Friday, June 15, 2012

Navy Allurment-> GlamFabInspiration + Glam Chameleon Jewelry

Although little is missing until its official (calendar) beginning, the knowing that summer has pompously come, awakens in us a sense of satisfaction, happiness, some inexplicable excitement and enthusiasm. Everything is easier and prettier when the sun heats us up from morning till the evening. And even if we complain about the unbearable heat (God help us if our air-condition has some malfunction!), we accept it as a sort of voluntary "torture", cause we'll miss this period in a few months as soon as the first rains fall and streets become yellowish from all fallen leaves around.
Something that is a trademark of absolutely each summer, whether you're in town or even better by the sea, is navy style. Elegant, sophisticated, refreshing and visually attractive. Red, white and blue color, especially in combination with lovely stripes leave no one indifferent, and most importantly- it looks good on everyone! Tell me have you ever noticed a person dressed in this way and you thought: "Oh, this outfit doesn't suit you at all, nor stripes nor colors!"? I certainly didn't, and I think neither did you! "Navy" style is one of my favorite fashion trends, especially during hot summer months, and the inspiration for today's post and collages! 
So tell me my lovelies, are you fond of this style as well?

Iako malo fali do kalendarskog pocetka, saznanje da je leto stiglo i to na velika vrata, u svima nama budi osecaj zadovoljstva, srece, neke neobjasnjive uzbudjenosti i entuzijazma. Sve nam je lakse i lepse dok nas sunce od jutra do veceri greje. Pa iako se zalimo na nepodnosljive vrucine (ne daj Boze ako nam je klima u kvaru!), ipak se dobrovoljno "mucimo" jer ce nam ovaj period nedostajati vec za par meseci cim padnu prve kise i ulice zazute od opalog lisca.
Nesto sto je obelezje apsolutno svakog leta bilo da ste u gradu ili jos lepse pored mora jeste- mornarski stil. Elegantno, sofisticirano, sveze i vizuelno privlacno. Crvena, bela i teget/plava boja narocito u kombinaciji sa prugicama nikoga ne ostavlja ravnodusnim, i sto je najvaznije- svima lepo stoji! Recite mi da li ste ikada primetili osobu obucenu u mornarskom stilu a da ste pomislili: "Ma to ti ne stoji uopste, niti pruge niti boje!"? Ja zasigurno nisam, a mislim da niste ni vi! "Navy" stil je jedan od mojih omiljenih modnih trendova, narocito u vrelim letnjim mesecima, ali i inspiracija za danasnji post i kolaze! 
Recite mi dragi moji, da li ste i vi ljubitelji mornarskog stila?

Wishing you lovely beginning of the weekend!!
Zelim vam lep pocetak vikenda!

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  1. Jelena it's amazing summer inspiration !!!!!!

  2. Navy is such a chic statement... It could almost be considered a neutral!


  3. I love this colour combo, plus those illustrations are gorgeous! Po po po, it is sooooo hot here it's nutso!

    I love the previous post images, you look gorgeous as always... born to have a victoria's secret bod!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Filakia!

  4. As soon as I saw that striped suit I knew...Marc Jacobs! My love; my favorite designer. Love his designs. And yes, I love the nautical look for summer. It's so fun and preppy! <3


  5. you got me!! my favourite trend ever! navy is so chic and elegant, can't get enough!


  6. ja sam definitivno ljubitelj mornarskog stila, jos mi samo fali prugasta majica i onda cu bit pravi mornarr. jako lijep post!

  7. love it!!! navy style is one of the best for the summertime :)

    filakiaaaa :)

  8. Ja obožavam ovaj fazon, a tebi je poslužio kao izvrsna inspiracija :)

  9. I really don't know about others but the nautical trend for me is a total yes yes ! The best part it camouflages lot of grey areas in our body !Keep Smiling:D

  10. i love this look and wear it often

    greets chrissie / DIE EDELFABIRK

  11. The navy style is re invented every year!! And I always like the result...


  12. Those striped lounge chairs look so inviting!


  13. I totally love this look, Jelena! And the necklace is so pretty. I would wear it in a heartbeat :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  14. mornarske za leto nikada nije na odmet :D

  15. Nice to be here :D great blog.

  16. The nautical look is really great for the summer. Love these inspirations!

  17. Nautical stripe is a must for summer. It's just important to get the right width of the stripe. xoxo

  18. I love red and white together, really nice!

  19. kao su dobre ove slike ! Obozavam tvoje postove! :*

  20. love the nautical trend!!

  21. odlicna inspiracija za ovo ljeto :)

  22. Love the red skirt with stripped tank

  23. I do like navy style. It's nice to see the look incorporated in furniture and your jewelry.

  24. Definitely loving navy & nautical prints this year!

  25. great post dear.just in time for summer inspiration-navy is the best for this period.


  26. Volim, volim, volim! Ogrlice su ti sjajne;)

    Ljubimm Jecko moj lepi*******

  27. Great post! Navy is a must!!!


  28. Fantastic post!Love navy style!



  29. Odlican post!

  30. Cute post and cute blog! we are now your newest followers!

    Carly and Stacie


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