Monday, December 20, 2010

Little sneakpeak into my make-up world

Before I became fashion obsessed (which was shortly after this) I was crazily in love with everything that had to do with cosmetics, and particularly make-up... That obsession still lasts, with the same, even bigger intensity! And I think I know what is the reason... MAGICAL WORLD OF COLORS! For me colors are one of the most important parts of my life! Somebody finds inspiration in the nature, people, animals, songs, books, smells... well for me colors are the biggest inspiration for all creativity things I do...
I was working (and I'm still doing it when needed) as a make-up artist (of course not completely professional one, but people around me were forcing me to finish the school for that, which I finally didn't)... When I do make-up (for the others or myself) I completely enjoy in each part of the process... the face becomes beautiful palette with unlimited possibilities for a transformation, and it's the best part!! At the end transformation is the main characteristic of a chameleon, right?!;)
Today I'm showing u one small part of my make-up world (which I'm currently upgrating 'cause I threw away and gave more than a half!!), as well as the things I am using the most...


  1. thank you so much for you lovely comment!! and for following :)
    we are following back!

    x, Sabinna and David

  2. i love the way you describe your passion for make up and all kinds of colours. i wish i would be that passionate about all that stuff but i seem to be not that creative in that area .. oh well .. i guess such is life :)

  3. great to see all your make-up stuff!! I have an addiction for nailpolish! haha


  4. thank you :) but am i blind??? if so, then im sorry because i couldn't find anything to reply to you?!

  5. Draga moja, eto ja nisam u Serbiji, vec sam u Kanadi 17 god. bas mi je drago sto sam nasla tvoj blog isto, eto pratim :) Navrati imam giveaway pa cujemo se! Kissesssss

  6. So many color and so many brand! That's cool. What a make up addict you are. Me, on the other hand, is more of a one color girl and one brand girl :p Nice to meet you!

  7. Oh! Really nice post!

    You have such a beautiful make up collection :D

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


  8. Fabulous choice of makeup!

  9. wow u have such a variety of items wow! i like your make up stuff especially your nail polishes u talk with such a passion and love for make up u should do that! in your life! professionaly!


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