Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sea Foam-> Inspired by Glam Chameleon Jewelry

Glam Chameleon Jewelry sesam jasper green crystals necklace

Early sunny morning... sea... foam... waves... pale green color... fresh and airy, a bit nostalgic but completely summerish... How not to be highly inspired with this beauty? Is there any better way to start our summer? I hope you will equally enjoy in these photos and collages just like I did while making them and my jewelry pieces as well...

mint color nails dress shoes quotes makeup

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Orange & Purple-> Inspired by Glam Chameleon Jewelry

Glam Chameleon Jewelry barrel amethyst and cherry quartz necklace

Glam Chameleon Jewelry: combination of amethyst and cherry quartz stones. Three necklaces + the same gorgeous orange/purple Gucci dress worn by different and beautiful girls!

Glam Chameleon Jewelry round amethyst and cherry quartz necklace

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Freedom-> Inspired by Glam Chameleon Jewelry

Vogue China June 2011 fashion editorial models Carola Remer and Ming Xi

Today's inspirational photos are from Vogue China's (June 2011) fashion editorial featuring models Carola Remer and Ming Xi. Glam Chameleon Jewelry "Venice" necklaces line are made of: quartz in different colors, jasper, sodalite, Swarovski beads and other crystal beads...

Glam Chameleon Jewelry milky white quartz and sodalite necklace

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sun is Yellow and Sea needs Sun

Believe it or not but those pics I took in May, almost one month ago... I forgot them completely 'cause I was using the other camera that day... And I had so much fun while this small "shooting"! Can u feel the vibe?!...;) 
Anyway some small changes are currently present in my life. In a few days I'm moving next to the seaside due to the job or better say "actively creative responsibility" which I'm going to have during the whole summer season, and to be honest I'm sooo looking forward for many reasons! I have some good feeling  (intuitive voice) connected with the next few months. U'll know exactly what I'm talking about if u stay with me this summer! There will be some glam & fab moments and adventures... And whit who to share if not with u?!!!:)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Forest-> Inspired by Glam Chameleon Jewelry

green makeup trends
My make-up stuff... I use quite often green eye-shadows and eyeliners...
forest green color visual inspiration
Looking at these pics makes me fell more connected with the nature!
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