Thursday, June 21, 2012

CORFU vacation #5: Summer Prints

Kasiopi Krf ostrvo slike sa letovanja

Time for one more Corfu mix and it's all about colors and prints. Truly summerish mood right? Since the summer is a period when I work more than usual, it all comes down to an attempt to somehow balance the things and still find the pleasure every day (as long as obligations permit me) so I wouldn't come in an awkward position after to say: "When the time flew away, and what did I do for myself?"! This year, more than ever, I made a decision (at least to try) to beautify my each working day, and about the holidays, as always, I'll think after September! I want each summer to be "my" summer!:)

Vreme za jos jedan mix sa Krfa i sve je podredjeno bojama i printovima. Pravo letnje raspolozenje, zar ne? S obzirom da je leto period kada ja radim vise nego obicno, sve se zapravo svodi na pokusaj da nekako balansiram stvari i ipak pronadjem svakodnevno zadovoljstvo (koliko god mi to obaveze dozvole) da posle ne bih dosla u cudnu situaciju da kazem: "Pa kad je vreme proletelo, i sta sam ja uradila za sebe?"! Ove godine sam resena, vise nego ikada, da ulepsam (barem pokusam) sebi svaki radni dan, a na odmor kao i uvek mislim posle septembra! Zelim da svako leto bude "moje" leto!:)

black gray dyed print summer mini dress
Ready for another sunny day...
Spremna za jos jedan suncani dan...
Kasiopi na Krfu priroda borovina i more
black bikini top with colorful floral print and black sunglasses
In the floral mood...
U cvetnom "raspolozenju"...
Kassiopi villas with pool
Our villa's pool.
Bazen u nasoj vili.
best summer vacation looks and dress outfits for a hot day
Loving this grayish tie-dye print... Goes excellent with yellow background!
Volim ovaj sivkasti tie-dye print... Ide odlicno uz zutu pozadinu!
Kasiopi vila sa pogledom na more
View from our room (picture on the right).
Pogled iz nase sobe (slika desno).
purple eyeshadow palette purple lipgloss and purple nails
Make-up colors and manicure for this day.
Make-up boje i manikir za ovaj dan.
best Corfu places for summer vacation
how to look good and happy on vacation
bikini models bikini body


  1. jelena, slike su predivne! takodje kao i ti uvijek zelim da "izvucem" maksimum za sebe! puno pozdrava iz suncanog beca!

  2. You have the cutest collection of bathing suits.

  3. oh bas ti zadvidim prekrasno ti je bilo! uh ocuuuuu na more!

  4. All of your photos are soooooo beautiful! Seeing these really makes me want to be on vacation! So jealous :)

    Seize the Styles

  5. Love the photos and your body and tan is just amazing!!!Kisses

  6. Koliko si mi divnaa Jecko!!! Odmaram oci u ovim tvojim postovima sa mora! Cmmmok veliki***

  7. Fantastic photos!


  8. Gorgeous pics, darling ~ I love Corfu!


  9. These photos are beautiful, I love your tan! Makes me want to go on a vacation now! xo

  10. Beautiful floral I want a floral one :) I love your black and flower different! Gorgeous photos of Corfu!

  11. cute dress love, you look fit:)

  12. cute photos :)

  13. It looks like paradise there! And you look absolutely stunning, sweetie! Love all of the color. Hope you're able to enjoy some more down time this summer despite your busy schedule! xoxo

  14. My goodness, you're beautiful! Same goes for Corfu. Charming beauty with these prints. Not sure how hot it gets around your way with Summer, but you're definitely looking hot to take on the Summer weather! :)

  15. Love the nails and outfit!:-) Amazing:-)

  16. Blago tebi, leto je period kada ja ništa ne radim jer prosto ne funkcionišem po ovakvim vrućinama :D

  17. Ah, yes, summer is here! I love being able to stay out late and enjoy the summer nights. And trips to the coast aren't bad either. :) Hope you find that good balance between work and play! <3


  18. That looks like a fantastic vacation! A true paradise, I'm sure you enjoy it! Love your bikini and how amazing is your body!?! Great pics, keep posting such beautiful shots! Corfu sounds amazing, I definitely need a vacation now! Check out my blog if you like ;) xoxo from New York City! Laura

  19. Love your ring :)
    xx Ilka

  20. the photos are wonderful .. I can capture the summer here ... here the weather is cold and rainy ... I'm in London parec heheheh ... and you're like honey?

  21. Prelepe slike :) preslatka haljinica i kupaci :)

  22. Gorgeous pictures :) I love your blog, you have such a great style!

  23. Thank you for stopping by our blog and leaving the lovely comment. Your blog is FANTASTIC! Such beautiful photos. They are getting me excited for my European vacation this summer. Following you back xx

    Carly & Stacie

  24. beautiful pictures in a beautiful place! have a great vacation!

  25. Nice nail polish.=)

  26. looks like an amazing time! love your bikini

  27. gorgeous!! envy envy envy!! love the beach so much!!:p you look great dear:))


  28. Awww wow, is the water really that magical aqua colour in Corfu? Amazing, its like something out of a psychedelic dream! Super cute bikini, i like the floral print. You look fantastic as always hun! what better to match that than a hot pink manicure! Have a lovely start to the weekend :)

  29. So beautiful!! I want to be at the beach right now!! Love your dress!

  30. Lovely scenery- love the blue water

  31. This makes me realize I need to be on a beach or vacation... and soon. LOL


  32. :-) hi gorgeous!
    thanks so much for following!
    ... I am already an older fan of your blog

    have a nice weekend :-)

  33. Oh wow, some really great pics going on here! Love it.


  34. You look so pretty, Jelena!!! Beautiful post!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  35. envy and inspired. I love your swimsuit pattern a lot

    Inside and Outside Blog

  36. Lovely colours, looks like you are having a great time!

  37. what a great body dear!!! love these post!

  38. This is certainly one of the most beautiful times of the year, and it would be even more beautiful if I were in Corfu. :) Love your manicure.

  39. you always have the perfect pictures!! i'm really trying to hang by the beach this weekend :)

  40. Amazing pictures, I love your bathing suit!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  41. hi jelena i love ur photos i feel as though i know the place myself. good for u. u look stunning i love that nail varnish its so good wit that ring. have a great weekend my gorgeous friend kisses from Dublin xxx Leo.

  42. Hi dear!you are right the summer is the best time of the year!We have to enjoy every moment!!
    I invite you to visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other!

  43. Beautiful colors! and you have such fab body!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  44. hola reina !!! gracias por estar!! como sabes yo estoy bastante liada y casi no puedo entrar , pero no dejo de pasar al menos un segundo para dejarte un beso!!
    karola de ESTILO MODA

  45. Eh, toliko boja, cveca, printova..sve sto ja volim. A i lepo ti sve stoji


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