Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mykonos Instagram 2

Good morning my pretty people! Wishing you a gorgeous day! Hopefully sunny one like in these pictures!;)

Dobro jutro lepi moji! Zelim vam predivan dan!! Nadam se suncan kao na ovim slikama!;)

Ornos beach, "Kuzina Ammos" bar
Little Venice // "Oneiro" bar & coffee time with my new friends
Mala Venecija // "Oneiro" bar & kafa sa mojim novim prijateljima
Super Paradise beach
our new hotel "Bill & Coo": view from the room and welcome drink
nas novi hotel "Bill & Coo": pogled iz sobe i pice dobrodoslice
Super Paradise beach & reading time
Super Paradise plaza & vreme za citanje
Apivita hotel samples // "Mamalouka" restaurant
view from the room // my love's Dsquared piece keeps me warm
pogled iz sobe // Dsquared dukserica mog decka me greje
Platis Gialos beach
"Mykonos Palace" hotel: having drink with the friends
"Mykonos palace" hotel:  pice sa prijateljima
beautiful flowers // "Hippie Fish" restaurant
prelepo cvece // "Hippie Fish" restoran
Mykonos port // "Bill & Coo" pool
Mikonos luka // "Bill & Coo" bazen
cocktails by the hotel pool 
kokteli pored hotelskog bazena
"Scarpa" bar // Super Paradise beach
one of many cruisers in the port // Platis Gialos beach
jedan od brojnih kruzera u luci // Platis Gialos plaza
by the pool: day when it was unbelievably cold
pored bazena: dan kada je bilo neverovatno hladno



  1. Divno je videti malo leta sredinom jeseni... :)
    Nagradna igra kod nas na stranici <3

    1. Kod mene uvek leto, i kad je najgora zima! :D

  2. Cool stuff, Jelena. You're looking as lovely as ever. It has to be greatly pleasing to be in Mykonos soaking in the sun and the atmosphere there.

    1. Thank you so much dear John!! I wish you to visit both Santorini and Mykonos in the near future!!!!;)

  3. Everytime I watch your instagram pictures...I gotta say it...ITS FABULOUS! You should just put them all in a book and title it "Stills of Fab" or something..Im horrible with titles lol.


    1. You gave me such a great idea Andy!:))
      p.s. Something that is coming from such a fab person like you can not be terrible, ever!;)

  4. Replies
    1. Indeed it was amazing hun, but wait to see all pictures!:)


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