Monday, December 6, 2010

Zuhair Murad couture fall/winter 2010/11 & my thoughts about haute-couture dresses

If u ask me do I prefer (at least to see) high couture or ready-to-wear, I apologize deeply but I will always vote for COUTURE!! Especially when it comes to long unique dresses... maybe it's because everything looks like a dream from which one u don't want to wake up... Shiny mermaid or sweeping dresses, sequins, gemstones, layers of the most expensive and rarely reachable fabrics, silk and satin, beautiful lace and handmade embroidery, amazing colors... At least I can do that- dream! In the moment u put one of those dreamy dresses u transform yourself completely and start to feel like a princess, royalty or a queen of the Universe, as u wish, like in a fairytale... The part with fairytale I had to skip in the childhood, not 'cause I wanted it's because it had to be like that concerning the circumstances in that period of my life, and probably long after that... so this is the way I revive my dreams assured that one day when I see myself in a couture dress  (and I am SURE I will!!) I'll feel like that- a princess!!
From this post I will start to represent my favorite haute-couture designers and designs... First one will be amazing Zuhair Murad (he's the second one I discovered,first one will be represented very soon) and his still fresh couture collection for fall-winter 2010/11! I made a mix from my fav looks!

 And which one u prefer?:)


  1. Zuhair is MAGNIFIQUE designer...LOVE his work!!
    Follow you in Chicisimo!! >;-D

  2. The first dress is gorgeous. I love couture too I think its because its not at all practical and something i just wish i could wear!

  3. oh!!!all the dresses are amazing and the shoes!!!!

  4. these dresses are really gorgeous !
    im in love with the glamour feel of them.

    glisters and blisters

  5. great dresses !
    loving the glamour feel of them..

    glisters and blisters

  6. i am totally in love with every one ;)))


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