Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New 2011 Year!!!!!!!!!

My dear and beautiful blog friends, in the New 2011 Year I wish u the same I will wish to myself and my loved ones- THE BEST!! Let the next year be one of the most beautiful in our lives and let us bring joy, love, happiness, health and good mood, quality and good-hearted people, great opportunities and prosperous jobs, and many stylish things and friends!:) Let's forget the past, forgive and make something better for ourselves... Let's change something, and remember- BE THE CHANGE U WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD- start from yourself!!:)
And when it comes to my blog- my little chameleon baby, I wanted to thank u one more time for all your precious comments and for visiting it over and over again... I promise u cause I want it and really care about it- I'll make it better, I already have some ideas, but slowly slowly...;)
And as well I want to apologize in advance I won't be here so often in the next days- I am moving (to another country for 2 months) but I will continue again very very quickly!:))
So finish this year proudly and gracefully and start the new one enthusiastically and hopefully....BE GLAM, BE FAB, JUST BE U!:)))
                                                 KISSES FROM GLAM & FAB CHAMELEON


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cold weather- go away!!!!!!Santorini- warm me!!!!!!

Being extremely but extremely irritated by the cold weather here in Serbia (yesterday was -6!!) I've decided to "warm" myself- with looking at this summer's pics... Most of u already know I was in Santorini (in September when I finished my job as a travel guide in Greece)...completely unplanned...which is always the best at the end!!
Santorini (or Thira, which is also the name of the main city) is a volcanic island in the Aegean sea that belongs as well to the group of Cyclades islands. Called as one, but actually it is a complex of five islands. Santorini is the main island and around are: Thirasia and Aspronisi  and the two small volcanic islands Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni. Once upon a time this island had a round shape but today's half-moon shape is a result of a natural catastrophe - big volcano eruption . With this explosion is also explained the tragedy of the great and marvelous Minoan civilization (Crete, II mil.b.c.). The eruption left a large caldera surrounded by volcanic ash which is a huge tourist attraction today!
Santorini is the true "pearl" of the Greek tourism and a cosmopolitan place well known for its: amazing beaches with black and red sand (Kamari, Perissa, Red beach...), archaeological places like Akrotiri, excellent accommodation, restaurants and nightlife, great food (fish and sea food , fava; Santorini's cherry tomatoes, white eggplants...), wine (Vinsanto), and of course- paradise for shopping!!!:)))
Imerovigli, that is the name of the beautiful village where my bf and I were. Next time I will show the gorgeous hotel where we stayed so stay tuned and dream about summer like I do!;))
p.s. I hope u're getting ready for the New Year!;)))  HAPPY THURSDAY!!!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the archive...

Being unable to take some new outfit photos due to the lack of the camera (simply isn't working anymore, but I will have to wait to take new one in 10 days or so) forced me to dig some older pics of mine... Some of them are old one year, some more... some of u might notice something, some not... Sometimes (for example in the last 2,3 months) when I look at my old pics I feel strange, full of contradictory emotions, like I am in the other movie... But it's good, especially when u're making some retrospective of your life (not just the summery of one year, that comes naturally at the end of that year) and preparing the terrain for the changes... All this I'm doing now... Yes I will try one more time to make something different, to make something better, to change my life... Although the real truth is- the changes happen when u don't expect them... I experienced that this year..............


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tony Ward Fall-Winter 2010/2011 haute-couture

Before some time I was writing about the haute-couture (actually- h.t. dresses) and connected with it- its designers (read here). The first one I started with was incredible Zuhair Murad... this post is about Tony Ward, one more amazingly talented designer from Lebanon (I still don't get the thing with designers from Lebanon- so many fascinating designers- thank u for existing!!). I've picked just few looks that I like the most from his f/w 2010/11 couture collection... shiny, elegant, seductive, glorious and glam, festive.... I'm getting some serious inspiration!!!


Friday, December 24, 2010

"Fashion/style twins relationship"- yes or no?!

Is it good or bad when u are in the relationship with a person that has similar/same style and taste as u? Is it visually appealing to see two stylishly coordinated persons or it is a potential fashion mistake? What sounds better- "similar attracts similar" or "the opposites attract"??...........
This time I won't say too much ('cause I can speak until tomorrow on this subject)- in my case I'll let the pictures to speak by themselves... I can only say I fell good walking next to this person whose style I admire (this is a public confession,lol) and who constantly gives me the inspiration for so many things...Next time maybe I'll say more...;)
p.s. Here in Serbia we celebrate Christmas in January!:)


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beach Bunny & Old Hollywood collection

So let me tell u today something about my other addiction... BIKINIS... hm who is following my blog from the beginning already knows about my crazy habit to have third part of my luggage overloaded with bikinis and appropriate accessories... and the collection is constantly growing... so I am expecting the growth (as the economists like to say) until one full suitcase for the upcoming summer...
When it comes to the brands I don't care so much, I go again for the visual effect, and let me tell u not even about the quality so much cause I'm changing them each summer... But one of my favorite brands, actually maybe the first one is Beach Bunny! Each season they surprise me with beautiful collections of bikinis and even more beautiful, if it's possible at all, campaigns! I think it might be 'cause the bikinis remind me on the lingerie (which I have weakness for)!!!!??!! A part of their 2011 collection ('cause I guess they'll have more) is "Old Hollywood" featuring lovely Candice Swanepoel. What a fantastic and seductive campaign.........


