Monday, January 30, 2012

Haute Couture spring 2012/ Glam & Fab selection I

 I'm dreaming with eyes wide open... In the air I can smell scent of the glamour and hear voice of the luxury. Sea of crystals and sequins in front of me, glittering layers of rich materials are the waves- strong but elegant. Stunning girls with perfect skin, hair and make up- they look like mermaids to me... Heavenly dresses are hugging their bodies, beautiful embroidery and embellishments make them even prettier. Glow and shine, sparkling lights... I don't want to wake up...
Is there any better way to start the new week than with utterly glamorous and fabulous haute couture looks for this spring??? I'm showing you my favorite selection- Zuhair Murad, Elie Saab and Dilek Hanif. Close your eyes, just like me, beauty is there, waiting for you...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crete/ III day

Third day on Crete and my outfit... Comfortable, pleasant materials, neutral yet warm colors, and some chic additions. Looking and especially feeling good in the clothes I'm wearing during each exhibition is very important to me. Minimum 11 hours daily, from 10am until 9pm, is not so short period....
For the record- we're back from Crete. Weather is sunny but cold here in Trikala, no snow for now. Until I'm passionately waiting for the fashion week to start (trying to be very patient!!), I'm checking some haute couture collections (I'll show u soon my favorite ones) for the spring, and trying some new outfit combinations as well. Inspirational moments- checked! Let's see what this Sunday has for me...;)


Friday, January 27, 2012

Zig Zag -> GlamFabInspiration + Glam Chameleon Jewelry

Zig zag... when you think about this, what comes to your mind first? Missoni, right??
My grandma had few blankets in her old village house, with zig zag lines in all possible and vibrant colors- yellow, blue, orange, green, red, black... When I was a kid I could dress my dolls for hours sitting on the floor covered with those colorful blankets. For all happy memories and moments I spent there, I guess this is the reason why I'm still so fond of this pattern. Always in the fashion, funny and playful, great for any season and part of the year... My inspiration for today, I hope you will like it as well!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crete/ II day

Something very interesting happened to me recently. One day I woke up and I realized I got so bored with my old perception of style and fashion combinations, especially when it comes to prints, patterns and colors. Something was screaming inside of me (I could swear it was Anna Dello Russo's voice!lol), and suddenly I had that big big desire to try new things, to experiment, to combine, to learn, to evolve and change my style! While picking the accessories (jewelry in the first row) for this look, I started with one necklace. Not enough. Another one was added. Still not enough. After the third one I could say- this might be it!
Glam & Fab Tip: If you want to experiment and change something, start gradually. For example, if you want to upgrade your look, try to layer, like I did here with the necklaces (all three from my jewelry line). Go until the point you feel comfortable. Observe. When it seems you're stepping out of your "comfort zone", and something doesn't feel right anymore- stop! The next day you can try to add one more thing- one more jewelry piece, or scarf with the opposite print, or similar! It's all about feeling good, 'cause the outfit you're wearing is your "second skin"!!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Crete/ I day

Don't ask me how I connected this, but somehow from the first moment I found those pants Balmain came to my mind. I guess the print reminded me on all fantastic and recognizable prints that Balmain is using in each collection. 
So this is the first look, or better to say outfit for the first day of the exhibition on Crete. We were in a hurry so we took few pictures on our balcony, in the morning. Tonight I'm traveling, tomorrow as well, so I'll check all new things on your blogs as soon as I come home...


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Athens/ III day

Third and the last look from Athens. Since it was the most important and visited day during the exhibition, I have decided to wear something more formal. This classic pencil skirt in camel color and matching ostrich, also classically shaped bag, were in the "game" from the beginning. Just few days before our departure I got this beautiful and soft petrol blue turtleneck with embellished cut out part, perfectly matching! No need for any type of the necklace, just some earrings, bracelet and ring, all with demure but colorful crystals. I wanted to achieve subtle elegant look. Do you think I succeeded?


