Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Super Paradise beach bar | Mykonos island

Super Paradise beach bar Mykonos

Super Paradise beach is known as the party beach- here party starts early in the afternoon and ends at dawn, and so every day. But in the off-season situation is unusually quiet, the complete opposite of the heated summer atmosphere...
Super Paradise beach bar is located on the left side of the beach, partly bordered with cliffs. We came here a couple of times during our stay in Mykonos...

Super Paradise plaza je poznata kao party plaza- ovde zurka pocinje u ranim popodnevnim casovima i zavrsava se u zoru, i tako svaki dan. Ali u vansezoni situacija je neobicno mirna, potpuna suprotnost uzavreloj letnjoj atmosferi...
Super Paradise beach bar se nalazi sa leve strane plaze, jednim delom oivicen liticama. Mi smo nekoliko puta tokom naseg boravka na Mikonosu dolazili ovde...

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  1. Everytime I see your pictures it is a confirmation for me that you live in a fabulous paradise and I wait for your posts so I can feel a little in it Lol...beautiful pics.


  2. The beach looks amazing! I wish I could lounge in the sun right now

  3. Love summer!!!!!!!


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