Saturday, January 30, 2016

Glam & Fab WeekS (18.01.-30.01.)

Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.

The exhibitions are done, we came back from Crete! Too bad the weather was so windy and rainy, and I couldn't spend more time outside as I really love to wander the streets of Heraklion!:) Anyway here are some photos that I was sharing on Instagram the last couple of days! Have a great weekend!! kiss kiss

Izlozbe su gotove, vratili smo se sa Krita pre neki dan! Steta sto je vreme bilo vetrovito i kisovito, i sto nisam mogla vise vremena provesti napolju, zato sto voooooolim da lutam ulicama Irakliona!:) Elem evo nekih slicica koje sam delila na Instagramu proteklih dana! Zelim vam divan vikend!! cmok cmok
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Church of Agios Titos,Heraklion,Crete.
Church of Agios Titos, Heraklion, Crete
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Tailor made coffee,cappucchino,Athens,Monastiraki.
coffee time: "Tailor made" (Athens)
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Heraklion,port view.
view from our hotel room (Heraklion, Crete)
pogled iz nase hotelske sobe (Iraklion, Krit)
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Grilleria,Glyfada,Athens.
dinner with friends at "Grilleria" (Glyfada, Athens)
vecera sa prijateljima u "Grilleria" restoranu (Glifada, Atina)
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.H&M gold accessories.
golden love from H&M (see here)
zlatna ljubav iz H&M-a (pogledajte ovde)
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Natural makeup for blue-green eyes.Prirodan mejkap.
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Merz special dragees.
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Christmas bouquets.Bozicni buketi cveca.
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Glyfada Athens, view on port.
Glyfada (Athens), view from our hotel room
Glifada (Atina), pogled iz nase hotelske sobe



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    1. Ooooooh and you're always so sweet!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3

  2. Beautiful picture of you to start this post! Nice close-up of you with this white top with black accents. Looking great. Many of these other pictures are also very nice.

    1. Thank you John!!! Wishing you a wonderful start of a new month!;)


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