Monday, November 22, 2010

Positive/Negative Plaid

Since I knew the weather was going to change soon, and it really started from the early morning to rain today, I wanted to use one more Sunday for a nice long walk with my boyfriend, it was sooooo refreshing... We visited one church, took some pictures, and finished everything with cappuccino and mocha coffee!:)
I had almost everything black on me (Terranova skirt, leather boots, leggings, Mango top and velvet blazer, black/white watch), purposely, 'cause I wanted to put the accent to the plaid scarf and my grandma's vintage green leather bag... Recently I started to "play" more with scarfs, and monthly I take at least 3,4 new ones... different textures, colors, patterns, with faux fur... I can't wait to try some of them... I must to experiment again, and the rainy day is just perfect for that- it "forces" u to stay at home and sleep, and since I can't sleep (I don't prefer sleeping so much, "somebody" likes to say I am insomniac,lol) at least I can dream with eyes wide open about wardrobe combinations!:)


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  1. i wish you would be a open relationship and have only two partners :) <3 :D haha <3 you are so beautiful women! <3 Love everything on you! <3 :D


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