Thursday, August 1, 2013

nails of the week: Simple Fuchsia + glam-fab-happy-quote + inner challenge

I challenge you today to be different, to stand out. I challenge you today to show your light, your truth. Are you terrified of showing it?! I challenge you to step out of your "comfort zone" cause exactly outside of it lies your happiness, fulfillment and growth. Stop playing small, you don't serve the world in that way, nor you help yourself. Just stop pretending you're a victim! You're a winner, and you always have a choice- always! Choose your happiness right here and right now!

Izazivam vas danas da budete drugaciji, da "iskocite iz gomile". Izazivam vas danas da pokazete svoju svetlost, svoju istinu. Da li ste prestravljeni da to pokazete? Izazivam vas da izadjete iz svoje "zone komfornosti" zato sto upravo izvan nje lezi vasa sreca, ispunjenost i razvoj. Prestanite da igrate na malo, na taj nacin niti sluzite svetu niti pomazete sebi. Prosto prestanite da se pretvarate da ste zrtva! Vi ste pobednik, i uvek imate izbor- uvek! Izaberite svoju srecu- upravo ovde i upravo sada!

I announce this August the month of "stepping out of my personal comfort zone". I'll do the things that scare my ego. I'll be listening to my heart, my inner guide more then ever. I already heard it yesterday, completely clearly. It was speaking so fluently like never before that it brought tears to my eyes. It told me I'll never be the same again, it told me it is safe now to "shine bright like a diamond". It told me I can relax cause I learned the given life lessons after all these years of struggle in order to find my path, it told me the new chapter is finally here. One life cycle will be closed, and another one is slowly opening at this very moment- just one month before my birthday... There is no coincidence, the Universe knows "the perfect timing"...
Tell me- do you know your truth? Do you have enough courage to stand out and be different, to follow your heart? Do you have enough courage to step out of your comfort zone? 

Proglasavam ovaj Avgust mesecom "izlaska iz svoje licne zone komfornosti". Radicu stvari koje prestrasuju moj ego. Slusacu svoje srce, svog unutrasnjeg vodica vise nego ikada. Vec sam ga cula juce, potpuno jasno. Govorilo je tako tecno kao nikada pre, tako da su mi suze krenule. Reklo je da vise nikada necu biti ista, da je sada sigurno "da zasijam kao dijamant". Reklo mi je da mogu da se opustim zato sto sam naucila date zivotne lekcije posle svih ovih godina borbe u pokusaju da pronadjem svoj put, reklo mi je da je novo poglavlje konacno ovde. Jedan zivotni ciklus se zatvara, i drugi lagano zapocinje upravo u ovom trenutku- samo mesec dana pred moj rodjendan... ne postoji slucajnost, Vaseljena zna kada je "savrsen tajming"...
Recite mi- da li znate svoju istinu? Da li imate dovoljno hrabrosti da budete drugaciji i da se isticete, da pratite vase srce? Da li imate dovoljno hrabrosti da izadjete iz vase zone komfornosti?

Wishing you divine beginning of the new month!
Zelim vam blazeni pocetak novog meseca!!



  1. Not sure what to expect from you this month after reading this post, but I'm pretty interested what you have in store for August 2013. Very pretty nail style here.

    1. Oh John with me it was always-> "expect unexpected"!:)lol
      I don't even know what I can expect as I result, but just like it's mentioned- it's going to be all about stepping out of the comfort zone!

  2. Great nails, lovely challenge! It´s always good to try new things in life...

    1. Glad you like it dear!!! Agree for the new things in our lives!:)


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