Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our power is in the healthy hair!;)

I've always been really sensitive when it comes to my hair... Since I know for myself I have had long hair... I cut it more than perhaps I should (bob) only one time in my life (when I was in the primary school) and never again! Somebody likes to say "My strength/power is in my hair!", that can easily be applied on me... As I mentioned one time I don't like experimenting with the length but with the color- bring it on!!!:)
U know the situation when u say to your hairdresser: "Please cut only the ends, 1.5-2cm!" and then u walk out from the salon having at least 4cm less?????!!! Of course crying after is a crucial part! Well checked, and experienced so many times! Now I have one gorgeous lady as a hairdresser, she has my full trust and I have full satisfaction! As a matter of the fact I have an appointment tomorrow!:)

Having healthy and shiny hair is very important for us girls... We feel more prettier then... When we want to change something in our lives (sometimes drastically) our hair is almost always first on the list! So we need to take a good care... Luckily on the market today u can really find great shampoo, conditioners, serums, masks and other treatments... My hair is straight/wavy and likes basic products, more simple care the better (reacts strange after applying some serums and similar)...  No wax, no gel, no hair spray! But I like to try different things which I'm buying abroad (mostly in Greece) 'cause in Serbia u can find only products for the eastern market, which has low quality... Many of u my dear friends asked me which products I use (thanks for all hair compliments!!!), so here I'm sharing with u a piece of my hair world!:)
Which products u like to use? U have fav ones?!!!


  1. I hate it when they chop off more than I would like to!! Once a silly hairdresser cut my bangs really really short and I went out of the salon nearly crying!

  2. Ja stalmo menjam,trenutno koristim Syoss:)

  3. Good Luck with your haircut!!! Thankfully I have found a great hairdresser too whom I absolutely trust!! :) Great post!

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  4. these products look amazing, i hope your haircut goes well!

    Btw: my blog has been temporarily de activated by blogger bc it was mistaken as a spammer! Ugh, I know, but the link below leads to my temporary blog at steffysprosandcons.COM

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Haha this post made me feel better! There have been a couple times where I left a salon with tears in my eyes because of too much hair chopped off! I always thought I was weird and it feels really good to know I'm not alone!

  6. looks like you have some great products!

  7. I'm the same with my hair! I'm too scared to go short, I've had it long for ages now, and I always ask the hairdresser to cut as little as possible!
    With hair products, I'm chop n' change - I've yet to find my dream products!

  8. I like l'oreal moisturizing :D

  9. I agree with you: we must treat our hair right to keep it beautiful! I just hate when the hairdressers cut to much too! I've experienced that once. But now I have a great hairdresser that does everything the way I ask. She´s amazing! :)

  10. i am sooooo picky with my hair too. i always feel like i know more than the stylist. although they've gone to school for hair...i've lived with my hair longer than they have and i feel like i know more than they do ;)

  11. Savršeni proizvodi!:) volim da brinem o svojoj kosi, volim kada je lepaaa!:)

  12. Thank you, my dear friend.

  13. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Have a great weekend.

    xo L.

  14. Good Luck honey with your haircut!!! Love this post because I had the same problem in the past, but now I have found a new hairdresser too whom I totally trust!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. i like Elvive poducts!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  16. I'm the other way around! I've only dyed my hair once, and never again! haha! I like experimenting with length, but not color :)

    but great products! I use Herbal Essences as well!

  17. Jelena! I always admire your long hair because it looks so healthy! I also have really long hair and I haven't cut it for a while now. I really need to though! I don't have a particular favorite as long as it gives me volume and shine. The one I'm using now is Pantene and they're good enough :-). Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxoxoo

  18. Ok.. sending this page to mum.. since I don't have a sister
    lee x

  19. Hi dear, I see you on Chicisimo... I loved your style and now, your blog!!! I´m following you...
    Kisses from Brasil
    (Can you follow me back, if you like my blog? Thank you sooo much)

  20. I always go to the hair salon and tell them to cut a little bit off. I always feel they cut a lot more than I want at the end though. Haha!

  21. i feel the same way about my hair! thanks for posting this! :)

  22. LOL I dont know why hairdressers do that, can't they just follow instructions LOL
    Great products :)



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