Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1st Glam & Fab B-day!!

16th of November, 2010... On this day, exactly one year ago (after three months of working in Greece), I was sitting in my room and googling celeb and street style looks, when I stumbled upon some fashion blog. Until then I have never heard or known for this type of blogs or "professional blogger" term. I was waiting for some big change to happen in my life, when I realized- it was me who should initiate the change! Suddenly it hit me! I didn't know absolutely anything about blogs, but I knew I must to try! The only thing I had at that moment was a big desire and need to share with somebody my ever-existing love and passion towards fashion world, world I was drown into from my early childhood. 
But with this change it seemed like I caused volcano of another changes! That fall I found out I'll be moving to Greece. Then I moved in January, I was busy with all that moving process, I was traveling a bit, working on my first jewelry line.... and unfortunately I had not so much time (nor technical possibilities) to work on my blog. I was there but like I wasn't. I still had that big desire to make better and more professional my blog, but something was missing, some piece of puzzle. Now I know, it was a period of changes in my life (speaking about months here!) I had to pass, to clarify and clean myself completely from the whole past. That's why I feel my blog baby doesn't have one year, it's still young, like it has only few months. During this summer I realized I really care about this blog, it's a part of me and now I don't plan to give up or stop! There are some new projects and a lot of ideas going on. Personally I feel the best time for me, my life and my blog is just coming!
I will use this opportunity to thank all of u for being a part of my life, for visiting and commenting on my blog. To the ones who have been with me from the beginning and to the new readers. Thank u for all your support!
In order to celebrate new cycle for my blog, I made some design changes, new header and a kind of a new name! I have that freakin' need to constantly upgrade the things here! Hope u like it!
I was speaking enough for today, I'll see u here tomorrow with some nice surprise!;) Now I must to prepare cause I'm leaving for Thessaloniki with G, and we'll be back in the evening. He has some business meeting there and I'm going to check what is new in the shops, if they're open at all!:Dlol

Wishing u all Glam & Fab day! If I was making some party today, u'll be all invited!!;)
Your Jelena


  1. Happy Blogiversary!!!! To many more to come.

  2. Love the new changes here. Warm congratulations on the blogs birthday. I so enjoy reading your fashion stories. XXXX

  3. Ohh lovely girl, I’m so glad that you have this amazing blog and had the chance to know you and let your beauty &stylish photos lighten my day!!! :) HAPPY B-DAY for your awesome blog and wish you many happy ones beloved! ;)))

    BeTwin Us

  4. Happy blog Birthday...
    Glad to have you as a reader because I enjoy your post too

  5. Happy Blog Birthday, darling!!!!!!!! <3

  6. i love love love your blog !
    pretty cool :D come and visit my blog
    and if you like follow me and i'll follow you back
    have a nice day (Ryan)

  7. yay happy blog bday!

    <3 steffy

  8. many more dear and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !

  9. Thanks for you comment on my blog
    happy, happy, happy blog birthday
    and i hope to get lucky
    kisses from Spain

  10. I am wishing all the best to your great, fabolous and very pretty blog!!!!Keep it up like that!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  11. Wow, this post is so inspiring! So glad you began blogging, I just love your posts . . .

  12. Happy Birthday!! Your blog has come such a long way in such a short perid of time. Bravo to that!


  13. CONGRATS!!!!!! Jelena!!
    I love your blog and your friendship!!
    Besos, Marcela

  14. Congratulations

    wish you good luck

    Visit me also

  15. Awesome!! Happy 1st Blog Bday! :)

    Thx for visiting my blog!


  16. Hii, thanks for your lovely comment! =) I have a giveaway at the moment, too! Have you seen it? :) Sure I'll take part in yours, tomorrow.

    Keep in touch! xoxo

  17. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary doll and wishing for many more to come.

    <3 Marina


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kisses and hugs

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