Saturday, January 15, 2011

My life has a beautiful smell!!!

Magical world of nice perfumes.... I've always been completely and deeply drawn into it. It's actually amazing how smells and aromas always had so big influence on my mood, especially when I feel down. They cheer me up, make me feel energetic, sexy, flirtatious; they calm me down and make me to feel at peace with myself. Fruity, oriental, woody, sometimes floral (but the light ones), are the notes I prefer. I have no idea how many perfumes I had, bought, received or gave until now!
I realized my taste hasn't changed so drastically during the time. Still I like to experiment with the notes very often 'cause after some time few of them might become quite boring!:) I was always curious which notes I'm attracted to or I can't even support their smell, so I gave myself a little task! Each time when I was out in the town, I went in some perfumery shops and checked 4,5 perfumes. So I made a list of "yes, no and maybe" perfumes!
The first picture is my "perfume wishlist", something that I still don't have in my growing collection but I would like!:)

1. Jennifer Lopez "Miami glow"
2. Dolce & Gabbana "Sicily"
3. Dior "Chris 1947"
4. Versace "Crystal noir"
5. Versace "Versus"
6. YSL "Cinema"
7. Fendi "Palazzo"
8. Escada "Magnetism"
Ok the last one on this wishlist ("Magnetism") I still have as u can see on the next photo, but so little that I could use a new one!;) And this is just a piece of perfumes I have....
Which perfume is your favorite one, and which notes u prefer?:)



  1. My absolute favorite is Ralph Lauren Romance. Sweet, sexy, and subtle enough to wear everyday. I'm a one-fragrance kind of a girl...I guess I've always liked the idea of being associated with a certain scent.

  2. Lovely BLog!!


    You are welcome to visit my blog too :))

  3. wow! I swear I only know 2 of those 8 in the 1st pic....very scented life you lead. I always smell good and have a scent but im tryna get in the habit of spraying something different every morning....

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog x

  4. oooh, so many lovely perfumes!! i've been wondering about that Fendi one myself. :)

    cute and little

  5. lust lust lusting all of these scents! Great blog- now following you here, and on bloglovin'

  6. I love perfumers.. I have about 3 bottles..
    I need options
    Lee x

  7. Hey Jelena!! Wow, that's a great wishlist of perfumes! I personally want to try Versace and Versus! I wonder how they smell! xoxoxoo

  8. Hi!!

    I am a perfum lover,and i have lot´s of then! always! :)

    love,love and loveeee


  9. I am faithful to Gucci - Envy!!! It's the best for me!

  10. i love perfumes as well! recently i've been wearing marc jacobs daisy!

  11. Great choices, I love the gucci smell but would love that YSL and Versace!! not really a big fan of perfume but I love body mist

  12. i must say, i'm a total perfume hoarder! right now, i'm on the dior escale a pondichery et escale a portofino, so wearable and refined (at least i think so!)

  13. Love the perfume roundup! I wear YSL Parisianne :)

  14. love the perfums!
    un beso

  15. Mm I'm a perfume lover as well. My all time favorite - Jil Sander "Style"

  16. like the Sicily by D&G :)
    x x

  17. I know, perfumes are so addictive!xx

  18. HEY GIRL!!! how are you? are you in athens now?
    i am a perfumes lover too i love perfumes and like to change up the way i smell i wish i was the one-fragrance kind of girl and be associated with a certain smell like ramsey said at her comment cause i think that this is very nice is like in old movies with audrey hepburn where the heroes the glam ladies are always associated with a certain smell that makes the unique,makes them stand out (isn't this cool?) but to be honest i get bored of the same perfume again and again!
    the perfumes i love and recommend are:
    chanel coco mademoiselle :cause it makes you feel like a true lady
    dolce&gabbana: light blue :
    my fave perfume ever! smells so nice that 99% of the people asked me which perfume i use and that it smells amazing
    la prairie: midnight rain : perfect for glam ladies that want a perfume to make them stand out at night
    escada: marine groove: it's floral and fruity smell is perfect for spring and summer!
    p.s love the perfumes you posted on your post
    a bigggg kiss

  19. so many yummy scents so many beautiful bottles. lucky girl

  20. Loving your blog <3
    Following you!
    Follow me too?

  21. great collection!
    it's so fantastic to read your comments! i'm loving it! hope you know that k come karolina is also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) so cu soon!!!

    xoxo from rome

  22. My favorite is Juicy Couture Classic!! :)

    new post:Go with the leopard&follow me

  23. I love perfume!
    Next week I wait for a new bottle.
    Great post.


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