Thursday, November 18, 2010

New virtual sets and NEW REAL BAG!:))

glamorous blossom

glamorous blossom by *glam & fab chameleon* :)) 

Today I was out shopping, since I am somewhat nervous and stressed for the past few days so I wanted to cheer myself a little bit (shopping ALWAYS helps me, no exceptions!!!). So after one hour and something I had few new necklaces and some other small things... and then i found IT- black leather bag with few bigger studs!! I was recently thinking how is possible that I have only small clutches and purses and one big traveling bag in the black color but I don't have a normal one for a day??!! Ha but that's why I have in all other possible and impossible colors, and the collection is growing day by day... Some other time I'll write more about "SHOPPING" 'cause I will need to make a post or maybe I should say a story about fav activity of mine...
Anyway I'm putting again some sets that I've made on Polyvore... In the first one I was inspired mainly by this amazing skirt which goes excellent with white tank top, Phillip Lim fuchsia blazer, Jimmy Choo pumps, Juicy couture bag and Betsey J. necklace! Yup I am imagining myself now in that!:)
And what to say about the other set?? I ADORE each item here!! From Helmut Lang shearling jacket, leather mini skirt,over pumps and incredible animal print bag until Balmain sequined shirt!!

Stay awesome!!

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