Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November beauty empties

beauty empties, skincare deodorants body lotions makeup perfumes

Don't you dare to do it- I can "virtually feel" your slightly shocked look considering my "beauty consumption" (people would be very happy if I start to "eat" the same amount of the food as I "eat" the cosmetics and make-up!lol!!:) But before you start to judge me, I must to tell you that some of the products above I have been using sporadically, meaning not so often. And I'm sure you already know the situation when things start to get empty, well they have that "domino effect"- at the same time you stay without shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, etc... which is good as well cause you instantly get an excuse to buy new products even though you have enough "supplies" at home!:) Now you can check which things I used in November, what I didn't like so much and what I was really satisfied with!

Ne usudjujte se da to radite- mogu da "virtuelno osetim" vas blago sokirajuci pogled kada ustanovite kolika je moja "beauty konzumacija" (sigurna sam da bi ljudi voleli da jedem istu kolicinu hrane koliko "pojedem" kozmetike i sminke!haha)!!:) Ali pre nego sto krenete da me osudjujete, moram vam reci da sam neke od proizvoda koje vidite na slikama, koristila sporadicno iliti ne bas tako cesto. Sigurna sam da znate onu situaciju kada sve bocice krenu da se prazne, pa odjednom ukapirate taj "domino efekat" i ostanete bez sampona, balzama, gela za tusiranje, dezodoransa i sve to u isto vreme... sto i nije tako lose jer momentalno dobijete razlog za ponovnu nabavku iako cuvate "zalihe" istih proizvoda!:) E sad mozete da pogledate sta sam ja to koristila u novembru, sta mi se manje svidelo a cime sam bas bila zadovoljna!

winter beauty empties

* Balea Soft oil body lotion- magnificent thing!!! I'm gonna do separate review cause this lotion is so worth it! +10!
* Priorities Sugar babes creamy praline conditioner (travel size)- it has jojoba oil, it smells soooo yummy, but it doesn't work so good on my hair.
* Theramed Whitening toothpaste- excellent!
* Body lotion shea butter- another fantastic product which I found (believe it or not) in one hypermarket (Mercator)! It's so thick and rich, it absorbs good, it smells wonderful. That's why I'm really sad they don't produce it anymore!:(

* Balea Soft oil losion za telo- fenomenalna stvar!! Uradicu uskoro posebnu recenziju zato sto je ovaj losion svakako vredan toga! Cista desetka!
* Priorities Sugar babes creamy praline balzam za kosu (travel size)- sadrzi jojobino ulje, mirise bas njam-njam, ali ne cini nista mojoj kosi.
* Theramed Whitening pasta za zube- odlicna!
* Losion za telo sa shea buterom- jos jedan fantastican proizvod koji sam pronasla (verovali ili ne) u Merkator supermarketu! Guste i bogate strukture, odlicno upija, divno mirise! Zbog toga sam i tuzna jer ga vec mesecima nema, verovatno je izbacen iz prodaje!:(

H&M mini splashes

* H&M mini Body splash: Coconut lime, Exotic fruit, Pink guava and Ocean lagoon- nothing special, skip it... 
* Malizia BonBons Milk shake eau de toilette- ADORE it! I'm using it all year round, I repurchased it so many times by now and people absolutely love when I wear it! Another +10!

* H&M mini Sprejevi za telo: Coconut lime, Exotic fruit, Pink guava and Ocean lagoon- slobodno preskocite...
* Malizia BonBons Milk shake toaletna vodica- OBOZAVAM je!! Koristim je preko citave godine, bezbroj puta do sada sam je dokupila i ljudima se mnogo svidja kada je nosim! Jos jedna cista desetka!

Balea and Garnier body sprays deodorants

* Deodorants: Balea Coconut & Tiara and Vanilla, Garnier Clean Sensation and Invisi Mineral- practically I used Balea ones (I already wrote how much I like them) and my love used Garnier. He is very satisfied with these deodorants, he constantly repurchase them.

