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Newborn Baby Essentials: the most important things to start with

newborn baby essential list for new mother, stvari koje trebaju za novu bebu
It took me a while to create this post. First, because I knew this is going to be a lengthy post, with lots of info, and I have an active baby to run after. But most importantly, I needed to nail down this list. Luckily even before I gave birth, I wasn't overwhelming myself with the need to have or buy so many things. I started with basics and then worked my way up depending from baby's and my own needs. Now that he's one year old, I can say he's pretty much "minimalistic" baby, meaning not too many things other babies need/use interest him. Even some things from this minimalistic list he didn't need or like. But let's get straight to the items which (in my opinion) are the most important to have for a newborn baby and a new mom. Plus I'm gonna share some extra items, which can be useful for some babies (wasn't for mine, obviously, lol)...

newborn baby essentials checklist, minimalistic baby essentials list


1. crib + matress
Even if you don't use crib from the beginning, you're gonna need it as some point. I still have it for decor, as my boy sleeps with me. He had light sleep from birth. And yes I'm trying to teach him to sleep alone.
2. crib sheets
3. bassinet
Personally didn't use it so much, as Stefanos preferred to sleep on my chest from the beginning, or right next to me. But I do recommend it, especially if you're breastfeeding at night.
4. swaddles, blankets
5. sleeping bag
Had two: one for home which I didn't use as he always liked having his legs and arms free, and "teddy bear" one which I used for fall/winter walks in a pram.
6. mattress protector
7. drawer storage
You don't need a regular closet at the beginning as baby's things are too small for hangers, so save yourself some space and fold those cute outfits.

Nursery chair- I didn't need a special one, I breastfed my baby wherever it was comfortable- bed, chair, sofa...


1. plastic bath tub + base for infants (small one which can be attached to the normal one)
My baby didn't like having a bath in a tub at the beginning, so I bathed/washed him in the sink. After a few months he was ok having a bath in a tub, but I always had a small towel over the infant base as plastic can be cold and unpleasing for small babies.
2. bath rinser/cup
I tried using rinser that comes with bath tub as well as a normal cup, but Stefanos didn't like that so I ended up using a sponge. I'm still using sponge to bath him.
3. hooded towels
4. baby shampoo
I would suggest using separate shampoo and wash at the beginning as baby's skin can be sensitive, and there's a slight difference in these products. After some point it's ok to use 2-in-1 products.
5. baby wash
6. baby lotion
I wasn't applying often baby lotion, every second day, mostly to give him some massage. 
7. wash cloths or sponge

things to have for a new baby and mom, neophodne stvari za novorodjence i mamu


1. diapers/nappies
I got you covered with two blog posts dedicated to diapers and newborns!:D You're gonna need a lot of diapers, and you can start stockpiling them during pregnancy just like I did.
"How many diapers does a newborn need (0-3 months)?"- read here
"How many diapers needs a 3-6 months old baby?"- read here
2. baby wipes
You can stock them as well!
3. rush cream
Must-have for each baby. I used "Pavloviceva" cream, which is made in pharmacy. My mother used that for me and my brother, and pretty much every mom use it in Serbia.
4. changing pad
I changed my baby on the pad which fitted perfectly on the top of a drawer storage.
5. pad covers
I didn't have specific covers, nor liners. I used (and still use) change mats (both disposable and washable) and normal smaller towels.
6. pad liners
7. diaper bag

Changing table- didn't have one as I said, I changed my baby or on the pad or on the sofa/bed.


1. formula
I did use it for the first two months, as I had almost zero milk. I started with Nestle "Nan", and took a lactose-free one as well as he had sensitive stomach.
2. bottles
Tried different ones, most of the time I was using two glass "Nuk" bottles and Philips "Avent" one. 
3. sterilizer
This one saves your time. You could just boil bottles to sterilize them, but if you're giving formula (like I did at the beginning until my milk came), that will just consume your time. I had "Nuk" sterilizer.
4. bottle brush
Easier than sponge, as it reaches each curve of the bottle.
5. burp cloths
Had but didn't need them so much, as Stefanos was burping without taking out milk.
6. bibs
Have so many cute ones, he was wearing them the first months. Then he learned to take them off, as they were irritating him.

