Sunday, August 30, 2015

Glam & Fab Week (24.08.-30.08.)

Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Lepota i Zdravlje casopis leto 2015.Best Instagram flatlays.

Morning sugars!!! August is coming to an end, which means my birthday is approaching as well as our vacation!;) We still don't know where we will go this time, but for sure it's going to be again one Greek island, maybe even two (which means two islands in one week)! So stay tuned for more updates! And one of the easiest ways to do so is to follow me on Instagram!! Have a beautiful day!

Dobro jutro seceri!! Avgust mesec polako istice, sto znaci da se priblizava moj rodjendan kao i nas odmor!;) Jos uvek ne znamo gde cemo ici ovoga puta, ali ce sigurno u pitanju biti jedno grcko ostrvo, mozda i dva (sto znaci dva ostrva za nedelju dana)! A jedan od najlaksih nacina da saznate novosti je da me pratite preko Instagrama! Zelim vam divan dan!

Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Pool of Corfu Mare hotel at night.Bazen hotela Corfu Mare nocu.
the pool of "Corfu Mare" hotel (Corfu town) at night
bazen hotela "Corfu Mare" (grad Krf) nocu
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Green nature of Corfu island.Zelena priroda ostrva Krf.
green nature of Corfu
zelena priroda Krfa
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Wild nature of Sithonia,sea,cliffs,summer.Divlja priroda Sitonije,more,litice,leto.
Wild nature of Sithonia :: cliffs and sea (see more pictures here)
Divlja priroda Sitonije :: stene i more (vidite vise fotografija ovde)
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Sky above central Greece.Nebo nad centralnom Grckom.
sky above central Greece
nebo nad centralnom Grckom
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Aromatherapy face mask with lavander.Montagne Jeunesse aromaterapija maska za lice sa lavandom.
Jelena Zivanovic Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glam fab week.Nature of Sithonia,sea,cliffs,summer.Priroda Sitonije,more,litice,leto.


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