Monday, February 4, 2013

High above the clouds

Plane, flights, air... The most beautiful part for me is when the plane prepares for takeoff while accelerating and you can feel that acceleration with your whole body, and afterwards that festive jump in the air! Wow, I always want to make some strange sound like the kid in the luna park. Then my excitement fades really quickly, the rest of the flight and landing have no longer that meaning (except in the case of the turbulence when I can not wait to touch the ground)...
Somehow I feel I'll use more and more the airplane as a mean of transportation, especially in the future. But all I want today is to share with you some pics taken during the flights to and from Crete. Now comes one small question for you: do you enjoy your flights or you're afraid of flying (hopefully not)?!

Avion, letenje, vazduh... najlepsi deo za mene je dok se avion priprema za poletanje, dok ubrzava i to ubrzanje koje osecate u citavom telu koje se blago grci, i nakon svega uzletanje, skok u vazduh! Vau, uvek mi dodje da ispustim neki cudan zvuk kao detence u luna parku. Nakon toga mi uzbudjenje naglo splasne, ostatak leta i sletanje mi vise ne znace toliko (osim u slucaju turbulencije kada jedva cekam da osetim tlo pod nogama)... 
Nekako osecam da cu sve vise i vise koristiti avion kao sredstvo prevoza, narocito narednih godina. Ali sve sto zelim danas jeste da podelim sa vama neke slicice snimljene tokom leta za i sa Krita. Sada sledi jedno pitanjce za vas: uzivate li u voznji avionom ili se mozda plasite letenja?!

Athens-Heraklion (Crete)
Atina-Iraklion (Krit)


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  1. Not afraid of flying but hate to be in them for too long... I get anxious to get to where I'm going

  2. I love this hun. We take photos on planes as well. My favourite is always as the plane passes above the clouds, it's so heavenly. Take care dear! xx /Madison

  3. I love this hun. We take photos on planes as well. My favourite is always as the plane passes above the clouds, it's so heavenly. Take care dear! xx /Madison

  4. TRUE STORY- I have NEVER been on a plane before. So I can't comment on the feeling of flying. Very nice (and a little cute) pictures you've taken here. :)

  5. so beautiful photos!!!!

  6. Ja obožavam da letim avionom ili u snu, kako god ;)
    Adrenalina mi dajte :)))
    Mnogo ste mi lepi !!

  7. Your in flight photos are really great, I absolutely love flying, its always a thrill!

  8. I have to fly twice a year during 14 hours so I'm just get used:) Great pics!

  9. oooo how exciting you're off to your vacation! I personally hate flying cause I am a whimp but I love travelling!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  10. totally with u girl...the travel has been hectic at times. but im sure ur enjoyin it too sweetie!!

  11. joj pa ti stalno negdje putujes ;)
    uzivaj puno :)

  12. Gorgeous shots!

    I'm not afraid of flying, but I do get a bit nervous during takeoff and landing. :)


  13. I love take plan !!

    New post - Kisses

  14. I've just done a round of flying too, with bump! Definitely more tricky! I used to love flying when I was a kid, now I'm just super impatient and want to get to my destination as quickly as possible!

  15. I love it when it's landing because it ends up speeding on ground :) xo

  16. I really love traveling by plane. :) Those pics are so cute!

    Kisses, Lucy :)


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