Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Summer memories- part I

Today, since it's so sunnyyyyy here and I was out on the sun almost whole day, I have decided to put some of my pics from this summer... just to remind myself how unexpected it was, and at the end so beautiful!:) These pictures are made on Santorini (in September, Greece), and I still don't get it how I end up there!:)
So first of all I will put my "bikini outfits", 'cause I adored changing them all the time and really enjoyed combining the same with my jewelry and other accessory- at least twice per day! Well since I had half of the bag full of bikinis I had to show the respect to them!:)lol

First outfit I will call "Blue lagoon", shining turquoise striped bikini paired with plastic bangles,earrings and plastic necklace in the same color and one of my favorite sunglasses in the white color...

This bikini in the beautiful sea green color with small golden sequins on the upper part I matched with necklace around the wrist and brown sunglasses... and on the other picture u can see the same bikini but this time with the leopard print adds...a notable difference right?!


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