Friday, September 16, 2011

B-day cake & presents! And some news...;)

Big news- MY HOLIDAYS HAVE STARTED, actually I'm writing now from my hotel room, quickly!!! One day before I thought!:/ It can only happens to me! From the whole insomnia- non sleeping situation after the working season and returning to my place, I wasn't feeling so good (to be honest, mentally nor physically, more like a zombie). I had two days in between. I packed all bikinis and have some outfits on my mind to pack the next day, and than I had a call (Wednesday, 8pm) from my bf telling me we're leaving that night (Thursday, 1am) which means I have 4 hours more to pack everything!!! Don't ask me anything further, after the first half an hour I was calm and packed all I could... I fainted in the car from exhaustion... The rest of the story in the next post...
What u see above is B-day cake which was a gift from G- my love is more than supportable with the whole blog idea (main photographer as well)! Thank u babe!;)

Gift from G- Alexis Bittar "Miss Havisham" earrings (in the middle), u could see them on my Christmas wish list
Left- beautiful flower earrings from my dear friend Monika and gorgeous ring from Georgios' mum on the right
I am blessed and happy to have these people in my life!<3<3
Sneak-peak into my bikini selection along with some accessories, on the pile before packing...

Have a wonderful, glamorous and fabulous weekend!!! 
Btw I don't think I have mentioned but our holiday destination is Santorini, Greece!:DDDDD

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  1. Ooh BUT I am pretty sure that you must have been One of the most GLAMorous zombie I had never seen Dear ("Expert ès Sexy / Glam forecasts' wink") !!!
    ps: This multi-faceted bikini collection (obviously) is made to flirt next to your KILLing BODY § emphasize your "Beach Goddess(icious)" potential I can't help to add ("shy smile") . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. OH, I LOVED Santorini! SO relaxing and just beautiful! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Happy Birthday, lovely!!!!
    Beautiful holidays!!! Bring lots of pictures!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  4. Svi pokloni su super! Sve najlepse jos jednom! Uzivaj u odmoru! pozz xxx

  5. A birthday cake for my radiant blofriend? Looks very scrumptious indeed. And a holiday to Greece? Can't wait to see the pictures. Warm birthday wishes, sweetie. Big X

  6. AH YIPPPPEEEE. Happy birthday! I hope it was smashing. That cake is super intense: I LOVE IT.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a wonderful time

  8. Happy birthday to you buddy :)
    The photo cake is very nice and have a colorful vacation wearing those bikinis, glasses and jewels. Take care.

  9. That cake was so awesome and your bday look was so fierce. I hope your birthday was a great as how you looked ;)

    Hope you had a GLAMourous and FABulous Birthday!


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