Thursday, December 2, 2010

My dream closet!!!...and situation in mine!!

dream closet inspiration

It's official and it's definitive- I DON'T HAVE ANY MORE SPACE IN MY CLOSET!!!  I was cleaning the room yesterday and putting my clean and also some new things and I realized- there is not even a space for a new shirt!!! And what about some lovely new bag, 'cause i am sure I'll take one soon??!! I could kill myself in that moment... luckily, I'll be moving by the end of this year for 2,3 months so I didn't let it to make me too stressed or depressed... I'll have enough time for that when I come back...

Kimora Lee Simmons closet

I was always dreaming about having a separated room as a closet, and I know I will have it the day I have my own flat... I do have my "dream closet" and I envy its owner soooooo much (which I basically don't do, I don't envy people 'cause I believe u can have whatever u want if u have a strong wish)! Well it's the closet of Mrs "Fabulosity" - Kimora Lee Simmons!! But really from the first moment I saw an article in the "InStyle" mag (btw one of my fav ones) I knew that's it!!!Now I am not talking about clothes, bags and shoes she has there (ok I wouldn't have anything against to "borrow" few things or more without returning, especially dazzling examples of shoes, lol), I am talking about the closet design! Better than in a high-fashion boutique- warm and elegant look with a leopard print carpet, shiny wood shelves, ottoman, mirrors, columns and the way she divided everything- there is only one description- FABULOUS!!!

Kimora Lee Simmons closet wardrobe room

But if I can't have the closet EXACTLY like hers there are few more inspirational/famous ones examples... eventually I would make something from each one!:)

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  1. well. yours look similar like the others =)

    (new post: Sneak-a-peak: Knits & follow me)

  2. OMG, I'm so jealous!!!!

    Love your blog:)


  3. i love the elle decor one! AND the one with the green lounging chair! so beautiful!

  4. hahahahahah this is a dream!!!!!! but mines it´s the firs one =( heheheh
    kisses&love from Germany


  5. I would love to have my dream closet one day too!! Something like Rachel Zoe!! xxoxoxoo

  6. OMG... I want the white one with the big window at the back... just amazing!!!
    Great post, I love it!!

  7. Crazy! And freaking awesome! :-D
    you can check out my blog too, if you want :-)

  8. I am currently undergoing a major closet renovation, and I would just DIE to have any one of these! We have a section on our blog about our favorite closets, and sometimes we feature other bloggers! Feel free to check it out and let me know if you'd be interested!!



  9. And this too seems to be nice -

    Might wanna check how to make use of your simple clothes in a glamorous way!! :)

  10. Sve mi cure sanjamo o ormaru koji se prostire na vise desetina kvadratnioh metera.Nekako su nam nasi ormarici minijaturni i uvek fali to jos jedno krilo ormara,a kad dobijemo to jedno onda nam fali jos cela soba i tako u nedogled.
    Uvek nemamo sta da obucemo i uvek nam je ormar pretrpan.Muka je to,a muskarci ne razumeju.
    Puno pozdrava Bobiska

  11. We have a wardrobe room, but mostly my parents keep their clothes there + few of my jackets and coats. But I have big wardrobe in my room, but like yours it's already FULL lol
    I am planning to make a video post about my wardrobe. Just need to find time for that :(


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