Jelena Zivanovic. Jewelry designer & freelancer/ unrepairable fashion lover & passionate aesthete/ beauty & make-up junkie/ spiritual soul & girly girl/ chameleonic personality & life enthusiast! From Serbia, but living in Greece from 2011.  

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I'M: creative, imaginative and highly spiritual/ organized and punctual/ flexible and diplomatic/ perfectionist and workaholic/ extroverted in the company of the others and introverted in my own company/ hyperactive and easily bored/ optimist, believer and eternal dreamer/

LOVE: shiny, sparkly, colorful and girly things/ luxury, glamour and elegance/ gems and jewels/ make-up, perfumes and cosmetics/ heels and more heels/ traveling and educating/ summer and sunny places/ art, photography and handcrafting/ music and dancing/ interior design and decorating/ colors, prints and patterns/

LOVE NOT: routine and boredom/ pushy and impolite people/ cold and humid weather/

BELIEVE: in God and Universe/ dreams that come true/ still existing good-hearted people/ that we're all beautiful and special in our own unique way and that we all have our life purpose- it's upon us to discover it and celebrate our existence!

EDUCATION AND LANGUAGES: Diploma in tourism. Maternal language- Serbian/ fluent English/ understanding Spanish (excellent) and French (would speak both if I use them more often!) and learning Greek.

PAST WORKING EXPERIENCE: tourist guide/ aerobic instructor and dance assistant/ animator in Egyptian holiday resort/ high-fashion boutique seller/ Avon lady/ seasonal worker/
Currently working for myself and loving each part of it!

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* Fashion & Style/ Beauty & Make up/ Jewelry/ Lifestyle/ Traveling *

"Glam Fab Happy"  is founded on a rainy day in the middle of November 2010, just before my moving to Greece. From March 2012 it's bilingual (main language was English, the additional now is Serbian).
One of my favorite quotes is - "Let the beauty that you LOVE be the one that you DO"! This blog is biggest ode to my perception of beauty, as well as important creative outlet, inspiration & mood board!! It took me more than one year to realize where I want to go with it and how much I actually care about this small web space that became integral part of my daily life. But the path is clearer now and I'm looking forward to all future things I will gladly share with you!

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