Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist | Fashion and Beauty

Christmas fashion wishlist rose gold items

Those are the things that I know there is no chance to have them by this Christmas (there is always hope for the next one), but at least I can release my imagination and make a fantasy wishlist with all the luxurious things I'm dying for a long time!:) And I know it shouldn't be an excuse for all those shimmering things, but now I can exaggerate a little bit- it makes sense when it's Christmas- everything is sparkling, bubbling, shinning, decorative!!:)

First is my fashion lists with following items:
1Croc leather clutch ('cause I adore croc as well as snakeskin patterns on the bags and clutches)
2.  Vanessa Bruno shimmering top ('cause it comes in this shade which I like and it's so easy for combining)
3Leopard envelope clutch ('cause I have matching shoes,which I think I'll wear for the New year's eve)
4.  Carine Gilson silk-satin bustier ('cause the picture says all,no introduction!!!)
5Alexis Bittar crystal encrusted "Miss Havisham" earrings ('cause A.B. is one of my top jewelry designers)
6Michael Kors rose gold chronograph watch ('cause I'm dreaming this watch for soooooooooo long)
7Sequined mini skirt ('cause it's simply amazingly beautiful with all these pink shades sequins)
8Alexis Bittar tapestry gunmetal bracelet ('cause it's again my lovely A.B.)
9YSL patent leather platform pumps in nude color (deep love at the first sight...Santa please,do u hear me....??!!!) 
10. Leather mini skirt ('cause a girl must to have one in her closet)

gold Christmas beauty makeup perfume wishlist

And now beauty wishlist (I've always been beauty and cosmetics maniac):
1. Helena Rubinstein leopard mascara set ('cause it's leopard for God's sake!!!)
2. D&G Sicilian lace powder bronzer ('cause it reminds me on my favorite baroque period)
3. Chantecaille Bengali bronzer ('cause it's Bengali tiger!!)
4. Collistar avant-garde heart ('cause Collistar have one of the best decorative lines)
5. Fendi "Palazzo" perfume ('cause it was love at the first smell!!! but I can't find it anywhere)
6. YSL rouge volupte in nude colors ('cause it's has rich creamy shades that complement everyone)


  1. Thanks Jelena, I adore the bustier!!! So feminine! Would look great with skinny jeans and a great blazer!

  2. Oh my your wishlists are absolutely amazing!

    Check out my blog and feel free to leave a comment or to follow me with google friends!


  3. What a gorgeous wishlist! Did you make them on polyvore!? I love the pink lace bra in the first one! xooxoxo

  4. thanks for your comment:)

    I love your wishlist!


  5. Great wishes!
    Where did you find the shimmering top?????


  6. Can your wish list be my wish list too? ha ha ha, LOVE all of your picks here dear


  7. all of those things loook so pretty:) i have that watch also on my wishlist:) But O don't think santa will give it to me ahha:)
    great blog by the way! i'm happy i ran into it! I like your posts and your style. It's a great read! Im gonna follow you.
    Hope you visit and follow me back. that would be amazing:)

    have a fabulous day!

  8. love your blog and the post with all these beautiful fashion objects:)


  9. love your wishlist!
    it's so nice to open my blog and see your sweet comment! if you don't want to lose track of my blog, well- it's easy with k come karolina on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) and in the last post - you can ask me anything

    xoxo from rome

  10. i want number 9 of the fashion list!!! si q siii


  11. Dear Santa: We've been very good girls... can you please bring us all of this marvelous wishlist? Amazing choices. Kisses

  12. Thank you very much! The truth that the photos are a bit exaggerated, but they can see nothing sexual content or anything like how they got to say, I think!


  13. Beautiful items!!


  14. i love the shoes and the skirt! soooo cute!!!!


  15. i'll be back for sure!
    loving your blog, keep it up!
    i hope you're having a happy holiday!
    and come visit the revamped COSMICaroline, with new outfits and new band videos!


  16. Wish lists are so much fun, and yours is fabulous!

    Maryjane xoxo

  17. First of all: Rachel Roy smacks it big time, i love her and second, ur wishlists are always simply A-MAZING

    ROCK ON!!!



  18. i want a leopard clutch so bad and i seriously would not mind those ysl nude platforms!!

  19. greaat list!!!xxx

  20. Cute blog!
    I would appreciate if you participated in my giveaway:
    You have until midnight.
    kisses katy

  21. love the ysl pumps! those are on my list as well!

  22. wow, the skirt is stunning! but actually the whole selcetion of garments and make-up is really good! very nice post!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  23. The mini skirt and pumps are out of this world!!

  24. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm really loving your choices in the first collage! Gah! So many pretty things - the sequin skirt, the watch & the leopard clutch are my faves! Hope you find these under the tree!

  25. Ahh I love the colour palette of this wishlist! :)
    Particuarly like the bustier, heels and lace powder bronzer!


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