* Dezodoransi: Balea Kokos & Tijara i Vanila, Garnier Clean Sensation i Invisi Mineral- prakticno ja sam koristila Baleine a moj dragi je koristio Garnier. Vrlo je zadovoljan ovim dezodoransima i konstantno ih dokupljuje.

Avon naturals honey facial scrub

* Eveline 3 in 1 Finish Show make-up foundation- the choice of the shades is great but this foundation is so not for me- literally it leaves me that cakey look. Usually I was mixing it with my daily cream and using it as a very light tinted moisturizer.
* Avon naturals Honey & Almond oil facial scrub- great one! Very creamy, smells nice, not overly "abrasive" and after its use my skin is really soft. 

* Eveline 3 in 1 Finish Show make-up podloga- izbor nijansi je super ali ova podloga meni uopste ne odgovara, lose se razmazuje i bukvalno mi pravi mrlje na licu. Obicno sam ga mesala sa dnevnom kremom i koristila kao vrlo blagu toniranu kremu.
* Avon naturals Honey & Almond oil piling za lice- odlican je! Vrlo kremast, lepo mirise, nije preterano "abrazivan" i koza mi je prijatno glatka nakon upotrebe.

beauty skincare testers Vichy Korres Apivita

* Testers: Vichy, Apivita, Korres, Dr. Colic, Bepanthol- they're all excellent, my favorite here is Vichy!
* Testeri: Vichy, Apivita, Korres, Dr. Colic, Bepanthol- svi su odlicni, moj favorit ovde je Vichy!


  1. Oh wow so many things! You gotta be a record holder, never saw someone finish so many products in a month :D.

  2. hey thats not a lot!!!

    we women need all such stuff!!


  3. these products looks really interesting, i almost screamed when i saw the whole lot of products lol,but as i continued to read the rest i now understood why you had loads of these, you are so funny, you said people would be happy if u consumed food like the way u do with ur cosmetics hahaha:)
    lovely post.

  4. What a beauty bank! :)


  5. The vanilla deo spray really looks interesting! So many goodies here . . .

  6. Uh, koliko dobrih stvari na jednom mestu! Vichy<3

  7. Your totally right about that shocked look, haha!
    I'm not familiar with the Balea brand but it seems so good, like coco deospray..i would immediatly say yes to that one!

    Love, Denise

  8. A meni je najbolji osećaj kada potrošim nešto, osećam mali ubod zadovoljstva :D

  9. wow! Adorable! You have a lot of them!!!

  10. Wow, stvarno prava kolekcija!
    Ja sam Balea fan, cekam recenziju o njoj:)

  11. Like your blog.. what about to follow each other?

    Be Happy with Fashion

  12. Wow you do have a lot of stuff. I stick to the same thing for years.

  13. woow that's mean have some cosmetics!;) Thanks to comment my blog!


  14. I love Vichy products!!!
    Have a nice day, Jelena!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  15. great products and u shared them well :)) thanks sweetie!!

  16. Holy moly, that is a lot of beauty bites! Do love Vichy products! I really want summer to come back again... Now it's all about hydrating creams and scrubs now!

  17. Lovely cosmetics ^^

    Kisses ♥

  18. Mi ovde nemamo Balea proizvode a cula sam sve najbolje!!!:)

  19. The first thing I thought th! But then, why not, many are buying odedzhu tons) The main thing that you liked it (I just do not take no what creams and masks, face and body, but it's time to start). I hope my thoughts do not hurt. Have a good day.
    Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥ With love ♥ ♥ ♥

  20. nice! im going beauty product shopping next week to fight the effects of the winter on my skin!


  21. So many products.. you should do a 2012 best product of the year post!
    PS. I have 4 international giveaways on my blog ... total of $600 in all, so ENTER!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  22. ja se uopce ne cudim :) nasla bi se sigurna ista hrpa i kod mene, :p :)

  23. Od Balea probaj body lotios so smokva i cokolodo :) Najslatko e. Pozdrav od Makedonija, te sledam, ako sakas i ti

  24. I like the Bale products. I should try the vanilla deodorant.
    Turns out I am your 1000th follower on google xD


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