Friday, April 22, 2011

Lady Million

Lady Million... Is that me? Well I'll be modest- not this time!!lol I'm speaking now about Paco Rabanne's perfume which I have in my perfume collection for few months!! Since the male version is definitely my favorite male's perfume, and since my boyfriend knows that very well ('cause he has it!!), he decided to give me as a present lady's version (u can see our "million babies" on the photo)... After trying this one I've changed my way of tasting the perfume- now I spray them directly on the skin, no more paper tasters at all. Why? I was so enthusiastic when I saw this perfume for this first time and I said to myself it must be the right one for me, but no, big disappointment... then I got it, opened carefully (while I was thinking how to say now to my bf I am not quite fond of it???!), spray it and what a surprise- perfect!! Our skin has its own enzymes, that's why each perfume smells different on each person! Same perfume it's not going to be the same on my and your skin. And Lady Million packed in a diamond shape bottle is fresh, floral and woody. Bitter orange, raspberry, Arabian jasmine, gardenia, patchouli, amber... Seductive, sexy, warm with a strong signature... I just love it!!!;) Do u have it, like/dislike it, have u tried??
I will use this opportunity to wish HAPPY EASTER to everybody, enjoy in the holidays with your families like I'm going to do!!!:)) Kisses!!!!

 ** Tally Weijl jeans/ black & gold turtleneck/ H&M shoes/ bronze belt/ Glam Chameleon Jewelry black agate rosary **


  1. I love the male version though I have never smelled the female one :) Black and gold look awesome together xo

  2. Thank you honey for your support!!! I wish you a Happy Easter and a great weekend,

  3. you look fab! that top is awesome!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  4. Happy Easter to you, too, gorgeous!


  5. i like the outfit
    you look great

  6. That is a pretty cool turtleneck!! Loving the first picture!!

  7. I got my husband one when he had come out but I haven't tried the female one. May be I should :) You are sparkling my dear! Have a good weekend!

    ♡ from ©

  8. You look so beautiful, I love how you wear jeans with heels. One of my favorite look!
    Happy Easter!

  9. thank you soo much love!!

    babe, I start a Question & Answer round on my latest post, feel free to ask me what ever you want to... I am answering all questions :-)
    Would be great if you would be a part of it!!

    Kisses Julia

  10. Hello! I agree with you. The perfumes change depending on the skin of the person who is wearing it. So it's really better to try on the skin either then the paper to avoid regreting. I just love Paco Rabanne and I have already tried the perfume and liked it!
    You look beautiful in the photos! Very elegant. The 2nd photo is great.
    Have a nice weekend and enjoy your Easter! Kisses :)

  11. by the way- the nail color you liked it "watermelon" by essie!

  12. Gorgeous photos!


  13. Happy Easter to you too <3 You look beautiful!

  14. i love the pint on your top, so glam!

  15. You look fabulous! Following you back as well. :)

  16. that top is so glam! you should be the official spokesperson for lady million! hot. xx

  17. Hi Jelena! Sounds like an amazing perfume! I haven't tried it yet though but I will! You look so stunning in that gold turtleneck! Hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend! xoxoxoo

  18. Hi girl, your blog is really really cool! I just love it and I'm following! I'd love if you visit me and follow mine too. It's so exciting meet and know about new people around the world.

    Michelle Duarte fashion designer from Brazil.

  19. Thank you so much for following. Glad you like my blog. You've got some great looks here too.

    xo L.

  20. Fabulous dark edgy look.. Your top is very Alexander McQueen tho.
    Lee x

  21. awesome look! i love the house too!

  22. The top is amazing!
    Thanks for your comment. Following you!
    Follow me back!
    xo DC

  23. so GLAM and FAB ;;)


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