Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sea Foam-> GlamFabInspiration + Glam Chameleon Jewelry

Early sunny morning... sea... foam... waves... pale green color... fresh and airy, a bit nostalgic but completely summerish... How not to be highly inspired with this beauty? Is there any better way to start our summer? I hope u will equally enjoy in these photos and collages just like I did while making them and my jewelry pieces as well...


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Sweet Purple" inspired outfit

Just like I promised in the previous connected post, here I'm wearing one of the already shown necklaces. With me there is absolutely no rule when it comes to the base for building up the look, but the other rule is always present at the end- it's all about the details!! Sometimes (actually when I think most of the times) I am inspired with some jewelry piece or shoes or bag... It's almost the same when I'm in the shopping, first I buy earrings for example and then I buy tops, skirts, pants, dresses...From where do u start- clothing or accessory piece?!
ENJOY YOUR DAY!!! kisses


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet Purple-> GlamFabInspiration + Glam Chameleon Jewelry

Glam Chameleon Jewelry: combination of amethyst and orange stones + gorgeous Gucci dress worn by different and beautiful girls!:)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monochromatic Big Strriped Day

Use this time and relax your lovely eyes while watching me wearing black, gray and white... Soon there will be a looot of colors in my outfits (and when I say "a lot" I mean "a LOT"!!) so u might cherishingly miss these precious moments!:Dlol This look is completely opposite to the color-blocking trend (my favorite by now) but it accordingly matches with the stripes-trend... so I'm still there in the game!;)
Wish me luck today with packing all my shoes, jewelry and bags into one car!! I'm moving tonight, and hopefully this is going to be refreshing, multi self-discovering and energizing chapter of my life! Oops I wanted to say summer!:D


Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Freedom-> GlamFabInspiration + Glam Chameleon Jewelry

Carola Remer and Ming Xi - Vogue China, June 2011 via Oh Fashion Model + Glam Chameleon Jewelry/ Venice necklaces line (combination of quartz in different colors, turquoise, lapis lazuli, Swarovski crystal beads...)


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sun is Yellow and Sea needs Sun

Believe it or not but those pics I took in May, almost one month ago... I forgot them completely 'cause I was using the other camera that day... And I had so much fun while this small "shooting"! Can u feel the vibe?!...;) 
Anyway some small changes are currently present in my life. In a few days I'm moving next to the seaside due to the job or better say "actively creative responsibility" which I'm going to have during the whole summer season, and to be honest I'm sooo looking forward for many reasons! I have some good feeling  (intuitive voice) connected with the next few months. U'll know exactly what I'm talking about if u stay with me this summer! There will be some glam & fab moments and adventures... And whit who to share if not with u?!!!:)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Forest-> Glam & Fab Inspiration

My make-up stuff... I use quite often green eye-shadows and eyeliners...
Looking at these pics makes me fell more connected with the nature!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Demure Garden

One funny fact- this lovely floral skirt my mum bought when she was young in Greece, which is exactly where I live now... For sure this fact undeniably means my mum was one hot and stylish young lady (and she still is!!! love u mum!!) but can we consider then this skirt to be a vintage piece??  Anyway I appreciate and love floral pattern more than I was ever before (I could even sadly say I hated it in one period of my life). Actually I became quite obsessed (prove-> frequent flowers connected posts recently, btw expect more!)... Maybe this has something to do with my new softer, feminine and more romantic side of the personality (I'm working a lot this year on my character!) but it's really refreshing... I suppose u loveee floral print right??! 


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flower Power

Recent roses bouquet I received... it matches excellent with the candles!!:)

Glam Chameleon Jewelry- flower pendant necklaces from my handmade jewelry line

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Army Sunset

Already June, who would say so... half of this year passed so quickly... For me personally it's coming the most important part of the year- summer!:)  Summer is my time and my lifestyle is completely different in these few hot months... But now my lovely people, I'm having one question for u... May, the previous month, if u consider everything- how was it for u? Good one, bad one, u felt ok and healthy, u were having some troubles or problems? For example I remember having better months...
p.s. I must to ask something else- u noticed some troubles with Blogger (of course who is using Blogger platform) in the past few days, better to say with comments?
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