Monday, June 27, 2016

Glam & Fab Week (20.06.-26.06.)

Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Valtos beach Parga.

Good morning! It's time for a recap of last week's Instagram photos!:) Wishing you a great start of the new week, which happens to be the last one in June!:) 

Dobro jutro! Vreme je za osvrt na Instagram slike koje sam delila u toku prosle nedelje!:) Zelim vam lep pocetak nove sedmice, ujedno i poslednje u junu mesecu!:)

Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Corfu town.Grad Krf.
Corfu town
grad Krf
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Parga travel guide.Parga vodic.
Parga town (more about it here)
Parga gradic (vise o tome ovde)
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Polyvore sets with suede Nelly dress.
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Kastro the castle of Parga photos.Kastro tvrdjava Parga.
The Castle of Parga (Kastro): read here
Tvrdjava Parga (Kastro): procitajte ovde


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