Sunday, November 1, 2015

Glam & Fab Week (26.10.-01.11.)

Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Cosmopolitan Greece,Oriflame black eyeliner.Cosmopolitan Greece περιοδικο Νοέμβριος 2015.

Good morning my pretty people!:) It's time for a small recap here on the blog with the help of some Instagram snaps! Wishing you a lovely day, hopefully a warm and sunny one!;)

Dobro jutro lepi moji!!:) Vreme je za malu rekapitulaciju ovde na blogu uz pomoc nekoliko Instagram snimaka! Zelim vam prijatan dan, nadam se suncan i topao!;)

Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Instaselfie.
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Liostasi hotel & spa view,Ios island,Greece.
"Liostasi hotel & spa" (Ios): missing this view
"Liostasi hotel & spa" (Ios): nedostaje mi ovaj pogled
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Best fashion flatlays.
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Girly and cool outfit,fuchsia dress and leather jacket.Fall 2015 looks.
outfit "Girly & Cool: Fuchsia dress & Leather jacket" (see here / pogledajte ovde)
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Almyra by the sea beach bar and restaurant,Mylopotas beach,Ios island,Greece.
Almyra by the sea, Mylopotas beach, Ios (more on that here / vise o tome ovde)
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Almyra by the sea mojito cocktail,Mylopotas beach,Ios,Greece.


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  1. You look beautiful in the second picture with those diamond eyes, sweet smile, and charming hairstyle. I adore the fuchsia dress along with the golden jacket and metallic sandals. Nice bikini in the final picture.


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