Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our power is in the healthy hair!;)

I've always been really sensitive when it comes to my hair... Since I know for myself I have had long hair... I cut it more than perhaps I should (bob) only one time in my life (when I was in the primary school) and never again! Somebody likes to say "My strength/power is in my hair!", that can easily be applied on me... As I mentioned one time I don't like experimenting with the length but with the color- bring it on!!!:)
U know the situation when u say to your hairdresser: "Please cut only the ends, 1.5-2cm!" and then u walk out from the salon having at least 4cm less?????!!! Of course crying after is a crucial part! Well checked, and experienced so many times! Now I have one gorgeous lady as a hairdresser, she has my full trust and I have full satisfaction! As a matter of the fact I have an appointment tomorrow!:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plaid Rocks!!

I've said in the last post that hopefully we won't need anymore to wear boots or winter clothes, and  I was hoping as well it's not going to be any more rainy days... mistake mistake...yesterday it was raining so much in Greece, here in Serbia this morning it's quite strange, windy and cloudy... I'm sure there is something wrong with the weather on the global level. The worst thing is that has effect on our mood, mind and health state... I hate cold and humid environment! I feel moody and not-so-myself when it's damp weather (no I'm not meteoropathic), when it's warm and rainy at the same time (if I have choice I prefer to stay in the house)... What about u, what kind of weather u like? Do u have some health or mood issues connected with it??!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Boots... hopefully no more!!!!

Hello my lovely friends... I hope u had wonderful time and really happy Easter!!! I spent wonderful day with my family and friends, but not at our house 'cause we had to go somewhere else... The most important thing is that I was wearing the sandals!!!! For the first time this year, and I felt so freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!:)lol Which I can not say for those pics, that were made one week ago (I couldn't post them before)... I mean I like boots but nothing can compare with the open-toe shoes!!!:))) U prefer boots or sandals/open-toe shoes???

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lady Million

Lady Million... Is that me? Well I'll be modest- not this time!!lol I'm speaking now about Paco Rabanne's perfume which I have in my perfume collection for few months!! Since the male version is definitely my favorite male's perfume, and since my boyfriend knows that very well ('cause he has it!!), he decided to give me as a present lady's version (u can see our "million babies" on the photo)... After trying this one I've changed my way of tasting the perfume- now I spray them directly on the skin, no more paper tasters at all. Why? I was so enthusiastic when I saw this perfume for this first time and I said to myself it must be the right one for me, but no, big disappointment... then I got it, opened carefully (while I was thinking how to say now to my bf I am not quite fond of it???!), spray it and what a surprise- perfect!! Our skin has its own enzymes, that's why each perfume smells different on each person! Same perfume it's not going to be the same on my and your skin. And Lady Million packed in a diamond shape bottle is fresh, floral and woody. Bitter orange, raspberry, Arabian jasmine, gardenia, patchouli, amber... Seductive, sexy, warm with a strong signature... I just love it!!!;) Do u have it, like/dislike it, have u tried??
I will use this opportunity to wish HAPPY EASTER to everybody, enjoy in the holidays with your families like I'm going to do!!!:)) Kisses!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Purple Stone!

Hey my glam & fab people!:) Sorry but today I won't speak/write to much, I don't have the time, lol, I must to pack my things  'cause I'm going to Serbia... So I'm leaving u these pics of my outfit, hope u like it!;)
Stay GLAM & FAB, and enjoy your day to the maximum!!!!!:)) Kisses!!!!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello Pinky!!!!

Ok so this weather is completely crazy, everywhere...Here is Greece one day is sunny, the other day is windy and rainy, then it's so warm u think tomorrow u'll be finally able to put some fab sandals for the first time this year and instead u actually must to wear boots! So there is no point for me to plan what I'll wear the next day (and I'm not doing that), I'm just being spontaneous which brings me less stress (and more creativity sometimes)!! As my mum told me over the phone in Serbia it's raining all the time, it's awful weather there... Anyway I'll be going next week to Serbia, I'm spending the Easter there with my family... and for one more really happy reason I must to be there!:) Don't worry u'll know everything soon!;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green-> Nature-> Love

Green... the color of nature, life force, transformation, balance, growth, fertility, harmony, wealth... Associated with the fourth/heart chakra. They say green is a safe color, and if you don't know what color to use anywhere use green. For sure one of my favorite colors! It gives me strong energy and power, and brings me higher self-esteem, protection and freedom. In love with all shades, especially emerald and grass green. So many things in my closet are in this color... shoes, bags, jewelry pieces and I absolutely adore green eye make up (it matches with my eyes color)... What do u think about green color??
p.s. Since the colors present very important part of my life and the basic inspiration for my creative work and fashion, I have decided to include more colors-connected posts from now on... so stay tuned if u are interested in that!;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cross & Red Lips...

Truly there is something so powerful and deliberating in wearing the red lipstick during the day! Before I might have done it once or twice in my life but with the New year came new resolutions and one of them was to experiment completely freely with the make up, especially daily one! And let me tell u it was a gooooood resolution since it affects my mood and self-esteem in extremely positive way!;) What's your choice for daily make up?!!
Here I'm presenting u as well another jewelry piece I did- black beads & cross rosary with golden balls. I adore doing rosary items, not only because it's connected with my religion... it gives me so much inspiration since I can see only pure and deep beauty and meaning in that...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Green camouflage in the park!

One of the best things (at least for me) when it comes to the blogging (especially if we speak about the outfit posts) is actually taking the pics (or it has to do something with my "posing ego"??!!,lol)... With that is also connected finding the proper/perfect spot which would be able to match with the whole background story.... It can be quite inspirational and creative process... For example I like to be color matched with the background... What about u, what are u fond of when it comes to taking the photos of yourself?!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Earthy Day

Although I am more/or completely fond of some stronger and vibrant colors, especially when it's warm and sunny weather, there are days I'm attracted to the earthy, muted or neutral tones... This was one of these days... complementary with the cloudy and rainy weather... still I had to put something more "alive" so I took one of my favorite shirt in the burnt orange color... earthy make-up, some wooden jewelry and voila- ready to go!!! What colors u prefer???

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reach another LV with the help of the cow!!!! (lol??!!)

How does this title sound like? Hilarious? Confusing? Possible, impossible? I'll explain... I'm actually talking about those money-savers where u put your money and coins... well instead of the boring and already-seen pig I have cow (u can see on the photo), mine is hot pink with flowers, and the purple one belongs to my boyfriend! Now u can actually laugh, laughing is a therapy!!:Dlol Still even if I wanted to make some joke, I do believe that everything is possible... Maybe u dream about LV/Prada/Hermes/D&G bag, Louboutin shoes, expensive piece of jewelry, big white house in the Mediterranean style next to the turquoise sea, penthouse in NY or anything else that u can think of at this particular moment, but u can get it! U just need to believe enough that u deserve it, to be patient and not to give up upon yourself or your dreams... This philosophy came with my new resolution to take better care of myself in each sense and to believe I do deserve some things (for a while I'll keep for myself which things)!;)

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