Monday, January 31, 2011

Crete- III day

It was sunny and windy day, and I was in a leopard mood from the early morning (like it's first time,lol)! What I figured out the same morning was the fact I like to match my outfit with the background on the photos, that's why I don't hesitate to take the pics in some odd places. Just like this time- in front of the elevator- 'cause it matched with my silver jewelry!!!lol
I was wearing- Authentic dark gray skinny jeans, satin top, leopard cardigan, gray wool jacket, black pumps, H&M ring, Chanel J12 watch and leopard necklace. I had the same black bag but now I put one small addition- leopard scarf!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Crete- II day

Second day on the sunny Crete, and it's a "suit" time- I had to be a little bit more official and serious!:Dlol Being almost whole day in the closed space (which I hate even if I'm not claustrophobic) forced me to run out and get a breath of fresh air! So I used the opportunity and took some outdoor pics with really fab background- sea!:)
I'm wearing- H&M gray pencil skirt, wool gray jacket, not new but so comfortable black pumps, black tote and two gold tone necklaces...


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crete- I day

Our first day on Crete... Heraklion.... After almost whole day of traveling (3,5 hours until Athens, then waiting at the airport, then flight) we finally came there around 5pm and since it wasn't necessary to go to the exhibition that night we just put the things in the hotel and immediately went for a walk, straight in the center (we were back in the hotel around midnight,lol). I couldn't even wait to pass half an hour and I had to buy something- the bags are witnesses!!:)) I was wearing- jeans, coral color sweater, H&M beret hat and scarf, Bershka jacket, Symbol shoes, and the necklace I bought in Thessaloniki.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Red Croco Night Out @Athens

As I promised yesterday this is how I was dressed for a night out in Athens (Remos & Paparizou's performance). I had dark gray skinny jeans, black turtleneck, dark red croco-skin Voi&Noi shoes and matching bag, Chanel watch and red earrings.
Today we're returning back from Crete, we have flight for Athens in the evening and we'll slept over there. I took so many pics here (with outfits as well) which u'll see very soon, and I had good shopping (I found the things I really need the first day,lol)!!! But what is the most important I was close to the sea, at least for a while!!!:)))


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Antonis Remos & Elena Paparizou in Diogenis studio/Athens

Whoever knows me better, knows I am deeply in love with the Greek music and artists!! When some of them were performing in Serbia- I was there...
This time I used the opportunity I was in Athens and went to listen Antonis Remos and Elena Paparizou (I adore both of them). They had the performance in Diogenis studio, and what a performance it was!!!! I was amazed with everything, blown away, after this one all performances in my country look minor to me...
I hope u'll enjoy in the photos, tomorrow the pics with my outfit from that night!;)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another exhibition outfit

This was the day during the exhibition I decided to be more elegant, it was weekend... So I put my black Terranova pants, vintage see-through black flower blouse with golden lining, black faux-fur scarf that I belted so it looked like a vest at the end, matching jewelry, shoes in cognac color and matching leather bag (one of my favorite ones)... I don't know if it was good or bad look but I know everybody was watching me that day!:)lol I guess it was just my energy and charisma!:D


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One day in Athens....

And finally some photos that I took with my new Canon camera!:) From now on there will be more outfit pics on the blog... This is one of my looks during the exhibition... I was wearing heels almost everyday, but this time I decided to go for my new platform caramel boots which I love so much- they're so comfortable and match with many bags and other things in my closet! Purple plaid skirt, black light turtleneck, purple necklace and one of my favorite watches- Panerai... Like this I was able to support all 10 hours without any problem...
p.s. On Friday I'm going to Crete for the weekend! My bf has another exhibition there, in Heraklion... To be honest I can't wait, I always had sooooo big desire to visit Crete, primarily 'cause of the history (I'm freak for the Greek history)!! I think I'll be taking pics all the time, yupiiiiiiiii!:)lol


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My modeling- "Gray Scale"/part I

Such a looooong day today... I came back from Athens around 6pm, we (my boyfriend and I) left the hotel room (in Glyfada) this morning... Before leaving we both went to shopping (quickly 'cause we didn't have so much time), very soon u'll see what I purchased, I was soooo happy and satisfied!:D But until I put the pics I took in Athens, I'm leaving the photos from my previous shooting (in December). I wanted to look a little bit more glam than usual, so I had my long gray Terranova velvet dress, gray pumps and matching jewelry (I adore this necklace)...and I was playing with a long faux-fur scarf!:) More pics, fresh ones and news are coming...;)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

My life has a beautiful smell!!!

Magical world of nice perfumes.... I've always been completely and deeply drawn into it. It's actually amazing how smells and aromas always had so big influence on my mood, especially when I feel down. They cheer me up, make me feel energetic, sexy, flirtatious; they calm me down and make me to feel at peace with myself. Fruity, oriental, woody, sometimes floral (but the light ones), are the notes I prefer. I have no idea how many perfumes I had, bought, received or gave until now!
I realized my taste hasn't changed so drastically during the time. Still I like to experiment with the notes very often 'cause after some time few of them might become quite boring!:) I was always curious which notes I'm attracted to or I can't even support their smell, so I gave myself a little task! Each time when I was out in the town, I went in some perfumery shops and checked 4,5 perfumes. So I made a list of "yes, no and maybe" perfumes!
The first picture is my "perfume wishlist", something that I still don't have in my growing collection but I would like!:)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cold weather- go away!!!!!! Santorini- warm me!!!!!! II part

Just like I promised last time when I was writing about Santorini- here are the pics of the hotel we stayed- "Chromata up-style hotel" in Imerovigli (their site)! We stayed here for one week, and we had beautiful room all in white with the most amazing look and jacuzzi... There are no words to describe, u need to experience it!;) Actually I'll say only one thing- GLAM & FAB, so enjoy in the pics, at least for now!:))
p.s. I've made some changes with my blog look that I was thinking about for some time. I like it, I hope u'll  like it also!:)
From tomorrow I'll be in Athens, for let's say one week! I'm taking the new camera as well!!!!! Finally fresh pics! And I'm expecting some really interesting things to happen there!! As always I'll share it with u!!;)


Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm back!!! Finally!:))

Less than a week without blogging and it looked to me like an eternity!!!!! So finally I've moved, now I'm in Greece and I'll be doing my fav activity from here at least until March...;) I'll do my best to do it as often as I can, hopefully everyday... I am so happy and pleasantly surprised with the comments u left me my dear blog friends...:) And luckily now I can do again what I like- respond on your lovely comments and catch up with your activities!;)
I'm putting now some pics of mine I did before some time... Hope u'll like it.... It'll be much more very soon...:)

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