Bottle warmer- I was warming bottles in a narrow bowl or big cup filled with boiled water.
Drying rack- I was drying everything on a normal dish rack.

best bottles and formulas for a newborn baby, najbolje bocice i formule za malu bebu


1. bodysuits/onesies
I truly can't recommend enough H&M things for babies! People were buying me other brands, I got everything from H&M. Such a difference in quality! Everything is made from organic cotton, the sizes are super correct (baby can wear clothes much longer), you can wash things over and over again and they stay the same (including colors)! Plus they have super cute designs, as well as monochromatic things.
2. pants
Good to have some pants with no holes, then you need no socks as well.
3. socks
If you have fall/winter baby you're gonna need some soft booties as well (we had so many knitted ones), or just put 2 pairs of socks.:)
4. pajamas
5. mittens, hats/caps
6. baby laundry detergent
Baby's clothes should be washed separately from yours, with detergent which is not so abrasive as a normal one. I also had baby fabric softener.


1. thermometer
The one suitable for babies/kids, which you can put in the ear to measure temperature. I have Bosch one.
2. medication
Liquid one. I always have at home Panadol syrup for kids.
3. colic drops 
Good to have at home, as so many new babies have colic issues.
4. nail clipper + nail file
5. hair brush (soft one) + hair comb

Sound machine- was thinking to buy one, but I tried so many apps and YouTube videos with white noise and similar sounds, my baby didn't react at all. The only sound he could be calmed with is me doing "shhhhhh" (that still works), so don't ask how times I stayed out of breath...
Baby monitor- it's good if you have big place or can't be in the same room with baby. Mine was pretty much near me all the time so I didn't need one.

cute baby outfits, baby boy outfit inspo ideas, outfit inspiracija za male bebe


1. stroller/pram
At the beginning you need carrycot, then normal attachment. I had BabyStyle "Oyster".
2. infant car seat + base
3. baby carrier
4. backseat mirror


1. pacifiers
At some point you're gonna need it. I didn't give pacifier to Stefanos the first 2-3 months, then I started giving him when he was crying too much. He had one that he liked (Nuby pacifier), nothing else he didn't want. I stopped giving him pacifier when he was around 9 months old, and we had no problem giving up (maybe because I didn't give him from the first day). 
2. baby bouncer or swing
Now this is trial and error. For some babies bouncer works, for some swing, for some none (you guessed it right- that's my case). I had cute bouncer (see intro photo) with music, max time in it was around 15min.:D
3. soft toys
4. baby books
Some babies love when you read them, at least they say so. Mine prefers listening me talking on the phone, or using books to exercise his touch sense.
5. baby gym
So they can exercise their neck. Now this is something I personally didn't have (but I was thinking to buy). At the end I was just putting him on the soft (and not thick) carpet in his room, that worked fine (but he had strong neck to start with, lol). 

skincare for a baby and mom, nega koze za bebu i mamu


1. nursing bras/tanks
2. nipple cream
Must if you breastfeed. "Medela" is a good one, you don't need to remove or wash it before breastfeeding (so many creams have that bitter taste).
3. nursing pads
You're gonna need this the first few months, as spontaneous leakage can't be controlled. To be honest, I couldn't care less about aesthetical side of it, I just hated my bras being wet from the inside. 
4. nursing pillow
Now this is optional. I received one as a gift, and was using it sporadically during breastfeeding. I usually didn't need anything extra to support the baby, my arm and body positions were enough. Also you can use any pillow (I did) you have available, just find what fits you.

Breast pump- I did use this the first month. Because I didn't have enough milk at the beginning, and I wanted to breastfeed, as soon as I left the hospital I rented professional breast pump (they use it at hospitals) for one month to "exercise". It was exhausting and stressful experience along with everything new that comes with a newborn baby. Well the point is- my milk started to flow normally when I said "f... everything", so it's the state of mind. 
Milk storage bags- it's good if someone else is going to feed your baby, and you don't want to give any formula. I had none as I was the only one feeding my baby. When I wanted to save some extra milk (for example when I was pumping) for later use, I was keeping it in sterilized bottles in the fridge (it can stay up to 24h).

That's it, all must-have things for a newborn baby. Now that I can read what I wrote I realize one fourth (if not more) of the mentioned items Stefanos didn't use/need/want!:D
P.S. If you're expecting mom, and this post helped you in some way, you can also check my blog post about the content of my hospital bag!

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