Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feel the sun on your skin....

"Feel the sun on your skin, no one else can feel it for u..."
Yes I changed the lyrics a bit, so what?:Dlol Still this is one of the songs I adore to hear (Natasha B. "Unwritten"), over and over again when I'm in a bad or down mood... This is exactly what is happening to me these days... yes, another confession.
Have u ever wanted to change something so strong and still u were afraid, maybe subconsciously, the change won't come? I know u should be patient in those moments, and make some baby steps instead of pushing it. It's a challenge. I was never the person who pushes the things but I was the person who gives up easily. I can and know how to fight big battles but I fall down for the small and absurd things. Ah this brain and soul of mine... Anyway one of these days I'll discover more of my deeper thoughts, or I could just start to write a book... It might have therapeutic effect. But this is not that moment. Now it's the time to try one more time to get up, pick the rest and do something better, in the other way... the old way (or ways,'cause there were more) was a failure.... but I have learned until now how to start something over!
HAVE A GREAT WEDNESDAY!!! And enjoy in the song!;)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Crete- the last day/cloudy afternoon

Just like I promised few posts ago when I was writing about the last day on Crete, here it is- same day different weather! From the most sunnies morning 'till the cloudy afternoon... still my enthusiastic mood for taking the pics remained the same!:) I always find some excuse to pose...  somebody might think I'm "poser" from the birth but what can I do when the scenery inspires me...??...:)lol


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crete- the last day/sunny morning

Whoever once said "good things usually pass quickly"- well this time I will have to agree with him... Those four days on Crete flew away... Luckily we (my boyfriend & I) were able to steal a part of the last day and spend some time outside- walking & walking (I mean a lot!!), drinking really good coffee, doing some shopping... and of course taking the photos using the fantastic scenery and great weather... at least in the first part of the day (in the other post u'll see the change)!!
p.s. Thanks to the heaven I'm not in Serbia now, it's around -10 degrees and it's snowing... Anyway HAVE  A GREAT DAY!!!:)

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