Sunday, March 15, 2015

Glam & Fab Week (09.03.-15.03.)

Instagram @lelazivanovic. Natural makeup. Prirodan mejkap. Michael Kors rose gold watch.

Hello everyone, it's time for the recap of this week through some Instagram images! What have you been doing this week? Me for example I was busy selecting jewelry that will be sold in our shop, and I think this is definitely one of my most favorite activities and roles- something like "accessories buyer"!:D Actually I don't know what I love more, whether it's selecting the items that will be sold in the store, or arranging these things (and at the same time decorating space for the sale)!:) We still have to order the jewelry one of these days, yet I can't wait it to come!:)

Zdravo svima, vreme je za pregled ove sedmice putem slika sa Instagrama! Kako je vama protekla ova nedelja? Ja sam recimo bila zauzeta odabiranjem nakita koji cemo naruciti za radnju, i mislim da mi je to definitivno jedna od najomiljenijih aktivnosti i uloga- nesto kao "accessories buyer"!:D U stvari ne znam sta vise volim, da li da odabiram stvari koje ce se prodavati u radnji, ili da rasporedjujem te stvari (ujedno dekorisuci prostor za prodaju)! Nakit jos nije narucen a ja jedva cekam da stigne!:)

Instagram @lelazivanovic. Maya Angelou quotes.
Instagram @lelazivanovic. Miss Glitter & Vicky Kaya.
Miss Glitter, March issue and some freebies 
Miss Glitter, martovsko izdanje i dva poklona uz casopis
Instagram @lelazivanovic. Cute puppy photos.
 Lucky and his new buddy!
 Laki i njegov novi drugar!
Instagram "Corfu Town: Stroll through the old part of town". video "Grad Krf: Setnja kroz stari deo grada.
new video "Corfu Town: Stroll through the old part of town" (video link)
novi video "Grad Krf: Setnja kroz stari deo grada" (video link)



  1. nice necklace!

    1. Glad you like it!!! It's from a Greek jewelry shop!;)

  2. You are goddess-like in the first picture with your beautiful hair, diamond-like eyes, and sweet smile. That picture of Lucky and that teddy bear is lighthearted and cute! Nice set of pictures here.

    1. Thank you, as always, for this beautiful comment John!!!! Have a beautiful week!!!!


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