Thursday, April 20, 2017

outfit: Neutrals & Chocolate Brown

Best neutral beige chic looks for winter and early spring

Mexx mini skirt
striped turtleneck & jacket
Zara chain purse
Fashion Mark brown booties 
H&M sunglasses, earrings and cuff

Beige cream woman shearling jacket
Beige and brown striped turtleneck.H&M gold cuff and gold hoop earrings.
Fashion Mark brown suede fringe booties with gold decoration.Braon cizmice od prevrnute koze.
Zara white chain purse.H&M sunglasses, earrings and cuff.
how to wear neutrals in winter and look chic outfit ideas
H&M gold mirrored aviator sunglasses and gold hoop earrings
Mexx mini skirt.Beige striped turtleneck.
Zara white leather chain purse.H&M gold cuff.
kako nositi neutralne boje za zimu i rano prolece

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  1. Simple, yet stylishly sweet. You're eye candy ranging from your nice top and skirt and these candy-sweet chocolate booties. Fine jacket as well. Pretty hairstyle and smile along with these nice sunglasses. Well styled!


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