Monday, November 22, 2010

My perfect bag for the next summer season...

I think I have just figured out which can be my "must have" bag for the next summer!! This Dior satchel (spring/summer 2011 collection) made in the bold orange/fuchsia color combo it's just perfect for me and my summer style, reminds me on the exotic cocktail with umbrella decoration,hmmm!:) I'm very fond of the bold colors, sometimes even "screaming" ones, and I embrace them completely whenever I have the opportunity or when I am in a good flirty mood (even if I'm in a bad mood wearing these colors can cheer me up!). Just to put few drops of some tropical Escada perfume and I'm ready to go!!

I like also "espadrille style" shoes/sandals from the same Dior collection, I don't know which one I would choose!!!! My brain is in the terrible condition when it comes to choosing the exotic things, I could go for ALL!! Me and my fiery temperament...always make problems!!:)


  1. The shoes are gorgeous!
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  2. That bag is to die for


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