Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One day in Athens....

And finally some photos that I took with my new Canon camera!:) From now on there will be more outfit pics on the blog... This is one of my looks during the exhibition... I was wearing heels almost everyday, but this time I decided to go for my new platform caramel boots which I love so much- they're so comfortable and match with many bags and other things in my closet! Purple plaid skirt, black light turtleneck, purple necklace and one of my favorite watches- Panerai... Like this I was able to support all 10 hours without any problem...
p.s. On Friday I'm going to Crete for the weekend! My bf has another exhibition there, in Heraklion... To be honest I can't wait, I always had sooooo big desire to visit Crete, primarily 'cause of the history (I'm freak for the Greek history)!! I think I'll be taking pics all the time, yupiiiiiiiii!:)lol



  1. Your outfit is STUNNING. I especially love that adorable skirt and those fabulous boots!!

  2. Love those boots! Athens in on the top of my Places to Visit List!

  3. OMG → That WATCH !! ♥ ♥

    Not sure what I like more → that Panerai, or that hotel in Santorini.....??!! :-)

    Great BLOG... ☆

    And, GRAZIE MILLE for your lovely comments on my BLOG:

    baci ♥ Brad

  4. Hi Jelena!! You look so beautiful and fresh! It must be so exciting to visit amazing places! I really love the watch! xoxoxoo

  5. I like the plaid skirt and the brown boots.

  6. Love those boots..I just can't get enough boots!

  7. Brilliant outfit doll! Love that watch too. :)

  8. Ok.. if you are not a model you should be one.
    Love your style, obsessed with your smile.
    now.. can i have your watch.. hahahah
    lee x

  9. u look so happy!im so sorry that i didnt call u but i had teh flu and also on saturday was or aniversary and had many things to do at home(we had some visitors) hope next time will be better!
    u are a koukla!

  10. that skirt is so cute and your watch is fabulous!

  11. Love the outfit, very 60's mod-esque! You look beautiful!

    Alexandra xo

  12. Jelena, you are so beautiful, and I love your plaid skirt and boots, and have fun in Crete!!!


  13. Lovely outfit and hair! Those boots are killer girl! Have a great day!


  14. great outfit and blog happy to follow you!!
    check out my blog and tell me what u think!!
    i'd like it if you kept in touch!

  15. that is a lovely paneri watch... I love the caramel color of the leather strap!


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