Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flowers on the rock

Tired, exhausted, that is how I feel today... There are more reasons, one of them is the weather (cloudy, rainy and sunny, all mixed together), and the other reasons are more personal...  These pics I took few days ago, while the weather was warm but not really sunny, so my boyfriend and I took the advantage and used our lunch break to go to Meteora  (which is 5 min from the shop we are in during the day) and enjoy in the beautiful scenery and nature... From now on for sure u'll see more of Meteora, 'cause each day I'm finding some amazing spots for taking the photos...
Btw, here I'm wearing the necklace from my own jewelry line, and it's the part of the Ming collection...


Monday, March 7, 2011

Carnival Time!!!!!!!

Just like in the rest of the world we had Carnival weekend in Greece... At the beginning I wanted to have Charleston costume but since I didn't find what I wanted exactly (I was working something all week, and I didn't have the time at all to search a bit more), I gave up from the idea of costume and I said I'll go normally, it's just one night out in the town... But when I saw how much the effort my boyfriend put into his perfect Jack Sparrow costume- I didn't want to be a party-breaker so I decided at the last moment to be something I will never be- blondy!:Dlol  At the end it was one really good night out, and I was so proud of my bf, he had the best costume for sure!!! Don't u think so???!!:))

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