Friday, August 1, 2014

Diadermine: Ν˚110 Beauty gel

Diadermine: Ν˚110 Beauty gel for dry and sensitive skin

Brand Diadermine marked 110 years of existence in February this year, and celebrated that with the launch of the product line called "Ν˚110". "Beauty Gel" for the face cleaning in a feminine pale pink bottle is one of the four products from this line...
"Beauty Gel" is designed for dry and sensitive skin. Although it contains 110 drops of nutritional oil that soothe the skin, the formula is not greasy at all but extremely refreshing. You apply it with the help of a cotton pad, and no rinsing is needed. Very nicely removes the dirt and make-up from the face.

Brend Diadermine je februara meseca ove godine obelezio 110 godina postojanja i proslavio to izbacivanjem na trziste linije proizvoda pod nazivom "Ν˚110". "Beauty gel" za ciscenje lica u zenstvenoj bledo roze bocici je jedan od cetiri proizvoda iz ove linije...
"Beauty gel" je namenjen suvoj i osetljivoj kozi. Iako sadrzi 110 kapi nutritivnog ulja koje umiruje kozu, formula ipak nije masna vec krajnje osvezavajuca. Nanosi se uz pomoc tufera od vate i nije potrebno ispiranje vodom. Vrlo lepo uklanja necistoce i sminku sa lica.

Diadermine Ν˚110 Beauty gel za ciscenje za suvu i osetljivu kozu

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