Saturday, May 7, 2011


Today I'll tell u one little story about myself.... If u have the desire and time to find out something more about me- continue 'cause u'll find one interesting fact about my outfits and style. If u bother reading this- feel free to skip and check the pics. Completely your choice...
My dear blog friends I'll share with u one of my let's say talents. FINDING REALLY REALLY CHEAP THINGS THAT LOOK QUITE EXPENSIVE (or at least u would never-ever guess the true price)!! Sounds familiar?! Let's continue....

When I was in the high school (and after college) I didn't have that kind of the budget (nor my parents were unfortunately able to help me) which would allow me to dress like some of the "IN girls". So I had to find some other solution (along with the part time job) to support my style image that I wanted to achieve. Visual effect was always very important to me. So I started to wander the city finding some fantastic things on sales; in the small unknown boutiques; in the other further parts of the town and even in the China quart. Yes some of the best things I found there, although now they have lower quality so I prefer items from Turkey.
Back then I didn't like/want the others to find out the correct price 'cause everybody thought it's at least 10 times more! But today I'm so so so sick of pretending in each sense and way! I'm sure enough in who I am and what I want to present with my image and creativity that I'm more than proud for having this talent! It's so developed now that there is no need for me to search anymore, these gorgeous things are coming alone to me in whatever part of the world I am!!!lol  People close to me (like mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriends) have only one thing to say: "U paid 1eur for this necklace???? U're genius, I would never find this in my life!!"!!:))
Yes today I have a lot more money than I had before (for sure I'll have more,haha) and I can afford something more expensive from time to time. But nothing absolutely NOTHING can compare with my heartbeat sound when I find some SHOES or JACKET FOR 5-10 EUROS!!!! At that very moment my eyes are sparkling, I'm glowing and feeling so energized and satisfied!!:) I will splurge on shoes, bags, good jacket/coat or watch, but I will never splurge on clothes (shirts, blouses, jeans, pants...)!!! Don't believe me?? U'll see if u stay with me and my blog in the future!;)
So from now on I've decided to include some prices of the items I paid for less, just to show u one more time that the good style doesn't always mean high budget (or spending abnormal amount of the money for some piece)!!! The style can be more than affordable but still so beautiful and unique, so U!:)

** Tally Weijl jeans- 6eur/ pink sleeveless turtleneck/ denim shirt/ Voi&Noi patent shoes- 10eur/ pink patent bag/ leopard print scarf/ pink stones necklace- 1eur/ wood bangle- 1eur/ Miss Sporty lipstick- Ladies night shade/ Glamour magazine gift- pink blush/eye shadow**



  1. Beautiful! Always fascinating!

  2. I love the pink!! You look wonderful in this outfit. :)

    I love buying affordable items that look expensive. haha!

  3. Stunning pink. Very nice.

  4. love how you put it together! i have the same talent..hehehe :)))

  5. Incredible bag.
    Nice, nice look.

  6. Love it! The shoes were at an amazing price and they look fantastic! Style is not about how expensive are the things you wear but being able to combine, wear and rock anything you wear no matter how much or little expensive it is!

    The Black Label

  7. As you know, I love bright color as fuschia!!!You look great in it and it is cool paired with denim!
    Have a great weekend honey,

  8. Volim ovu kombinaciju boja :D

  9. you look fantastic! style really has nothing to do with labels and prices. wear what you feel good in. i buy what i like whether it's $5 of $300.

  10. Love the shoes!!
    And the pink is lovely on you!
    Great blog, I'm now following!

    Girl about Town XxX

  11. Obozavam pink! Super su slicice:)

  12. Such a bright and beautiful pink colour! And I love your nude patent heels - gorgeous xoxo

  13. Making something affordable looking expensive is the best thing about fashion, love that pink bag!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  14. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love your head scarf!


  15. the show is loubotin? you're pretty


  16. nice color combination! i like your shoes!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  17. Super kombinacija, lepe su sličice!:)

  18. I love the contrast between pink and blue! You rock them :)

  19. that post made you so much more lovely than you already appear to be from the rest of your posts! :) i love your style & it's always refreshing to see something different from other bloggers!
    hope you're doing well!
    love xx

  20. hi..I love your blog!
    lets be friend!
    btw mind to visit and follow me?i'll follow you back then :)

  21. Just another comment to make you happy! :)

  22. Nothing beats finding things on a bargain which looks über chic and designer!! You my friend look HOT!!! And your last comment on my blog made me very very happy! :)

    ♡ from ©
    Apothica Giveaway

  23. I love pink colour, you look so girly!
    And I like your nude shoes!

  24. Hvala ali ti si mi naljepsa! <3

  25. Jelena! I love to read everything you have to say and your writing is so passionate! It's so great to discover one of your talents and it's something that I wish I have! I used to be in your position before where I was completely clueless about fashion and a long, long time ago, when I was a poor college student, I bought the clothes from Walmart and Ross to just make it work. But now I can start to wear clothes I want from stores like Topshop and a little pricey sometimes from BCBG and DKNY but I always love the sales!

    You manage to look fabulous no matter what you wear and someday, we'll go shopping together :-) xoxoxoo

  26. Hello! You're so right!! I also love to buy on sales and in outlets. I always find great things at low prices. It's so good!! Hehhe!
    Your pink outfit is so lovely!
    Kisses :)

  27. AMAZING outfit! I love the bag, the acessories!!! You´re amazing!!!
    Kisses from Brasil

  28. pink is definitely your color :)

  29. i'm following you too...
    ;) xoxo2befab

  30. Like your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!beautiful!!!!!

  31. I love your style and your bag!!
    Kisses from México!


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