Friday, October 10, 2014

Breakfast time at Liostasi hotel & spa

Liostasi hotel & spa the pool

Between 9am and 9:30 in the morning... We're eating our breakfast and watching the sea in the distance, and in front of us stretches calm water in the pool... Clear sky without clouds says it's gonna be a nice and sunny day... And I'm happy if they have grilled eggplants for the breakfast, which I could eat every day until I start to look like an eggplant.:D If not then there is an omelet with vegetables, and it's enough! I'm already going in the direction of towels and straight to the beach or by the pool...

Izmedju 9h i 9:30 je ujutru... Doruckujemo i gledamo na more u daljini a ispred nas se prostire mirna voda u bazenu... Cisto nebo bez oblaka kaze da ce biti lep i suncan dan... A ja sam srecna ako za dorucak imaju peceni plavi patlidzan, to bih mogla jesti svaki dan dok se i sama ne pretvorim u patlidzan.:D Ako ne onda je tu omlet sa povrcem, i meni je dosta! Vec krecem po peskire i pravac na plazu, ili pored bazena...

Liostasi hotel breakfast
Liostasi hotel & spa breakfast area
breakfast by the pool

Liostasi Ios hotel & spa breakfast by the pool
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