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Summer Hair Care: products and tips

Summer Hair Care products and tips

Proper hair care during the summer season is essential! This is the time when our hair is the most "vulnerable" 'cause of the daily and constant exposure to many aggressive external factors- strong sun, hot temperatures, sea and chlorine water, heat, hot air, humidity.... They're all damage-threatening so we must to do something more during these months. 
I don't need to mention again how much I like and have the need to take care of my hair, all year round. Don't let it ever to be a seasonal care!!! And I have one extra reason- I paint my hair from time to time. On the pictures above you can see my current hair products like shampoos, conditioners (normal and leave-in), hair cremes... And those are my small summer tricks and tips:

- Try washing your hair less often with strong shampoos (sulfate free are excellent ones, but a bit harder to find). Very important- wash it every time from the sea or pool water!
- Avoid taking hot showers or washing your hair in hot water. Use warm or cool water, and always finish with a cool to cold rinse- it gives that finishing shine!
- Limit the use of "hot" items on your hair such are the blow dryer (I use it only several times during the whole summer!), irons or hair curlers. Let your hair to dry by itself!
- GO NATURAL! Whether your hair is straight or curly/wavy. For example mine is wavy in the summer (I get "beach look" so easily without doing anything, entering in the sea is enough!) and I don't try to correct it.
- Use the abound amount of the conditioners! Keep them 2-5min after washing and rinse good! I use them as styling products as well!
- Nourish it like you do with your body! Whatever is good for your body also is good for the hair! Every time when I apply body milk/lotion I pass one time over my hair (all surface or only ends!).
- Make sure you cut the ends at least one in two months!
- And one fashion tip: now it's absolutely the best time to wear all possible and impossible hats, caps and scarves! It protects your hair and you'll look stylish!

Orzene shampoo Le petit marseiliais shampoo
Sunsilk conditioner L'Oreal styling cream


  1. Your blog header is awsome!:)

  2. Great tips!! I am finding some relief with the baby jonhnson's oil but I'll follow your advise too!!

  3. thank you for your comment darling!
    nice post!
    have a great weekend!!!

  4. Great tips :)

  5. I am so bad about this! I always wash my hair in hot water, blow dry it, and straighten it. Great tips though, I need to listen to you!!

  6. thanks for comment:)
    my friends told me that i look like sweet 16:) but i'm 21yers OLD ! haha :)
    i'd like to join your site, and put your blog to my favourites <3

  7. I agree with you about being natural!
    Nice post!^-^



  8. I need to take note! I don't have too many summer hair care products!

  9. good picks! xxx

  10. Hi lovely, great post and tips!!
    Buen fin de semana, guapa!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  11. These products look amazing, I need to try them!


  12. great tips about keeping it natural and conditioning! how do you feel about that le petit marseillals product? it looks great.

  13. Wonderful tip!
    Honey, thank you for following my blog ... turned his fan hahahahaha

  14. Proper hair care is absolutely essential. Some people don't realize that you have to take great care of your hair. I put so many products on it, but it obviously works. I try not to dry it (unless it is wintertime) because I don't want to damage my hair.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. I'd follow these tips any day. Really need better hair. Am a big fan of Herbal Essence products.

    I love your header, btw.

    Am following your blog now. Would love it if you could follow back.

  16. Your packaging looks just a tad different from everything in the states. It's so weird (but refreshing).

  17. love the way these products have been presented and great advice.

  18. Great tips honey!!!I use Sunsilk too ;)!

  19. Thank you for your comment, my beautiful friend.

  20. Lovely blog!
    Thanks for your comment!

  21. Great tips!
    I recommend you to try John Frieda products if you still haven't because I looove them!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  22. Hi!!! This post is great and I love your blog... I follow you! I hope you'll visit my blog and you'll follow me! Kiss!

    ♥ Marti♥
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  23. Hey. Thanks for the comment. Am following you back too!

  24. Thanks for the tips! My hair is wavy too during summer time, since I let it dry naturally. E just love Lóreal products. They are great!
    Kisses :)
    Margarida - I'm a Very Stylish Girl Blog


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