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspirational style quotes II

"Style is a simple way of saying complicated things!" 
Jean Cocteau

"Style is primarily a matter of instinct." 
Bill Blass


Saturday, December 18, 2010

I admit- I am SHOE ADDICT!!!! (confession, chapter II)

Few posts ago I put the collages of some amazing shoes I liked so much... u remember?:)  This time will be the same but with one little and notable difference, these shoes are more elegant, sexy, glamorous; perfect for the night, celebrations and special occasions.... As  I've already told in the mentioned post my fav type (and most numerous in my collection, almost half part) of the shoes are sandals... Strappy, embellished ones,with crystals and multicolored gemstones, in existing and non-existing colors, the possibilities are unlimited but again there is one rule- high heel, without it they loose their sense!!!:)
Check out the first part of this "confession"-  here!
Which type of the shoes u prefer?:)


Friday, December 17, 2010

Modeling- "Fuchsia Love"

Since I am waiting to buy a new camera so I can put my outfits (that's why I have a lack of these pics by now, unfortunately), I will put some more photos that I did I think this spring... Btw I did some new shoots this month so as soon as I get them I'll put it here... As until now styling and make-up by "chameleon"...;)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

**My Christmas Wishlist**

I can see that all my lovely blog friends have their own Christmas wishlists, and as I was never a party-breaker (lol), I've decided to follow the game and make my own wishlist, actually two!:) Those are the things that I know there is no chance to have them by this Christmas (there is always hope for the next one), but at least I can release my imagination and make a fantasy wishlist with all the luxurious things I'm dying for a long time!:) And I know it shouldn't be an excuse for all those shimmering things (I have the same love during the whole year), but now I can exaggerate a little bit- it makes sense when it's Christmas- everything is sparkling, bubbling, shinning, decorative!!:)))

Monday, December 13, 2010

I admit- I am SHOE ADDICT!!!! (confession, chapter I)

Being a shoe-addicted person is not something strange or rare-seen these days... on the contrary... but at this very point I'll let myself to be just an ordinary girl inside of which passionate love toward beautiful shoes blooms on a daily basis! Some facts about this love are: I prefer heels than flats, open than closed shoes; sandals are my fav type of shoes; I wear sneakers only with sporty clothes (even than they're well-shaped and a little bit "fancy"). My mum tells me I walk like I was born in the heels, but being a dancer from the early age makes your feet naturally adapted to them...
I adore designs of Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Brian Atwood, Charlotte Olympia and Guiseppe Zanotti... but this doesn't mean I don't fall in love with each pair of amazing shoes I see every day, virtually or in reality, branded or not- I just don't care- I go for the aesthetic look!! Sometimes I suffer cause of that, but it makes me proud!!!lol From this post I'm starting to show my lovely choices and wishes... I really hope u'll enjoy in my little collage as much as I do!! Stay tuned for more!;)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Zuhair Murad couture fall/winter 2010/11 & my thoughts about haute-couture dresses

If u ask me do I prefer (at least to see) high couture or ready-to-wear, I apologize deeply but I will always vote for COUTURE!! Especially when it comes to long unique dresses... maybe it's because everything looks like a dream from which one u don't want to wake up... Shiny mermaid or sweeping dresses, sequins, gemstones, layers of the most expensive and rarely reachable fabrics, silk and satin, beautiful lace and handmade embroidery, amazing colors... At least I can do that- dream! In the moment u put one of those dreamy dresses u transform yourself completely and start to feel like a princess, royalty or a queen of the Universe, as u wish, like in a fairytale... The part with fairytale I had to skip in the childhood, not 'cause I wanted it's because it had to be like that concerning the circumstances in that period of my life, and probably long after that... so this is the way I revive my dreams assured that one day when I see myself in a couture dress  (and I am SURE I will!!) I'll feel like that- a princess!!
From this post I will start to represent my favorite haute-couture designers and designs... First one will be amazing Zuhair Murad (he's the second one I discovered,first one will be represented very soon) and his still fresh couture collection for fall-winter 2010/11! I made a mix from my fav looks!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Inspirational model photos- Emily DiDonato

Emily DiDonato... Born in 1991 and she looks like this??? I stay all the time speechless in front of the beauty, energy and sexy-peel that this girl emits in each photo... Those pics are from the Numero magazine, November issue... ADORABLE!!!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

My dream closet!!!...and situation in mine!!

Dream closet. Walk in closet. Celebrity closets. Walk in closet ideas.