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Queen of Wood-> Glam & Fab Inspiration + Glam Chameleon Jewelry

You will find something more in woods than in books.  Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters. (St. Bernard)
Nature, life, Universe, ground, flora, fresh air, oxygen... Force, growth, energy, power, independence, health... Nurturing, protection, peace, creation, abundance... Spring, summer, autumn, winter... Cold, warm, wet, dry, humid, windy, rainy, sunny... All shades of green and brown- from pale to dark, soft yellow, beige... Can we find better inspiration than in the nature? I couldn't...
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.  (Albert Einstein)


Monday, January 16, 2012

Athens/ II day

 My outfit for the second day of the exhibition. The light wasn't so good inside so I went out to take few photos (daylight is much better even if you're in the shadow). 
I wanted to wear this cute high-waisted charcoal Bershka skirt I took last year, and I had exactly this soft wool bolero in taupe (dark grayish brown) color on my mind to pair with the skirt. To resume, we have here: black, taupe, charcoal, a bit of bronze, old gold, hematite gray and army green color... I like the way how the whole outfit blended at the end thanks to those colors. What do u think?


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Athens/ I day

Hello my lovely people, hope you are enjoying in your weekend!!
This is what I was wearing the first day of the exhibition in Athens. I needed something comfortable but chic, and what is the most important- something warm (I was still feeling cold from the previous day) and this faux fur knitted vest saved me. We had to take pictures in the evening, when we returned in the hotel, since we didn't have any time during the day. After this I could sleep like a baby.... until 5 am the next morning, don't ask me why....
p.s. If you want to keep up with my new posts, you can do it simply by following me on Bloglovin. This is my favorite way to check all blogs that I really love to read!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Black & Pink-> GlamFabInspiration + Glam Chameleon Jewelry

Dark black and light pink, almost like black and white. But this contrast has more softer and romantic side, more elegant and glamorous touch, more feminine and flirty vibe. Like a sweet and kind girl that loves her life, but isn't afraid to show her strong and independent side, to fight for her dreams and beliefs!
This color combination, along with Versus spring 2012 looks, is my collage inspiration for today. Hope you will like it!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Demure Sunny Crystals

Inspired by 70's and sunny days we're experiencing here, I have decided to wear this D&G turtleneck embellished with small crystals. I love its beautiful deep blush & slightly raspberry (almost Pantone honeysuckle) color! It has been in my closet for more than three years (a friend of mine gave me, she didn't like it???!) but somehow it lived at the bottom of my closet, without any chance to see the ray of light... until yesterday!:) 
I had exactly this bag on my mind (for completely matching colors), but there was a problem. Since it's thrifted find, not a new piece, a very small part of pink colored leather from the upper part went. And what I did? I glued two rectangular semiprecious stones (that I use for my jewelry designs) and fixed the problem in a stylish way!:)


Friday, January 6, 2012

Pre-Fall 2012, my favorites 3- > Jason Wu, Reed Krakoff, BCBG

One more fashion post dedicated to pre-fall 2012 collections, and here we'll continue with my favorite picks. My number one choice for today is fantastic collection by Jason Wu, even dough I'm very fond of Krakoff's as well! I love the game of feminine & masculine shapes and their spontaneous mixture. I would say those are collections for ambitious ladies who aren't afraid to show their strong attitude and refined presence in the world, still very connected with their womanly and soft part of the soul!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Leopard in the HappyLand

Time for the fun!! "Μύλο των Ξωτικών" (in Greek), which is held every year in Greece from Christmas until 7th/8th of January, this time took place in Trikala where I currently live. Christmas and New Year's happiness and magic land for the kids and the adults who are "good parents" to their inner child (wanted to say me!). Would you mind entering together??
p.s. Since we're here, let me introduce you to my favorite new leopard friend. Comfy and cozy, furry, great for this sunny but chilly time... thank you for keeping me warm my leo!!!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Glam & Fab Gift

Ok so what do u see here? First u see beautiful red (red color is connected with the happiness) gift box. U see a heel, so it must be a shoe, right? U see magnificent and extraordinary surface, the rain of crystallized round studs all over it, and its smoky but soft hematite color.... This is my new year's gift from G (who personally wrapped the present), which he was hiding (successfully) for one month! Everything else u'll see after the jump!
p.s. I bet the real fashionistas already know which shoes I'm speaking about!;)


Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve

First 2012 look, good enough to start one truly GLAM & FAB YEAR!! I hope u all had great time celebrating New Year's Eve!! Mine was active! We took some pics at our home, then we went to G's parents house to wait 00h and traditionally to cut the cake which symbolizes good and prosperous year. From there with our friends to "buzukia" (place with live music). We dropped by to some club afterwards and came home around 6:30... I woke up around 9am...
Soooo are we ready to rock 2012??!! I am!;) 

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