Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Santorini outfit: Orange-pink-yellow ombre sundress

Orange-pink-yellow ombre sundress styled outfit

They say the most romantic and beautiful sunset, maybe in the whole Greece but certainly on Santorini, you can see in Oia! They also say if you skip this- like you weren't on the island at all! Thousands of people and tourists gather here each day of the summer to watch and catch this spectacular moment with their cameras as a memory. I would say this- yes it's indeed wonderful sunset, but it's like everywhere in the world when sun sings its own pretty song before it falls asleep over the open sea!:)

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Santorini holiday photographing
Look at this passionate photographer! My favorite one!:))
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Mamayoma art shop Oia Santorini
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Oia Santorini sea view
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Suddenly it was evening...
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La Redoute dress/ beach bag/ Symbol shoes kitten heels/ neon bangles/ handmade flower ring/ sea shell necklaces


  1. lovely pictures! my friend spent her honeymoon in santorini, I'm in love since I saw her pictures :)
    your dress is a perfect match to the scenery indeed! :)

    Wear A Smile!

  2. OMG! i am sure you had a nice time. I am absolutely loving that outfit, the colors seem to blend in with each other, perfect backdrop with sunset and pristine beach and white walls, really words fail me, luck you. Great snaps!

  3. Sta nam radis sa ovim prelepim letnjim slicicama:)

  4. what a super lovely outfit... u looks soo lovely...

    orange, yellow and pink so killing color ... :)
    great combo and killing sunset....wowwwwww

  5. Hello sweetie! aww thank you so much for following me! i have done the same, your blog is so GLAM and FAB! ;) those are the best two words to describe it, definitely! :D
    You look absolutely STUNNING, and sunsets are one of my favorite things!! WOW! :)
    XOXO Kasia

  6. prekrasne boje!!! predivno! cvece,ti,fotografije...divota

  7. WHY in god's name does it always has to be summer in all of your wonderful pictures!??! im soo jealous!!! but you look amazing once again.
    even in a simple shirt/dress :)

    xxx love


  8. Really nice style and nice photos! :)


  9. nice post

  10. what? these bright colors are just fabulous girl!!
    xo TJ

  11. That dress is the most amazing shade/s! Loving the ombre look :)

    x Sophia (moulinfrock.blogspot.com)

  12. You are so gorgeous fabulous photos and you too are so cute together many kisses xx


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