, doktor mi je rekao da sam spremna, bebina glava je bila super nisko, u karlicnom delu. To i nije bilo neko iznenadjenje za mene jer sam osecala pritisak vec nekoliko dana, ali neke zene u mom okruzenju su imale svoje misljenje- da mora jos da sidje (drage moje dame, malo nize i eto ga napolju). Kad vec govorimo o tudjem misljenju, drago mi je sto sam naucila da me ne zanima sta drugi imaju da kazu vezano za moj zivot. Naravno uvek ljubazno saslusam ljude, ali na jedno uvo udje a na drugo izadje, haha. 
U svakom slucaju, kofer za porodiliste je spreman, sa bazicnim stvarima za bebu i mene. Ne opterecujem se previse, spremna sam do normalnog nivoa...

velvet velour baby bodysuit and pjs, newborn velour clothes, Mayoral baby fashion

Just like with the birth plan, I have no expectation how the things will go once my baby boy is out. Do I plan on breastfeeding? No. That's what I truly want, but I don't plan as I said once. If I can that's awesome (I do have a nursing bra, nipple cream and nursing pads in my suitcase), if I can't I'll find another solution.
I didn't read any books, nor I took some lessons. I read some blogs and articles about basic things, asked 2-3 persons I trust, but I rely on my instinct as always. I learn by practice, not by reading the theory. And I can always call my doctor or midwife, if needed.
Do I have everything prepared at home for the baby? We got basic clothes: bodysuits, socks, mittens, hats, warmer onesies. I have bassinet ready, washed sheets and blankets. First stage car seat. Pram. Nappies (few packs in different sizes, until size 4) and water wipes. Baby bathtub, shampoo, diaper rush creams. Few bottles and pacifiers. The crib will be here during October. I have everything washed with baby detergent, and everything has its own place. Nothing overwhelming...
The only thing I know is that I don't want people or help for the first few days. I know it's strange but I need to find my own rhythm, better to say our rhythm...

Kao i sa planom porodjaja, nemam ocekivanja kako ce teci stvari nakon sto beba dodje na svet. Da li planiram da ga dojim? Ne. To je ono sto zaista zelim, ali kao sto sam vec rekla ne pravim planove. Ako mogu super (imam i grudnjak za dojenje, kremu za bradavice i uloske/tufere za dojilje u koferu), ako ne mogu nacicu drugo resenje. 
Nisam procitala nijednu knjigu na temu trudnoce/roditeljstva, niti uzimala neke casove pripreme. Procitala sam neke artikle i blogove na internetu o osnovnim stvarima, pitala 2-3 osobe kojima verujem, ali se oslanjam na svoj instinkt kao i uvek. Najbolje ucim u praksi, a ne citajuci teoriju. I naravno doktor i babica su mi uvek na raspolaganju, ako je potrebno. 
Da li je kuca spremna za bebu? Imamo osnovnu garderobu: benkice, bodiji, carapice, kapice, rukavice, toplije stvari. Prenosivi krevetac je spreman, posteljina i cebenca oprani. Sediste za kola. Kolica. Pelene (po nekoliko pakovanja u razlicitim velicinama, do velicine 4) i vlazne maramice. Kada za bebu, peskiri sa kapicom, samponi, Pavloviceva i druge kremice. Nekoliko flasica i cuclica. Krevetac ce biti ovde tokom oktobra. Sve sam oprala deterdzentom za bebe i sve ima svoje mesto. Nista previse, nista preterano...
Jedina stvar koju znam je da ne zelim toliko ljude u kuci iliti pomoc prvih dana. Znam da to zvuci super cudno ali uvek sam bila vrlo samostalna, i potrebno mi je da prvo pronadjem svoj ritam… ili bolje reci nas ritam...
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