Saturday, January 13, 2018

GFH Lifestyle #13

fresh and glowy makeup, fresh face makeup

I know I haven't been active on social media, and that's ok. I'm taking time for myself, focusing purely on myself, doing things in my own way and following the rhythm I find comfortable. My life is changing, I'm completely changing... and I feel no need to explain...

Znam da nisam bila aktivna na socijalnim mrežama, i to je ok. Uzimam ovo vreme za sebe, fokusiram se isključivo na sebe, radim stvari na svoj način i pratim ritam koji mi odgovara. Moj život se menja, ja se potpuno menjam... i nemam potrebu da objašnjavam...

beige suede strappy platform sandals with chunky gold glitter heels
quotes about gratitude, patience and worth
Liostasi Ios hotel breakfast area
Edie Parker white and gold acrylic clutches
Edie Parker clutches (see here)
Edie Parker torbice (vidite ovde)
Verona city travel guide
72h in ITALY: Trip to VERONA (read here)
72h u ITALIJI: Put do VERONE (pročitajte ovde)
21 Inspirational Quotes about SELF-LOVE
21 Inspirational Quotes about SELF-LOVE (read them here)
21 Inspirativnih Citata o LJUBAVI PREMA SEBI (pročitajte ih ovde)
cutest havanese dogs
Padua Padova city travel guide
72h in ITALY: Trip to PADUA (read here)
72h u ITALIJI: Put do PADOVE (pročitajte ovde)
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  1. Jelena, you are as stylish as ever. Beautiful hairstyle and smile in your pictures. I adore the chic sandals in one of these pictures. Lovely, as always!


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