Sunday, March 29, 2015

Glam & Fab Week (23.03.-29.03.)

Instagram @lelazivanovic.Glitter quotes.

Good morning precious! It's Sunday, so it's time for a recap of this week, as always with the help of some Instagram photos!;) Have a lovely day no matter where you are! 

Dobro jutro draguljcici! Nedelja je, te je vreme za rekapitulaciju ove sedmice, kao i uvek uz pomoc Instagram slika!;) Uzivajte u danasnjem danu gde god da ste!!

Instagram @lelazivanovic.Moscow in 2015. Moskva 2015.
Instagram @lelazivanovic.In a purple mood: outfit + makeup.Purple makeup. Rimmel Scandal eyes in Manganese purple.
In a purple mood: outfit + makeup (post link)
Instagram @lelazivanovic. Moscow in 2015. Moskva 2015.
Moscow in March (post link)
Instagram tutorial: "90's inspired makeup: Chocolate Brown Lips & Eyes". 90-te trend, sminka. 90s supermodel inspired makeup.
new makeup tutorial: "90's inspired makeup: Chocolate Brown Lips & Eyes" (post link)
Instagram @lelazivanovic.outfit of the week: Chocolate Brown Knitwear.Brown knitted skirt and turtleneck.
outfit of the week: "Chocolate Brown Knitwear" (post link)


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