Monday, December 21, 2015

DITA Marseilles sunglasses: cream shiny white gold!

DITA Marseilles sunglasses,cream shiny white gold

I love these sunglasses for several reasons. First- because they're gift from my love. Second- because everything about them screams: "Hollywood/celebrity/jet-set"; they're chic, elegant, oversize, glamorous, fabulous, must-have sunglasses! Third- because the brand is Dita, sunglasses are called "Marseilles", and the color is "cream shiny white gold". Fourth- because they're gift from my love! So now you understand why I love them so much!

Volim ove naocare iz vise razloga. Prvo zato sto su poklon od mog dragog. Drugo zato sto su potpuno u "Hollywood/celebrity/jet-set" fazonu: chic, elegantne, oversize, glamurozne, fabulozne, must-have naocare za sunce! Trece zato sto je brend Dita, naocare se zovu "Marseilles", a boja "cream shiny white gold". Cetvrto zato sto su poklon od mog dragog! Prema tome sad kapirate sto ih ja bas toliko volim!

Hollywood celebrity jet-set sunglasses
most beautiful DITA woman sunglasses
Dita Marseilles naocare za sunce
DITA sunglasses limited edition
I was wearing them here!
Nosila sam ih ovde!
how to wear DITA Marseilles sunglasses

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