It's official and it's definitive- I DON'T HAVE ANY MORE SPACE IN MY CLOSET!!!  I was cleaning the room yesterday and putting my clean and also some new things and I realized- there is not even a space for a new shirt!!! And what about some lovely new bag, 'cause i am sure I'll take one soon??!! I could kill myself in that moment... but since I know, luckily, I'll be moving by the end of this year for 2,3 months I didn't let it to make me too stressed or depressed... I'll have enough time for that when I come back...

Dream closet. Walk in closet. Celebrity closets. Walk in closet ideas.

Monday, November 29, 2010

"Crazy" shoes- true piece of art!

Gasoline Glamour shoes. House of Gasoline glamour. Crazy shoes- true piece of art. Most expensive shoes. Extravagant shoes.

How crazy these shoes from the "House of gasoline glamour" look like??!!! But that doesn't mean u need to be crazy so u can wear them!!! U just need to be bold enough without any pinch of shyness, with an attitude, preferable rebel in the soul with a tendency to move your own (and the others) limits! To me they're the true piece of art, and could stand in the museum without any question!! The only thing is maybe the price!!?! Most of them are around 7000-8000$, but u can find them on some discount for around 4000$!! Would I wear them? HA U CAN BET, and right now!!!!:)


Change the color like the chameleon!;)

From the first moment I started to paint my hair (which was in the high school, I think it was fourth grade-too late right?lol) I wasn't afraid of the colors... luckily I have grateful skin and eye color which permit me to experiment with all shades... that is something I DO like to change from time to time, not too often, especially when I want, like the other girls, to make some BIG change in my life, or at least hopefully to try... I am naturally brunette (my hair is by itself lighter during the summer) but I was was black, red, honey blond (this "blond" down is the wig color,lol), I tried shades of brown and now I'm back to my "roots"! With the color I'll do everything but with the shape and length-NO THANKS! I cut my soooo long hair (I had bob at the end of hair session!!!) one time in the life, when I was in the primary school and never again!! And few times I must to admit I cried, 'cause some stupid people just don't listen what u tell them- "Please cut me only 2,3 cm"- "Of course!!!", and then I had 6,7cm less!!!??!! But some small changes again from time to time are ok and even more desirable, for example bangles...
So does anybody have an idea what should be my next hair color- green maybe??!:D


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Modeling- "Little Fox"

I had so much fun while making these pics, actually I like to have something to "play" with when I do shoots... again make-up and styling by "chameleon"...


Friday, November 26, 2010

Modeling- "lovely heart" :)


Inspirational Style Quotes

Best Inspirational Style Quotes.Coco Chanel quotes.

"Fashion is not something that exist in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
Coco Chanel

Inspirativni citati o modi i stilu.

"Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest."
Christian Dior

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Modeling- gold & blue version

Again few of my modeling photos, but this time with gold and electric blue outfit... as the last time, make-up and styling by "chameleon"!:)    


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BSB line- point of you/ campaing fall-winter 2010/11 part II

And this is the second part of the BSB- point of you campaign... Bohemian, elegant, casual, girly, chic, edgy... Dress yourself however u want to feel... there are no limits for your imagination now!!!! At least not for mine!:)) Check out the first part of the campaign- here


Modeling- black "spider" version

Those are some of my modeling shoots I did few months ago with my friend and fav photographer! We were actually playing with a camera in a small room so u can actually see only head shoots!:)lol I did make-up and styling, was inspired by "old glam look"...


BSB line-point of you/ campaign fall-winter 2010/11 part I

"BSB-point of you", Greek clothing brand, for me DEFINITELY has one of the best campaigns for this season! Featuring Greece's Next Top Model winner Seraina (best choice for this), they showed the perfect combination of the street urban fashion with sexy evening wear- it covers absolutely all needs that one fashionista with an attitude might have, in every moment of the day and night! From aviator jackets, faux fur vests, coats, lovely cardigans, leather pants, leggings, skinny jeans and washed denim, over sassy dresses and items with animal and plaid print, and everything polished with a bunch of eye-catching accessories (scarfs, hats, gloves...) There is not even one item I don't like, bingo choice for my style and taste!
BSB is today one of the leaders when it comes to woman's fashion on the Greek market! It was founded in 1980, and not only that they have clothing line but also accessories, footwear, underwear... everybody can find something for themselves!!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Positive/Negative Plaid

Since I knew the weather was going to change soon, and it really started from the early morning to rain today, I wanted to use one more Sunday for a nice long walk with my boyfriend, it was sooooo refreshing... We visited one church, took some pictures, and finished everything with cappuccino and mocha coffee!:)
I had almost everything black on me (Terranova skirt, leather boots, leggings, Mango top and velvet blazer, black/white watch), purposely, 'cause I wanted to put the accent to the plaid scarf and my grandma's vintage green leather bag... Recently I started to "play" more with scarfs, and monthly I take at least 3,4 new ones... different textures, colors, patterns, with faux fur... I can't wait to try some of them... I must to experiment again, and the rainy day is just perfect for that- it "forces" u to stay at home and sleep, and since I can't sleep (I don't prefer sleeping so much, "somebody" likes to say I am insomniac,lol) at least I can dream with eyes wide open about wardrobe combinations!:)

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