Sunday, October 30, 2011

Santorini outfit: Girl with The Shoes

turquoise wedges with floral platrforms

"Girl with The Shoes" short story
Center of Thira, middle of the street, people everywhere around and I'm "posing" for the pics. Just an ordinary scene and evening... Two ladies (tourists) are passing and one of them says to me: "Loveeee your shoes, fantastic ones! I mean the necklace is beautiful as well, but the shoes.... You're model?!". My answer was "Noooo!"!lol Ten minutes later I'm entering some shop with clothes, checking some nice chunky knits and I suddenly hear: "Aaa here's the girl with the shoes!!". Again the same lady (btw trying some sandals and boots!!)... ok this must be a sign...:)

turquoise wedges outfits ideas for summer

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Santorini outfit: Turquoise bikini look

how to style turquoise bikini

Refreshing turquoise, always perfect choice for summer and pool! Inspiration for this look came from the scarf, I was so attracted to its pattern... Which is parallel with the fact I'm catching myself with more and more scarves in the closet...


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Santorini outfit: Black/white and lace-up sandals

black blazer, black mini skirt, white tee, lace-up beige sandals, black purse

I remember the night we took these pics, while we were still in the hotel preparing to go out for a walk, I had this conversation with myself... "Aaaaa what to dress tonight?? It's a bit chilly. I can not wear high heels 'cause I'll destroy them. I want to look good as always, but I'm a bit bored today to get dressed up completely. Lace up sandals are must, they're enough comfortable for walking. I need chill out moment, something chic and relaxing... Girl you know what you need?? That good black blazer which you put God knows where!! Aha here it is, luckily no wrinkles! Plus faux leather skirt that threats to slip down from your hips, but you can solve it with tucked-in-white-shirt! Voila, doesn't look bad at all. Hair in the bun, nothing too polished. Good black bag, some bronze accessories. Bit of black eyeliner, nude lips and bronzer as final finishing touch. Ok, I'm done, we go?!! What, you're not prepared yet, you need more time than me??!!! Men...." Summery: great night!!;)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Santorini outfit: White printed bikini look

white printed styled bikini look

I'm so glad to have these pics as a memory!! Every time when I see them there is some positive, warm and playful energy which reminds me on all good and happy moments... It reminds me we need to play in our lives, and not to take all things seriously... Life can be fun!! "Wishes come true when we are who we are supposed to be, when and where..."

white printed bikini and colorful accessories

Friday, October 21, 2011

Santorini outfit: Mixed Metals

mixed metals outfit

Finally I got a chance to wear one of my favorite jewelry pieces, this precious statement necklace. Quite heavy, made from metal in gold/copper/bronze/silver. Plus simple dress and matching sandals, I couldn't wish for more in this moment...

best Greek inspired summer beauty and fashion looks

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Santorini outfit: Lilac & Turquoise bikini

lilac white and turquoise styled bikini look

One of my favorite bikini looks from Santorini! I like the way I mixed absolutely everything here, starting from the bikini pieces 'till the wedges... But my heart was captured by this simple plastic necklace! Anyway there are not so much bikini outfits left to show, just a few more...:)

most beautiful summer bikini looks and styled outfits

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Santorini outfit: Sundress & Seashells

sundress and seashell necklace outfit

These photos might be my favorite ones from Santorini... One roof below our hotel, sunset time, late summer wind and mellow sun, beautiful sea background... We needed 5 minutes to take all photos but those moments will stay in my memory for a long time...

beige ivory sheer summer sundress

Monday, October 17, 2011

Santorini outfit: Leopard on the beach

leopard print styled bikini look with hat scarf and mules

The story from the previous post continues... This time "Theros wave bar" and completely isolated beach near Vlyhada, synonym for peace and silence...And some additional fashion accessories!

Vlichada beach Santorini

Friday, October 14, 2011

Santorini outfit: Evening stroll & Turquoise pants

It was fascinating in Santorini, the memories are so fresh that I have a feeling I came back yesterday. I even lost a bit of tan, but this year is the first one I don't care at all about it!:) There are more important things which I should think about right now... anyway maybe I'll go somewhere during the winter to warm my bones, and I'll get color again!:Dlol

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Santorini outfit: Black/White/Turquoise bikini look

black white turquoise styled bikini look with accessories

It's from the last year but I love this bikini. Love those written places all over it (where I would actually like to go one day), that's why I call it Cosmopolitan bikini!:) Black and white goes really good with turquoise, so the main jewelry addition here is one of the favorite necklace I have made... Winning combination, for this spontaneous shooting...


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Most beautiful Santorini sunset in Oia

most beautiful sunsets in Greece

No words or introduction needed here... They say in Santorini you can experience the most magnificent sunset, especially in the place called Oia. And yes we enjoyed in this marvelous scenery and nature's playing...

Oia Santorini photos

Santorini outfit: Orange-pink-yellow ombre sundress

Orange-pink-yellow ombre sundress styled outfit

They say the most romantic and beautiful sunset, maybe in the whole Greece but certainly on Santorini, you can see in Oia! They also say if you skip this- like you weren't on the island at all! Thousands of people and tourists gather here each day of the summer to watch and catch this spectacular moment with their cameras as a memory. I would say this- yes it's indeed wonderful sunset, but it's like everywhere in the world when sun sings its own pretty song before it falls asleep over the open sea!:)


Monday, October 10, 2011

Santorini outfit: Mix & match floral bikini

most stunning Santorini photos with sea background

Mixed parts of this bikini... But sweet floral print on the bottom part matched so good with small demure flowers on the upper green part! So the only proper (meaning green) background I could find at that point was the fig tree!:) Not so bad at all at the end... And of course nowhere without my (un)faithful friend- wind!!

how to style mix and match floral bikini look

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Santorini outfit: Red satin night

chic and elegant red satin pants outfit ideas for evening

Definitely one of the favorite pants I have in my closet. Cigarette shape, bit above the ankles, so light you don't even feel them, and the best thing- wearable during the whole year! And outfit details here are simply beautiful: earrings, embellished sandals, bracelets, cute clutch...


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Santorini outfit: Tropical print bikini look

Tropical print styled bikini look for pool and beach

This bikini was a present from my mum especially for the holidays!:) Somehow I found this amazing silk scarf with almost exactly the same print, so now it looks like it's set... Such a perfect tropical-exotic pool look!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Santorini outfit: Blue dress for Santo Wines' visit

total blue turquoise summer looks and outfits, blue dress shoes sunglasses

One afternoon, while the weather was "come ci comme ca" (cloudy to sunny and vice versa) we decided to use that short chance and visit the most famous and biggest wine house in Santorini (around 10min drive from Thira).
Santorini is famous for its unique vineyards (which produce some of Greece's most adored wines), the art of wine production and 3,500 years old tradition in vineyard cultivation. The best wines here are considered to be the white dry, aromatic wines Nykteri and Assyrtico and the world famous Vinsanto. Vinsanto, with its warm amber color, is a sweet-dessert-white or red wine produced from grapes dried in the sun. The taste is quite close to liqueur. 
Almost all cruise ships have organized visits to this winery, so due to that this place is regularly and daily crowded with tourists and buses. Except of the wide range of wines, different kinds of traditional products and souvenirs are offered here...
Santo wines Santorini

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Santorini outfit: Orange bikini for Perivolos beach

orange bikini styled outfit with accessories for beach and summer

Perivolos beach again and its hot black/dark gray sand... But this time orange/multivitamin look!:) I call it like this because of the bikini's color, it gives me so much energy every time! Yup I'm a person under the big color therapy influence...

fit hourglass summer bikini body photos
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