Wednesday, March 25, 2015

In a PURPLE mood!

outfit of the day- purple. Phard blouse | Tally Weijl faux-leather skirt. outfit dana, ljubicasta.
Phard blouse | Tally Weijl faux-leather skirt

This rainy and gloomy weather awakens in me the devilish desire to wear dark colors, which is an absolute  NO for maintaining enthusiasm and positivity!:) So I'm finding the balance in wearing darker yet more open shades, such as purple, brown, dark red... Today it's all about the purple color, and tomorrow as well as on Friday you will see the outfit and makeup inspired by the chocolate brown color...:) 

Ovo kisovito i tmurno vreme budi u meni djavolsku zelju da nosim tamne boje, sto je no-no za odrzavanje entuzijazma i pozitivnosti!:) Te balans pronalazim u nosenju tamnijih ali otvorenijih nijansi, kao sto su ljubicasta, braon, tamno crvena... Danas je ljubicasta boja na redu, a sutra i u petak cete videti outfit i mejkap inspirisan cokoladno braon bojom...:)

Rimmel "Scandal eyes" eyeshadow in Manganese purple
Rimmel "Scandal eyes" eyeshadow in Manganese purple


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